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Dilemma Demystified: Should You Exchange Foreign Currency At The Airport Or Not?

You only get to know the value of something when it’s gone. And when it comes to hard-earned money, we certainly don’t want to learn it the hard way. As much as it’s better to manage our finances better before it’s too late, travelers often end up losing a lot of money while traveling abroad, and especially when they go to exchange foreign currency.

Since it has long been a dilemma as to should you exchange foreign currency at the airport or not, we walked a mile ahead to demystify what the fuss is all about and here’s what you should know before planning another international trip.

Exchange Foreign Currency

How much you lose depends on how much you need when you go to exchange foreign currency. If the amount you need to exchange is small, then the foreign exchange rate wouldn’t be an issue. You only notice the difference when your exchanging a greater amount. But the fact that remains intact is, you end up losing some amount of money when exchanged without proper research about where to exchange and where not to do so.

Currency and coins

On an average, travelers tend to lose a minimum of 6 to 8 percent and a maximum of 12 to 15 percent of the amount while you exchange foreign currency in various forms. For example:

  • In Europe, you end up losing about 8 percent for exchanging dollars to euros or any another foreign currency at a bank.
  • On exchanging currency from popular booths like that of Forex, and Travelex that can be easily spotted at the airports, you may end up losing about 15 percent of the cash you need.

There are many ways in which travelers lose money and ways that are still unknown to them. Chances are also high that travelers may be aware of the ways of losing extra amount while they exchange foreign currency but the margin is so little that it often gets unnoticed or ignored.

Usage of credit cards

Hence, below mentioned are some of the ways in which you might lose your money on exchanging currency in India and other countries as well:

  • When you exchange foreign currency at the airports, travel kiosks, and so on
  • As a part of convenience fees at the banks
  • Higher exchange rates in forexs
  • Transaction fees at the ATMs abroad
  • Exchanging from unauthorized dealers
  • Interest rates for swiping credit cards abroad
  • While exchanging currency that usually have higher values like British Pound, Euro, and US Dollars

1. Airports

If at all there is a worst place in the world to exchange foreign currency, it has to be the airports. Not only do the airports make use of your helplessness, but they plan well in advance to charge you more as the number of travelers who end up doing last-minute transactions is pretty high.

Exchange foreign currency at the airport

The exchange rates touch the sky and there is no point comparing the different kiosks as they all will be offering similar exchange rates. Hence, make sure you exchange your currency well in advance before hitting the airport and keep this option as a last resort.

2. Local Markets

The moment you think you made a smart choice by not exchanging foreign currency at the airport, you end up in a different mess. Sometimes, travelers end up in local markets which are usually near the airports wherein they find many unauthorized dealers.

Exchange foreign currency at a local market

When it comes to exchanging cash, understand that no matter how much you bargain, you will be only one to suffer losses in the end. Hence, beware of these local agents or dealers who are ever-ready to trick you to exchange foreign currency with them.

3. Banks Abroad

Exchange foreign currency at the bank

The prime problem with banks whether in India or abroad is that most of the banks would refuse to exchange foreign currency if you don’t hold an account with them. Hence, in such scenarios, they prefer making transactions via card so that they charge the convenience fees on that as well.

Exchange foreign currency at the post office

Whichever the destination may be, exchanging foreign currency at the Government institutions is always fruitful. Be it India, or any other international destination, make sure you try your hand at exchanging currency at the national post offices, and government banks that usually have better exchange rates than the private dealers.

Exchange Foreign Currency

  • You don’t have to wait till your traveling date to exchange foreign currency. It is pretty obvious that you will be planning your trip well in advance and you might as well exchange foreign currency simultaneously.
  • Get into a habit of the 30/70 practice. While it is important to carry some amount of cash, it is always better to carry cash and cards in a ratio of 30:70 respectively, for managing finances better.
  • Always compare. Do not believe in word of mouth when you’re about to exchange foreign currency. Always compare the rates, with various dealers, on different portals, and on different dates to find better exchange rate.
  • Avoid over-usage of your debit and credit cards. While you may be a pro at increasing your credit score, using credit card and international debit card too much could result in unnecessary convenience fees, and transaction fees that can also add to the interest rate you pay as the exchange rates may fluctuate anytime.
  • While you exchange foreign currency in India, make sure you confirm that the dealer you’re dealing is an authorized stakeholder of RBI.
  • Fund Transfer is the key. While cash and credit balance and spends may be limited to a particular amount that varies from bank to bank, paying for your transactions via NEFT/RTGS may fetch you a better deal.
  • Digital Wallet is the future. Online payment portals such as PayTM, Mobikwik, and PayU are some of the leading digital platforms that are used for every other transaction in India. Hence, make use of it while the time still may be right.

Realized what you’ve been doing wrong all this while? Well if not, then we’re pretty sure a cautious message has been conveyed for transacting better in future. And if you still feel we missed out on something, do not hesitate to share your views and opinion with us in the comments below!

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Scenic Beauty, Nature, & A Whole Lot Of Fun: Subhankar’s Family Trip To Kerala Was A Hit With All

Often the definition paradise for travelers gets mangled between the details. However, Kerala has maintained an evergreen place in the hearts of all travelers. Read the enticing story of Subhakar as he recollects his family trip to Kerala which proved to be a perfect antidote to the ailing human soul. Their trip cost him a total of INR 69,500 and included their transfers, accommodation, sightseeing, and meals.

A popular tradition amongst my friends is for everyone to go on a vacation every year. This year, we decided to visit a place which gets us greenery, adventure, and peace of mind. Anonymously, the consensus came down to Kerala and the search for a suitable package began.

Munnar Tea Estate

While browsing on the internet, I came across the TravelTriangle Mobile App. They provided the customers an option to customize the tour package as per their needs. Hence, looking at the competitive offers, I submitted a query with TravelTriangle.

I promptly got a call from their travel representative who understood my needs for a family trip to Kerala and connected me to various agents for the same. Soon enough, I started getting multiple offers from various agents from which I could chose the best package from. I found the best deal given to me by ‘Deva Travel House’ agency.

Family and friends on a trip to Kerala

Arranging a trip for 6 adults and 5 children would have been a hassle, but with TravelTriangle everything went down smoothly and just like that we were excited and ready to fly into God’s own country.

Tip: I knew traveling with 11 people in total would be a hassle and that is why I was very clear about our requirements with the agent. Thankfully, they gave me full support and eased a lot of my worries regaring cabs, food, transfers, hotel check in’s and sightseeing timings.

Day 1: Flying into Cochin and visiting waterfalls

Subhakar and his family in Munnar

We boarded our flight from Hyderabad and landed in Cochin at 11 am. The driver assigned to us was present to receive and take us to Munnar.

On our way to Munnar, we stopped at the beautiful Cheeyaparra Waterfalls. The kids had a great time at the Waterfall as most of them hadn’t ever been to one. After enjoying there for an hour, we resumed our drive to Munnar. We checked into the resort in Munnar at 7 pm. All of us, had dinner immediately after checking in and then rested for the night.

Kerala Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

A holiday in Kerala will fill you with memories. Witness pristine backwaters with comfortable houseboats, lush green hill stations, waterfalls, and plantations of tea and spice. Indulge in an ayurvedic massage or taste exotic cuisines. Book a Kerela holiday on TravelTriangle. Best prices guaranteed.

Day 2: Refreshing Tea Estates in Munnar

Lush green view of Munnar tea estate

We woke up next morning, had breakfast and got the entire gang ready for sightseeing. Our cab first took us to Eravikulam National Park, which according to me, felt like a hidden wonder.

Not too many people and lush green scenery. The park gave us an opportunity to have a mini picnic with each other. Moving on, we visited the Mattupetty Dam and Eco Point.

Eravikulam National Park

Post lunch, we moved on to the star attraction of the day- Tea Gardens in Munnar. One of the top things to do in Kerala, the Tea Gardens certainly lived up to its expectations. The freshness of the tea was in the air. We were surrounded by hills covered with tea leaves as far as the eye could see. It was one of my unforgettable moments of the trip.

To wind up, we made short stops at the Rose Garden and the Photo Point. The tour ended at around 5pm, after which the kids looked visibly exhausted. So, we returned to the hotel for dinner and called it a night.

Day 3: Venturing out into the wilderness

Lakeside in Thekkady

This day, we checked out of Munnar and headed for Thekkady. The cab driver took us on a very scenic route to Thekkady, which made the drive all the more enjoyable.

We reached Thekkady around noon and immediately checked into the hotel. The general vibe of the place that I got here was that this town was very much connected to nature in its personality since I could see many wildlife enthusiasts.

Kerala cottage accommodation

Afterwards, we started exploring the town by visiting the Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary. It was the best chance for us to meet elephants in their natural environment in a safe way. Later on in the evening, we went to a local shop to buy some delicious home made chocolates. Post dinner, we proceeded back to the hotel and rested for the night.

Day 4: A unique houseboat experience

Experiencing life in a houseboat

The next day, we checked out of Thekkady and moved towards Alleppey. One of the most interesting things to do in Kerala is to explore the backwaters by boat. And if you can live in one, that’s just the icing on the cake.

Upon our arrival in Alleppey by 2pm, we were straightaway taken to the houseboat where we checked in. The staff at the houseboat gave us a very warm welcome and a delicious lunch. After going around inspecting the boat like a captain, my curiosity of how 11 people will live in one small boat got its answer.

Cruising in the backwaters of Alleppey

The backwaters in Kerala are serene and unforgettable. The places we visited felt untouched by the rapid urbanization the world faces these days. We felt lucky to have been to such a beautiful place in India that was only accessible by boat. Our boat was docked at a remote village at night. Once we were docked, we had dinner and rested for the night.

Tip: Always get your houseboat stay booked in advance since they are always in demand and one can’t afford any last minute hassles, especially when they are with their family.

Day 5: Heading back to Cochin

Kochi Fishing Nets

The next morning, after having breakfast, we were dropped off by the boat at the starting point at 9 am. The cab was present to take us back to Cochin. We reached Cochin at noon, which gave us enough time for a half-day city tour.

We began the city tour with a visit to the imperious Dutch Palace. The magnificent European architecture preserved after hundreds of years was still making a strong statement. Next up for us was the The Santa Cruz Cathedral. Kerala having the highest ratio of Christian population per state in India meant that there were a lot of Christian monuments out there waiting to be explored.

Subhakar in Cochin

The final stop for us was the Chinese Fishing Nets. A technique which used to be alien to Indians, is now a important way how people in Kerala catch fish. I was very fascinated as to how this seemingly old method of catching fish is still so prevalent and effective in modern times. After the tour got over, we got dropped at the hotel where we checked in. After having dinner at the hotel, we slept early as we were scheduled for a 3 am flight next morning.

Day 6: Flying back to Hyderabad

Beaches in Alleppey

We had to wake up at the unusual hour of 1 am and head to the airport as our flight back to Hyderabad was scheduled at 3 am. The driver dropped us at the Cochin airport as we said goodbye to God’s own country.

Kerala certainly kept the entire lot happy. Having a trip gone by without any major hiccups for 11 people was an achievement in itself. But, thanks to the coordinated efforts of the TravelTriangle and Deva Travel House, we enjoyed our 6-day stay in Kerala.

Cherishing special memories in Kerala

High Points:

  • The most striking feature about Kerala is its greenery

Low Points:

  • Cleanliness in the houseboat could have been better

Tips For Travelers

  • If you’re traveling to Kerala with a large group, it is always better to book a package and let an expert handle your trip
  • If some attractions that you know are going to be crowded, it is better to prebook their tickets if possible
  • Always get your houseboat booked in advance via the agent since backwaters are usually the favourite attraction for tourists

Travel to Kerala for an epic family holiday experience. Experience all its glory with a Kerala family tour package!.

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India’s Fastest Train Will Get You From Delhi To Gwalior In Just 3 HOURS, Not 7

Good news for Delhi-Gwalior frequenters! Known to be the fastest train in India, the Gatimaan Express has recently been extended till Gwalior. This means that now passengers will be able to travel from New Delhi to Gwalior, that too in just over three hours in comparison to the earlier travel time of around 7 hours.

Operating at a max speed of 160 km/h, the Gatimaan Express takes about 3 hours to cover the distance of 305 km from Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin Station to the Gwalior Junction Railway Station, giving the average speed of about 94 km/h.

gatimaan express flowers and sweets

Additionally, the Gatimaan Express will be able to cover the 188 km distance between Delhi and Agra in just about 1 hour 40 minutes.

In order to promote tourism, the Indian Railways will also extend the services of the Gatimaan Express all the way to Jhansi, which will come into effect from 1st April 2018.

As far as the timings are concerned, the train will depart from the Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station in Delhi at 8:10 AM, make a stopover at Agra Railway Station at 9:50 AM and finally arrive at the Gwalior Junction Railway Station at 11:25 AM.

gatimaan express food

“The extension of this prestigious premium train will definitely facilitate movement of tourists to various tourist attractions in and around Gwalior and Jhansi,” the Indian Railways officials said in a statement earlier this week.

The Gatimaan Express was launched by the former Union Railways Minister Suresh Prabhu in April 2016.

— Ministry of Railways (@RailMinIndia) February 19, 2018

It’s definitely celebration time for those who frequent the Delhi to Gwalior or even the Delhi-Agra-Gwalior route, all thanks to the fastest train in India – the Gatimaan Express.

India’s railway ministry is surely revolutionizing train travel and bringing major developments to help commuters get to and fro with ease and comfort. So, have the developments helped you in any way? Let us know in the comments below.

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348 Km Long World’s Largest Underwater Cave In Mexico Is A Massive Discovery

Underwater divers and archaeologists in Mexico believe that they might have discovered the world’s largest underwater cave system located in Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Sac Actun Cave is a 348 km long dreamy world under water, which was discovered by the archaeologists only last week and it’s already touted as the keeper of some of the biggest secrets of mankind.

acj-1801-worlds-largest-underwater-cave (1)

The discovery comes as a result of a 10-month long expedition led by the archeologists of Gran Acuifero Maya (GAM). The discovery also highlights the fact that the world’s longest cave system is a network of 200 small caves connected underwater. Located close to the beach town of Tulum the cave system is also believed to hold the secrets of the Mayan Civilization and that the Mayans might have entered the underworld through this gate.

acj-1801-worlds-largest-underwater-cave (2)

As exciting as the caves look, there have been a few geological discoveries underwater that have left the archeologists elated. Human bones, pottery, and the embedded artifacts on the wall of the caves have been spotted in the various caves and the archeologists believe that they might help in understanding the Mayan Civilization in a better way. The divers also believe that the cave system could be connected to 2 or 3 more caves nearby, and the quest is on for that! The new world of exciting biodiversity underwater could be equally exciting.

“It allows us to appreciate much more clearly how the rituals, the pilgrimage sites and ultimately the great pre-Hispanic settlements that we know emerged,” Guillermo de Anda, the director of GAM, told Reuters.

Such an exciting discovery it is! The world’s largest underwater caves certainly look surreal.

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BrewDog To Come Up With World’s First Beer Hotel With Brewery Pouring In Every Room

Happiness can overwhelm you in many ways, and this time it comes brewing and pouring right next to your bedside. Good news for travelers. BrewDog, a leading multinational brewery, and pub chain based in Elon, Scotland has announced the world’s first beer hotel. Dedicated to craft beer this hotel with a brewery opening up in every room will be available for booking from the first half of 2019.

All the 26 well-appointed rooms in the Doghouse spread over a 3.25-acre site will have in-room beer taps. The rooms will also be equipped with built-in shower beer fridge which would make a perfect retreat for an exhausted traveler. The brewery will be headquartered in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

acj-2602-worlds-first-brewry (2)

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said, “The DogHouse is our gift to passionate craft beer fans making the pilgrimage to our brewery in Aberdeenshire. The idea of opening a beer hotel has always been high on our agenda, and now we are finally able to realize that dream, right here at our HQ. This will be the ultimate destination for craft beer fans seeking hops with their holidays. This is a beer Nirvana.

Here are the some of the interesting facts and information about the World’s First Beer Hotel

acj-2602-worlds-first-brewry (3)

  • Along with the hotel, BrewDog is also planning to expand the canning and packaging hall.
  • This hotel will succeed BrewDog’s sour beer brewing facility, which came into operation in the last month.
  • Expected to be completed by the year’s end, the beer hotel will become operational in the first half of next year.
  • The rooms overlook the brewery facility. It is from here that guests would be able to watch the men at work, thus accounting for a holistic experience.
  • The property will come up right next to BrewDog’s current 1 million hl brewery.
  • BrewDog will raise funds from Equity for Punks crowdfunding initiative, which has raised over 53 million euros since 2009. Thanks to the 73,000 craft beer fans.
  • Priority would be given to “Equity Punk” investors at the time of booking.
  • Also, the makers of BrewDog are planning a new property in Ohio in late 2019, and if rumors are to be believed then it will have beer filled hot tubs!


More details about BrewDog can be found here

Whoa! Now, this is some good news and we are, for sure, going to drink to that.

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The Controversial VietJet To Connect Vietnam & India By Direct Low-Cost Flights!

Owned by a Vietnamese businesswoman, Nguyen Thi Phuong Thao, the low-cost airline Vietjet Air is all set to connect Vietnam to India. It will soon commence direct flight service between Ho Chi Minh City and New Delhi. The airline will fly four days a week to cater to the rapidly growing air traffic between the two cities.

The announcement was made at the India-Vietnam Business Forum, which was witnessed by Vietnam President, Trần Đại Quang and senior leaders of Vietnam and India. It is also being seen as a strategy to improve Vietnam-India diplomatic relationship. Also, as a celebration of the 10th anniversary of the strategic partnership between the two countries.

pilots and air hostesses of vietjet

VietJet Airline has been associated with many weird controversies in the past. It was also fined 20 million dongs for allowing five beauty pageant contestants perform a number in the middle of the air. In January, 2018, they did an encore-parading lingerie model down the aircraft that was flying with National Football Team.

The airline also published an annual calendar featuring bikini-clad models dressed as flight attendants, pilots, as well as ground staff. Since they use sexist promotional strategies to market their flight services, they are also known as ‘Bikini Airline’.

In a statement given to Reuters, Luu Duc Khanh, VietJet’s managing director said, “We are not upset when people associate us with the bikini image. If that makes people delighted and happy, then we’ll be happy”.

With a fleet of 55 aircraft, VietJet operates 385 flights on daily basis on 82 routes spread across Vietnam and some international destinations.

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20 Hotels In Kenya That Will Transport You To The Surreal Side Of Nature & Wildlife!

Beyond wildlife, jungle safari, and adventure, there resides a surreal side to Kenya which often goes unnoticed and unexplored. And to make the travelers experience bliss amidst the wilderness, these hotels in Kenya treat the travelers to the nature’s best on a soul-stirring vacation.

From the mountains to beaches, and from the tropical landscapes to the realms of wildlife, choose to stay at any of these best hotels in Kenya, and relish the taste of true African culture and hospitality.

20. Sarova Panafric Hotel

Offering 162 fully-furnished and intricately decorated rooms and suites, taste the essence of the real Africa at Sarova Panafric which is one of the best hotels in Nairobi Kenya. Located at a distance of just five minutes from the Central Business District, one can choose from a variety of executive, superior, studio, club, or themed suites during their stay in Nairobi.

Sarova Panafric Hotel

Address: Along Valley Road, Nairobi
Phone: 00254-709-111-000
Price/Night: Starts from INR 5,200 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4/5
Website | Reviews

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19. The Reef Hotel

Located just one minute away from the Mombasa beach, the Reef Hotel is a tropical paradise in the heart of Kenya. Reckoned to be one of the best beach hotels in Mombasa Kenya, the rooms are well-equipped with local hand-crafted furnishings along with which, the elegant rooms offer breathtaking views of the pool, garden, and ocean.

The Reef Hotel Mombasa

Address: Mount Kenya Road, Mombasa, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 6,200 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 3.5/5
Website | Reviews

18. The Boma Hotel

Well-appointed rooms, an exquisite outdoor pool, a famous health-club, and a full-fledged spa are some of the few features of Boma Nairobi which the guests are treated to. Letting the guests relish a lip-smacking and a free buffet for breakfast, Boma is an upscale hotel that offers fine services to the guests at a feasible price.

The Boma Hotel Nairobi

Address: Bellevue, Off Mombasa Road, Red Cross Road, Nairobi 00200-60705, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 7100 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5/5
Website | Reviews

17. Silver Springs Hotel

Much famed to be one of best hotels in Kenya that offers all the luxuries at a budgeted price, Silver Springs Hotel is a perfect choice for those who’re looking for cheaper options in the heart of Nairobi. Also serving as a great option for the business travelers, Silver Springs Hotel fits the bill for all kind of travelers.

Silver Springs Hotel Nairobi

Address: Valley Road, Nairobi City, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 7,242 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 3.5/5
Website | Reviews

16. Laico Regency Hotel

Set in the heart of the Nairobi City, Laico Regency is one of the best deluxe hotels that spans across 12 storeys and offers 188 well-appointed, fully-furnished, and elegant rooms. Equipped with all the modern facilities, experience the best of African hospitality during your stay at this hotel.

Laico Regency Hotel

Address: Uhuru Highway, Nairobi, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 6,650 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 3/5
Website | Reviews

15. The Sands at Nomad Hotel

Striking a perfect balance between the refreshing gardens, the exotic turquoise beaches, and the crystal clear blue skies, the Sands at the Nomad Hotel serves as the ultimate beach paradise of all the properties listed on the list of hotels in Kenya. Spread across an area of about 26 acres of sheer white sand beaches and tropical forests, revive yourself at the coastals paradise of the Sands on your next visit to Kenya.

The Sands at Nomad Hotel

Address: Diani Beach Backpackers Paradise, Diani Beach Road, Diani Beach, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 14,600 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5/5
Website | Reviews

14. Fairview Hotel

Spread across a lush landscape of about two hectares, stay amidst the tranquil environs of well-manicured gardens that lets you soak the goodness of nature and fresh air only at the beautiful Fairview Hotel. Conveniently located in the heart of Nairobi, Fairview Hotel can be easily reached as it is located just at a distance of three kilometers from the famous Nairobi National Museum.

Fairview Hotel Nairobi

Address: Bishop Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 13,380 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5/5
Website | Reviews

13. Bahari Beach Hotel

Serving as a home away from home, Bahari Beach Hotel is all about the positive energy and good vibes. Offering a perfect combination of unique accommodation, variety of seafood restaurants, vibrant beach bars, and breathtaking views of the Mombasa beach, this stone-built hotel indeed serves as one of the best hotels in Kenya.

Bahari Beach Hotel Kenya

Address: Mt Kenya Road, Nyali Mombasa, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 9,300 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4/5
Website | Reviews

12. Stanley Hotel

Set at a distance of just ten minutes from the centrally located Kenyatta International Convention Centre, Stanley Hotel is one of those hotels in Nairobi Kenya that let you relish the best of the city centre. From stylish interiors to relaxing spas, from a special Thai restaurant to a chic bar, enjoy the best of this age-old hotel which dates back to the 20th-century.

Stanley Hotel Nairobi

Address: Junction Of Kenyatta Avenue and Kimathi Street, Nairobi, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 9,500 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5/5
Website | Reviews

11. Hotel Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club

Can you imagine yourself amidst a green landscape spread across a land of about 100 acres? Well if the imagination feels so beautiful, live it in reality as Hotel Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club lets you rejuvenate your senses amidst all the peace and quiet at the core of Kenya, which happens to be in Nanyuki.

Hotel Fairmont Mount Kenya Safari Club

Address: Mount Kenya, Nanyuki, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 12,800 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5/5
Website | Reviews

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10. Olare Mara Kempinski, Masai Mara

If at all there is a hotel in which luxury is manifested in its true form, it has to be the Olare Mara Kempinski. Reckoned to be the ultimate hotel of all the 5-star hotels in Kenya, Olare Mara Kempinski offers a luxurious experience which feels like it’s straight from the canvas of nature. Accommodating the guests in luxurious tents on wooden decks and letting them indulge in posh living areas, soak yourself in claw-foot tubs and plunge pools while you watch the sun go down and painting the sky red on one of the best laid-back vacations in the heart of Masai Mara.

Luxury Hotels In Kenya

Address: Oloololo Gate, Masai Mara, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 1,16,057 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 5/5
Website | Reviews

9. House of Waine

Giving you a taste of the nature’s best along with an experience of what the modern Africa feels like, House of Waine is an ancient house turned hotel that is set away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Surrounded by lush gardens across a landscape of about 25 acres, staying at House of Waine feels nothing less than a private tropical paradise.

House of Waine Nairobi

Address: Masai Lane & Bogani Road | Karen, PO Box 25035, Nairobi 00603, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 35,166 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5/5
Website | Reviews

8. Sasaab, Samburu

Nothing surpasses the charm of Sasaab, Samburu when it comes to offering the best of luxury combined with nature and wildlife. Located near the Samburu National Reserves, Sasaab is one of the top hotels in Kenya that is a perfect getaway for a romantic honeymoon in Africa. Letting you interact with a variety of species from the lions to leopards, do not miss out on getting close to the Gerenuk antelope, the Grevy’s zebra, the Beisa oryx, Somali ostrich, and the reticulated giraffe which are considered to be the special five species of Samburu.

Sasaab, Samburu

Address: Westgate, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 35,000 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 5/5
Website | Reviews

7. Medina Palms

Located at a distance of about six kilometers from the famous Ruins of Gedi, Medina Palms offers one of the best accomodations for those who’re in search of nothing but luxury. Overlooking the pristine beaches along the shorelines of Watamu, Medina Palms offers the best hotels in Kenya that serves as a perfect choice for friends, families, and couples alike.

Medina Palms Watamu

Address: Turtle Bay Road, Watamu, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 22,698 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5/5
Website | Reviews

6. Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel

Villa Rosa Kempinski happens to be one of the most charming hotels in Nairobi to explore some of the most hep and happening places to visit in Kenya. From the breathtaking vistas of the city’s skyline to 200 plush rooms across 10 storeys, the hotel offers nothing less than the best of the services to the guests.

Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel

Address: Chiromo Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 17,841 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5/5
Website | Reviews

5. Nairobi Serena Hotel

Be it the style, luxury, or the modern amenities, Nairobi Serena Hotel tops the chart in terms of the best hotels in Kenya. Popularly referred to as an oasis of serenity and calm in the heart of Nairobi, the hotel boasts of a traditional pan-African theme which includes the classy interiors and intricate decor. Taking the guests beyond the hyped metropolitan culture of Kenya, explore a world which is class apart at the elegant haven of Nairobi Serena Hotel.

Best Hotels In Kenya

Address: Processional Way, Nairobi City, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 17,730 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5/5
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4. Crowne Plaza Hotel

Set in the heart of the commercial district in the Upper Hill, Crowne Plaza is a much famed 4-star hotel that is an epitome of sophistication. Offering a great deal of luxury at comparably feasible prices than the other hotels in Kenya, Crowne Plaza offers a value-for-money experience in terms of budget, services, and the quality of accommodation.

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Address: Kenya Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 16,368 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4/5
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3. Sankara Hotel

If sipping on your favorite drink, relaxing in the rooftop pool, and reviving your senses at a luxury spa are some of your ideas for a perfect vacation, then you must choose to stay at the famous Sankara Nairobi. Located at a distance of about two kilometers from the National Museums of Kenya, Sankara Nairobi would be an apt choice for those who want to taste a perfect blend of 5-star services and the best of African culture.

Sankara Hotel

Address: Woodvale Grove, Westlands, Nairobi 00606, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 15,298 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5/5
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2. Tribe Hotel

Being colorful, traditional, and rustic in nature and decor, the Tribe Hotel is undoubtedly one of the best hotels in Kenya to spend a relaxing holiday. Located in the famous and posh Gigiri district of Nairobi, Tribe Hotel is all about luxury, and sophistication that offers a perfect balance of modern amenities and the traditional hospitality of the ancient Africa. And if you’ve been looking for a place to cherish the true essence of Africa, look no further than Nairobi’s Tribe Hotel.

Tribe Hotel Nairobi

Address: Limuru Road | The Village Market, Gigiri, Nairobi 00621, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 14,962 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4.5/5
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1. Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel

Reckoned to be a paradise in itself, the breathtaking Southern Sun Mayfair hotel happens to be one of the favorite hotels in Kenya as it not only offers luxurious stay options but also provides free access to the travelers to try their luck at a nearby casino. Being much more than just a hotel, a laid-back vacation in Kenya is done just right at this colonial hotel set amidst the lush landscapes of vast tropical gardens.

Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel

Address: Cnr. Parklands Road & Msapo Close, Parklands, Nairobi 00800, Kenya
Price/Night: Starts from INR 15,281 (double-sharing basis & tax excluded)
TripAdvisor Ratings: 4/5
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The Eiffel Tower Might Get Repainted In A Different Color This Year & We Can’t Stop Guessing!

From red to yellow and ochre to brown, the symbol of love in Paris has had some 19 paint jobs in the last 129 years, and now for its 20th painting this year, the Eiffel Tower might get repainted in a different color again as mentioned in Le Parisien.

If the color of the metal would remain the same or change to something vibrant is a decision that the Ministry of Culture and the City of Paris will take before October this year. Originally painted as red during its construction, the Eiffel Tower has showcased beautiful colors of love till date, and we are sure that just like us, even you cannot wait now for 2018 to end soon.

summer in paris

According to Gustave Eiffel, a French civil engineer and architect, the original red color of the tower made it easier to protect it from the rust. But since then, it has only been painted in various shades till date.

A specialist from the ministry also told Le Parisien that, “We will rediscover and revive these old colors, like we do when we restore an old painting. This will give some food for thought as to whether or not to add nuances to the current hue.”

While the painting of the Eiffel Tower will begin in October this year, it will likely last till the next three years as it is a part of a longer project. As per The Local, some 60 tons of paint will be required to the cover the whole tower irrespective of the color that the ministry will choose. Post this, the Iron Lady of Paris will also undergo a $369-million renovation over the next 15 years, which will include an installation of a bulletproof glass wall around it.

Does that mean tourists would not be allowed to visit it once the work gets started? Well, there has been no update on that as of now, but we will keep you posted.

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Rome Is Finally Getting Its Own Beach And We’re Packing Already!

Known for its royalty, romance, and relics, the “Eternal city of Rome”, will soon be adding another feather to its cap with the opening of a beach in the heart of the city. Featuring marvelous architecture, awe-inspiring art, brilliant culture, and a unique gastronomy, the only missing aspect in Rome’s charming beauty was a beach, which will soon be fulfilled by a man-made beach on the banks of Tiber River.

Tiber River in Rome

As per a leading news publisher, the Roman authorities are planning to set up a new beach in Rome on the banks of the Tiber River, and this would be the first ever beach in the heart of the city. The authorities have proposed a plan to lay down 10,000 square meters of temporary beach sand on the banks of the Tiber river that runs through the heart of the city.

The idea of creating this man-made beach is to provide a rejuvenating, and sunbathing spot for the locals as well as tourists. This plan also aims at making the river a lively part of the city. This man-made beach will be set near the Marconi Bridge, close to the major tourist attractions like St. Peter’s Basilica, Colosseum, and more.

Apart from just laying down the sand, the authorities have also planned to set up a sports area for rejuvenation purposes. So, the tourists will also get an opportunity to indulge in a number of available beach sports rather than just lying down on the beach beds and soaking in the tropical sun.

ostia beach in rome

As the agenda of the authorities also includes a revival of the Tiber River, therefore, the plan also features the development of an app to monitor pollution, police patrols along the banks, and even flying drones to check for waste dumping. So, no littering around guys! Or else you might land in jail.

So, if you have been planning a vacation to Rome for the summer of 2019, we’ve given you another strong reason to travel to the Eternal City. Also, do not miss out on these charming tourist attractions of the city.