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Over 1 Lakh Indian Travelers Are Expected To Visit South Africa In 2018. Are You One Of Them?

Be it the surreal beauty of South Africa or be it the challenges like Day Zero that it has faced, the country has always strived to stay on the map for its tourists. And ensuring the same, the South Africa Tourism is now aiming for some really big numbers this year. To put it down precisely, as per them, more than 1 lakh Indians are expected to visit South Africa in 2018.

The country is focusing on promoting various activities that will suit all ages and types of travelers as they seem to be more popular among Indian tourists. Alpa Jani, a spokesperson from South Africa Tourism mentioned to PTI that Indian tourists make up the eighth-largest group of travelers to South Africa, wherein the US, UK, and Germany are at the top three. Of this group, most of the Indians are those holidaying with families, couples on honeymoon, young millennials, and people coming for meetings, conventions, incentives and events (MICE).

vineyards in south africa

They also revealed that the business travelers made up around 16 percent of all the arrivals that came during the same period, whereas the leisure travelers and holidaymakers made up around 27 percent. What further came as a good news was the fact that the millennial traveler numbers have risen from just around 35 percent in the first three months of 2017 to 46 percent in the following three months.

In their study, they also drilled down to the regional level and highlighted how Mumbai, Delhi, Gujarat, Bangalore, and Bengal were amongst the major cities whose residents traveled to the country. In lieu of this, Jani also said that the reason tourism numbers from India have been encouraging is the overall challenge that the Indian Tourism Industry has been facing.

And while there aren’t any direct flights to South Africa as of now, India still has a number of connecting flights that might help in making the former country meet its expected numbers smoothly this year.

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Rome Received Its First Snowfall In 6 Years, And Boy, Are The Pictures Amazing!

After the snow Gods blessed Tokyo earlier this year, it’s now the turn of Rome! The weather surely is currently turning bipolar with one destination after another receiving their share of soul-gratifying snowfall. While we Delhiites are stuck with a confused weather, the people of Rome are happily trotting about in heaps of crisp, white snow. Thanks to this much-awaited feat of nature, the world’s eyes have suddenly turned to the hypnotizing landscapes of Rome and people can’t get enough of the stunning pictures!

Romans are sharing breathtaking snaps of their lovable city – everything from ancient ruins to roads draped in white.

Find out why snowfall in Rome is taking the internet by storm

La neve a Roma

Image Courtesy: Piergiorgio Pirrone

snowfall rome colosseum

snowfall rome colosseum night

rome snowfall kissing

rome snowball fight

rome st peter's church

rome colosseum bike

The ancient Colosseum is seen during an heavy snowfall late in the night in Rome

Snowfall in Rome

Snowfall in Piazza Navona, Roma

Instagram and Twitter is fast filling up with fascinating pictures of the white wonderland of Rome!

It may not be a big deal for you, but Romans are overjoyed at experiencing snowfall after so many years. So much so that they can’t stop talking about it on Twitter and Instagram. Have a look at the mind-blowing pictures that people are sharing of the snowfall in Rome, and I bet it’ll seduce your traveler’s soul like never before!

1. The Colosseum being showered with snow

2. Straight out of a fairy tale!

3. Even this wee lil doggy is happy!

4. Aerial views of the Colosseum under snow, anyone?

Surreal, isn’t it? Now book a trip to Rome and go experience this fantasyland for real while the snowy magic lasts.

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This Valentine’s Day, Rent Gladden Island in the Caribbean Sea For the Perfect Date

You read that right! This Valentine’s Day skip the flowers and chocolates routine, or (GASP!) The forbidden gift certificate or the horror of horrors – Cash! To woo your date, not to mention impress them to no end, you can now rent an entire island resort just for the two of you.

view of gladden island Caribbean sea

According to travelandleisure, Gladden Island, located just off the coast of Belize and a mere four hours away from Miami, is a luxury private island that is still available for rent this V-Day.

Teetering right on the edge of the Belize Barrier Reef, this is the epitome of seclusion. You know what that means, no one far and wide to interrupt those all-important cuddles. Imagine being surrounded by turquoise waters till as far as the eyes can see, with cozy lagoons visible on the horizon and whale sharks going about their yearly migration!

But wait, being alone on this island doesn’t mean you have to do all the cooking and cleaning on your own. The fantastic wait staff and the cleaning crew that comes with your island reside on another smaller island, right behind Gladden Island. And the best part is that they can slide in and out of the place, cleaning and cooking as they go, without being at all intrusive; all this at a moment’s notice.

room at gladden island caribbean

For $3,073 a night it is actually pretty reasonable, considering that this is a world-class, one-of-a-kind, elegant, utterly luxurious, fully furnished accommodation for two. Did we mention, you can also dine on local dishes prepared by guest chefs who come highly recommended from global kitchens?

For that extra-special bonding session, make sure to book a couple’s spa therapy at the island itself or charter a boat to take your honey on an island hopping trip. Your personal concierge at Gladden Island can take care of the booking for you!

You know what they say, Go Big or Go Home! Better make it fast; we are sure there are many lined up to Rent Gladden Island to woo their partner with this grand Valentine’s Day gesture.

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Why Going On A Honeymoon In Maldives & Staying At Sun Island Resort Was A Perfect Idea!

My honeymoon in Maldives was the most special trip of our life and now it is my most special memory. The lush greenery, luxuries of the resort, and the precious moments spent with my wife are forever ingrained in my heart and would be so till the end of times.

Choosing our honeymoon destination was tricky for we wanted a honeymoon where we could chill and enjoy each others company. For this, there were many amazing options on board like Thailand, Bali, and Mauritius but we ultimately went with Maldives for we loved the idea of staying at an island resort and doing nothing but relaxing.

I searched for a lot of packages on internet, till I stumbled upon TravelTriangle – a marketplace for travelers and travel agents where one could get a tailor made package as per their own preference and budget.

beaches in maldives

So I raised a request for Maldives honeymoon package and was soon contacted by a representative from TravelTriangle. He understood my needs and further connected me to three of their best agents for customized packages. After receiving the quotes from multiple agents, I chose the best one that would guide our honeymoon since he provided us with best quotes and customizations.

Later, after a few discussions and some changes, everything was planned as per my choice and we were ready for our trip to begin.

My wife and I were very excited for our first ‘official’ holiday together and were now more than looking forward to a spectacular vacation. Thankfully though, it exceeded our expectations.

Trip Details Of Our Honeymoon In Maldives

  • Duration: 4 Nights 5 Days
  • Cost: INR 196000 (for two)
  • Inclusions: Flights, Meals (all), Transfers, and Hotel
  • Exclusions: Money spend on restaurants not part of the package and personal expenses

Day 1: A warm and sunny welcome into the tropical paradise

sun island resort in maldives

airport in male

We took our flight from Delhi and it was a connecting one. From Delhi we reached Trivandrum and from there we proceeded to Male, where we took another flight to our resort in Maldives, The Sun Island Resort.

india to male flight

nihal and his wife in maldives

This was a beautiful property on a private island and we were astounded by how large it was. We were given welcome drinks upon our arrival and post a quick check into the Beach Bungalow, we settled in. We were quite happy that our room was well decorated and that it also had a complimentary cake and a fruit basket for us.

lobby of sun island resort

maldives sun island resort

Next up was exploring the resort and we immediately began that after we rested for a while. It is worth noting that this resort is huge and has so many beaches and yes, we did get an option to to rent a cycle but we chose not to since we wanted to walk and stop wherever we wanted to.

sun island resort at night

The restaurant for lunch was 5-7 minutes away from our bungalow and since we had opted for a full-board package, all of our meals were included. Later, after chilling at the beach (this time a different one), we had our dinner and called it a night. So far, everything was pretty amazing and I had a feeling, it was only going to get better (and I was correct!).

Maldives Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Romance on paradise island of Maldives. Go on a snorkeling trip, visit the coral islands, go fishing, or explore the sandy beaches. Honeymoon packages at best rates. Get customized honeymoon deals from expert agents on TravelTriangle. Book Now!

Day 2: Relaxation Mode – ON

nihal and his wife at sun island resort

beach bungalow sun

garden in sun island resort

nature sun island resort

sun island resort food

sun island resort beach bungalow

nihal with his wife at sun island resort

beach of sun island resort

We were truly settled into our resort now and quite frankly loving each moment since there was nothing to do but to enjoy each other’s sweet company. Today, we explored some more beaches, chilled even more and spoke to many people, including a family of Europeans who had come with their families and had been staying here for more than 15-20 days. The Indians on the other hand were mostly honeymooners just like us – spending precious moments with each other and soaking in some tropical love.

Planning your honeymoon in Maldives but confused about what to do? These Maldives honeymoon stories help you find your best honeymoon trip ever!

Real honeymooners. Real stays. Real opinions to help you make the right choice.

Day 3: The Water Villa experience

beaches in sun island resort

beaches of sun island resort

things to eat at sun island resort

Today, in the afternoon, we were shifted to the water villa and quite frankly, it was the best place to stay. Our villa was over water and had access to go directly into the water from the room to swim and snorkel. It was raining in the afternoon and soon my wife and I went for a romantic walk in the rain and it was one of the best experiences ever.

outdoor eating at sun island resort

water villa transfer sun island resort

sun island resort chill

This was followed by an amazing spa session, discount vouchers of which were already included our package and if there was one word to describe it, I would choose heavenly.

Later in the night, there was a candle light romantic dinner arranged for us on the beach and we couldn’t have asked for more. It was one of those experiences that we would always cherish and let’s just leave it to that.

Day 4: Another day in paradise

water villa at sun island resort

water villa at sun island resort

nihal and his wife at the water villa at sun island

water villas in line at sun island

maggie noodles in maldives

honeymoon at sun island resort maldives

nihal and his wife at the sun island resort maldives

water villa entry maldives

Today, since it was mostly raining and also because we were tanned a lot, my wife and I decided to stay in our water villa only. And yes, in the evening when we did venture out, we were amazinfe by the Christmas and New Year festive spirit all around. Everything was beautifully decorated and we truly loved the vibe and excitement in the resort today.

Day 5: Till we meet again, Maldives!

water villa maldives

nihals wife in front of the water villa

This was the last day of our honeymoon in Maldives and to be honest, we did not want to leave at all but it was time for us to go so we couldn’t help it. Finally, after one last breakfast, we checked out of the resort and headed back to the airport for our flight back to India.

maldives water villas

Our 5 day honeymoon in Maldives was a heavenly experience. It was the most relaxing holiday we had ever had and if time permits, we would definitely want to return to this paradisaical country for another romantic vacation. It was the best of rejuvenation, romance, and luxury, and we couldn’t have asked for more.

sun island resort honeymoon maldives

  • High Points:
    Sun Island Resort is an excellent property and we loved the hospitality and experience that it offered
    Experiences at the Beach Bungalow, Water Villa, and the Spa
  • Low Points: None
  • Tip for travelers:
    If you’re traveling during a busy or a festive season, it is always better to book at least a month or two in advance for it would help you save a lot of money.
    Always go for a full board all inclusive package for it is much more value for money and includes almost everything apart from special paid activities and restaurants not part of the deal

Looking To Book An International Honeymoon?

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Eiffel Tower Closed As Heavy Snow Pummels France

The Eiffel Tower is turning away tourists as a thick blanket of snow has covered the entire northern France, creating transport chaos in Paris. According to the company that runs this 19th-century wonder, the tower has been closed to ensure the safety of visitors.

Hundreds of drivers in cars got trapped in the snowfall and caused worst-ever traffic jams in the area surrounding Paris. Workers were seen clearing snow from Eiffel Tower’s intricate ironwork, stairs, and platforms.

cars stuck in jam due to snowfall

Snowfall caused a heavy traffic jam in the city.

French authorities have told drivers in Paris to not come on roads until Friday due to the harsh weather. Also, officials has already warned of dangerous conditions in one-fourth of France.

people enjoying snowfall

People enjoying snowfall in Paris

Even after all this havoc, some tourists are appreciating the freak weather of Paris and how beautiful the tower looks in snow. People were seen enjoying the crazy weather on streets. Also, some flights from Paris airports were also cancelled or delayed.

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India’s Outbound Travel To Touch 40 Million Mark By 2020! Long Live Travel

Travel sector in India is on a roll! The ongoing travel revolution has won the confidence of budding entrepreneurs and today Indian companies are competing with foreign multinational giants.  Speaking at the IAMAI’s 12 India Digital Summit, MMT’s CEO Deep Kalra emphasized the importance of a reliable model for a startup and that travel revolution is here to stay. Thanks to the social media that has been leveraged well by the travel industry. The travel industry is a successful outcome of good startup ecosystem and an entrepreneur’s ability to present exceptional business models and see them thrive.

MakeMyTrip founder sounded quite positive about the future of startup ecosystem and also maintained that it is here to stay. “However, it is imperative for the Indian companies to do well. Let the foreign capital come and let them do well. But I want Indian companies to equally do well,” he said to stave off foreign companies domination.

The remarkable growth in the number of Indians traveling today would peak even more and by 2020 Indian can see as many as 40 million travelers going abroad. And this holds the key to success for Indian travel industry. Such is the situation in the inbound and outbound travel that airlines and hotels are actually experiencing full booking. People are forever busy making travel plans and their desire to travel seems never-ending, thanks to the social media phenomenon that has rekindled the desire to travel in people. The folks are more aware of travel and the business is primarily generated through mobile phones. MakeMyTrip alone has recorded 70 percent of its total booking through mobile out of which 90 percent is from MakeMyTrip app.

Even the Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma had a few words for the Make In India initiative at the event and stated that the time is perfect for Indian business models to lead the world. Sharma added that Paytm did 225 million transactions last month and during the fiscal, it is all set to achieve 14 billion gross merchandise value.

Lauding the government’s initiative, Sharma said that in the seven years between 2018 and 2025, Indian economy would shoot up by USD 2.5 trillion and it is the digital industry majorly contributing to the growth of the economy. The accomplishments of Flipkart founder Sachin and Binny Bansal was particularly mentioned by Mr. Sharma.

IAMAI’s 12 India Digital Summit mostly discussed the building positive environment around startup culture. Travel is the next big thing and Indian travel industry is here to thrive!

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In Just 1 Euro, You Can Buy A House In Ollolai, Italy

Do you dream of owning a pretty home in a rustic Italian village? You can now make those dreams come true! Located in the mountain region of Barbagia on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, Ollolai is a small Italian village that is selling hundreds of abandoned homes for just €1 (INR 80/- or $1.2).

Though it isn’t the first Italian town to try the gimmick, it definitely is the first to live up to the promise. And the best part – It’s also got that beauty and history that travelers associate the country of Italy with, something that is needed to draw people in.

ollolai mayor talks about town

However, it all comes with a catch – This real estate bonanza of over 200 stone-built dwellings are in poor condition and buyers are required to commit to a refurbishment within three years, which, in turn, will easily cost about $25,000 (16 lacs).

A destination lost in time, Ollolai is at a risk of becoming a ghost town. The plan was initiated to revive the community, repopulate the town, and preserve their culture. In the past 50 years, Ollolai’s population has shrunk from 2,250 to 1,300, with very few babies being born each year.

ollolai homes - The Reason For The Sell-Off Plan

Once buzzing with activity, this untouched part of Sardinia now lies silent, as its younger residents have moved away to bigger cities for prospects of better jobs and better lives. Covered in cobwebs, Ollolai’s stone dwellings, maze of alleys, and mural-covered piazzas now lie in ruins.

“We boast prehistoric origins. My crusade is to rescue our unique traditions from falling into oblivion,” said Efisio Arbau, Ollolai’s mayor when asked about the rejuvenation plan. “Pride in our past is our strength. We’ve always been tough people and won’t allow our town to die. We once had a fiery king, Dux Ospitone, who united all heathen tribes in a league,” he added, stressing on how this city, named out of an ancient battle cry of “alalé”, is fighting once again. “These hills are Italy’s ‘Highlands’ and we are sons of ‘Bravehearts’.”

ollolai homes condition - The Reason For The Sell-Off Plan

He hopes the refurbishment plan, if successful, will help create new jobs and revive the local economy, other than breathing life back into this currently solemn town.

The remaining residents, too, haven’t lost hope of retaining the town to its former glory. Traditional ways of life still survive. Local shepherds still make the exquisite premium sheep cheese – Casu Fiore Sardo, and artisans still weave fine baskets.

ollolai homes for 1 euro - The Initiative

In a bid to breathe new life into this once frivolous town, Arbau had taken some major steps:

  • He contacted Ollolai’s former house owners, which included shepherds, farmers and craftsmen, asking them to sign their homes over to town authorities.
  • He approved a special decree and put the properties on the market at bargain prices.
  • He has put 200 homes on the market for just one euro.

Vito Casula buys house in ollolai for 1 euro

Three houses have already been sold despite the poor conditions and Arbau has received purchase requests from more than 100 interested parties from across the world, including Russia and Australia.

One of the buyers, Vito Casula, a retired builder, has already snapped up here a two-story house for less than the cost of a cappuccino. He has transformed his new home only by using environmentally friendly materials and recycling old furniture, while keeping the original decor intact at the same time.

ollolai carnival with bright costumes and parade

“We live nearby and frequently visited Ollolai. Then one day my wife saw the ad in the newspaper. It was an opportunity,” said Casula.

ollolai location - greenery and mountains

“They’re picturesque old buildings made with Sardinia’s typical gray granite rock that grows on mountain peaks and shores,” says Arbau while describing the town’s top selling points and what’s drawing people here.

  • The town has a relaxing vibe and friendly locals who will make you feel at home.
  • Ollolai is known among travelers for its unique and delicious cuisine including the finest of wine, ham, sheep cheese, and many more delicacies.
  • The town’s carnival is a sight for sore eyes – parades, music, and bright costumes.
  • The sunny retreat offers great views from its 1,200-meter-high peak Nodu de S’Aschisorgu (Treasure Rock)
  • Ollolai is surrounded by beautiful lakes, rivers, protected parks, oak and beech tree forests, and the shimmering seas.
  • Nearby are the breathtaking cliffs of Cala Gonone that have breathtaking sea grottoes perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving.
  • In addition, Arbau is introducing activities like cheese, pasta, and basket making courses.

All proposals, complete with the required documents of the interested person, must reach the Municipality of Ollolai before 7th February 2018, the last date of the scheme. You can either send your details at, or write to them at Hurry!

Though interest in the town is growing rapidly and the locals are really excited, only time will tell if the town’s efforts and the mayor’s gamble have paid off. But what about you? Would you fancy a life in this rustic old village in Italy with great people, views, food, and charm, all for an amount as low as 80 rupees? Let us know in the comments below.

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Here’s The Perfect 4N/5D Honeymoon Trip To Maldives

At a slow pace and at a picturesque land, they enjoyed the fruits of a blissful 4 nights/5 days honeymoon trip to Maldives.

Read on as Hemant describes about his relaxinghoneymoon trip at a lavish island resort in Maldives –  in the middle of the calm blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Trip Duration: 4 nights/5 days
Trip Cost: INR 1,22,000
Agent Name: Kesia Holidays
Month of Travel: February 2017
Inclusions: Transfers, accommodation, breakfast, snorkeling sessions, and sightseeing
Exclusions: Flights, and meals

One of my friends used TravelTriangle and had a good experience with them, so he recommended us to do the same. The location (Maldives) was more or less decided because of the timing of our honeymoon. Generally, during Jan and Feb most of the possible destinations are in their winter season. So, out of Maldives and Sri Lanka, we decided to go with the former.

hemant's wife posing in maldives

There was plenty of curiosity and anxiety inside me before heading on our honeymoon trip to Maldives. Before I could ponder on too many what ifs, my wife completely lightened up my mood which kind of set the tone for the upcoming 4 days that we would enjoy together.

Maldives Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Romance on paradise island of Maldives. Go on a snorkeling trip, visit the coral islands, go fishing, or explore the sandy beaches. Honeymoon packages at best rates. Get customized honeymoon deals from expert agents on TravelTriangle. Book Now!

Day 1: Checking into our private paradise

holiday inn resort maldives

view from the balcony in maldives

We took a flight from New Delhi at 5 am and arrived in Maldives in the afternoon, tired and exhausted. We were driven to the port and then transferred by boat to a private island. Upon our arrival at the Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma, the staff gave us a nice and warm welcome. Our honeymoon trip to Maldives had begun on a positive note.

enjoying the cool evening breeze in maldives

We thought of taking a quick snooze and just like all naps, we couldn’t figure out when 15 mins became two hours, as we woke up to a light and cool evening breeze. Since, this was the perfect time to explore our island, we decided to take a casual walk on the beach. Afterwards, we ended our day with a sweet and romantic dinner at the hotel.

Day 2: Beautiful evening walks on the beach

a beautiful postcard from maldives

boat tour in maldives

The next morning began with a healthy breakfast. Post that, we grabbed our water equipment and went for snorkeling lessons (which were included in the package). We were in the water for around four hours. It was an exciting and enjoyable day in the crystal clear waters of Maldives.

Since, it got pretty hot in the day, we returned back to the resort in the afternoon to relax. Our priorities were clear- relax as much as possible on this honeymoon trip to Maldives. After a few hours, we again wandered out to visit the rest of the island.

picturesque landscape at kandooma

taking a walk at night in maldives

I must say, I really enjoyed those evenings in Maldives exploring a pristine island with my wife. Taking long walks where we’d talk about all the things we’re looking forward to in the next chapter of our lives together – and what got us here to this beautiful point in our lives.

Day 3: Snorkeling and sunbathing in magical Maldives

snorkeling in maldives

The next day, after breakfast, we put on our snorkeling equipment and proceeded towards the deep blue sea to try our luck. Although, it was scary at first, I soon started enjoying the whole experience, and boy, it was the best feeling ever!

water activities in maldives

After that we took lunch, and repeated the same old routine of taking an afternoon nap at the  hotel.  I liked the location of our room which was at an elevated point. Later, as we climbed down the stairs in front of our villa, we could sun bathe and relax on our personal benches. Initially, our plan was for scuba diving, but we didn’t go due to shortage of time. Instead, we spent our evening at a part of the island called the sunset beach.

Day 4: An unforgettable day in a water villa

Maldives accommodation

On our final day, we shifted to a water villa. The scenic view and luxuries at that villa were unbelievable. We spent the rest of our morning in the pool and relaxed in our villa balcony in the afternoon.

In the evening, we took a sunset view tour organized by the resort. A two-hour boat trip in the sea to watch the sun go down from an incredibly beautiful vantage point. They dropped down a net into the water on which you can sit, float, and enjoy the sunset. They topped off the incredible experience with complimentary wine and cheese.

sunset tour organized by holiday inn

sunset viewing net in maldives boat tour

The final dinner of our honeymoon trip to Maldives was at the water villa. An exclusive table arranged for us at the villa with a private cook and waiters made the night all the more special for us.

Planning your honeymoon in Maldives but confused about what to do? These Maldives honeymoon stories help you find your best honeymoon trip ever!

Real honeymooners. Real stays. Real opinions to help you make the right choice.

Day 5: Final breakfast and a fond farewell

a picture perfect moment at holiday inn resort

The next morning, we packed up our things and checked out of the resort in Maldives. We were transferred to the airport in Male for our return flight to Bengaluru.

Our amazing five-day experience on a honeymoon trip to Maldives gave us a new definition of luxury. What felt best on this entire vacation was that, we got what exactly what we were looking for in Maldives. A serene tropical destination to spend time with each other, which won’t be too crowded, and would comforted by good hospitality during our stay.

villa side view in maldives

hemant's wife enjoying the positive maldives vibe

High points:

  • The dinner on Day 4 at the water villa, coupled with great service by the resort staff was incredible.
  • We will take back with us the unbelievable sunset experience on Day 4.
  • The sky was very beautiful on Day 1, as we relaxed on beach benches and enjoyed a private island resort that made it all the more special.
  • The local Maldivian carnival on the third day was really entertaining. It was a nice effort from the resort to introduce Maldivian food, songs, and dances to the tourists.

Low points:

  • We missed out on scuba diving as we were running short of time.

Tips to travelers:

  • Maldives is the perfect destination to unwind and relax.
  • Best time to visit is during November – January, as the weather is ideal during these months.

It’s a paradise for those in love! Book your Maldives honeymoon package and experience romantic luxury travel!

Looking To Book An International Honeymoon?

Book memorable honeymoon on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations.

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Honeymoon In Maldives: Witnessing The Magic Of Blue

Nisarg’s honeymoon trip to Maldives was so good it appeared as if it was made in heaven. With the azure skies and waters complimenting their love story, the couple got everything they imagined and more. He booked their Maldives honeymoon tour package from TravelTriangle and it included their hotel, transfers, meals, and flights – all for a cost of INR 1,51,800. Let’s witness their marvelous journey!

Our honeymoon in Maldives was a dream come true experience! It was my first foreign trip and a really special one too (for obvious reasons!) and it turned out to be more than perfect – all thanks to the beauty of Maldives and the activities it offered us.

Nisarg and his wife in Maldives having a great time

We had booked our package from TravelTriangle (found on the internet) and it was a breezy affair. The travel agents connected to us via TT understood our requirements and gave us the best possible quotes and itineraries as per our demands.

We were particularly excited about our beautiful island resort in Maldives – Sun Island Resort since we had heard a great deal about it and upon witnessing it, we surely knew why it was so famous.

Tip: When it comes to planning a honeymoon, it is always better to do a research about the kind of resort you would want to stay at because some of them might not offer the kind of privacy you would are looking for. Thankfully, our agent guided us well regarding the same and Sun Island Resort turned out to be perfect.

Day 1: Arrival and transfer to the incredible Sun Island Resort

Nisarg and his wife being transferred to the Sun Island Resort in Maldives

We reached Male around 9:30 am after a 6 hr journey with the Srilankan Airways. At the airport, we were greeted by a representative from our travel agent who guided us to a Maldives Domestic flight that would take us to the Maamigili Island from where our resort staff would come and pick us up.

This resort staff then transferred us to the Sun Island Resort And Spa via a speedboat at 11:30 am. Our welcome at the resort was a grand one and we were allotted the room and served welcome drinks.

The property was beautiful and our room was even better. After resting for a while, we relaxed and soaked in the goodness of nature that the resort had on offer. It felt magical and blissful. Maldives was love!

Tip: Maldives is one of those countries that offer Visa on arrival to Indians that is valid for 30 days. Thanks to this, we did not have to go through all the tedious formalities required to travel to other nations.

Maldives Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Romance on paradise island of Maldives. Go on a snorkeling trip, visit the coral islands, go fishing, or explore the sandy beaches. Honeymoon packages at best rates. Get customized honeymoon deals from expert agents on TravelTriangle. Book Now!

Day 2: A day full of adventure – sightseeing, snorkeling, and more!

This morning, after a delicious breakfast, we booked a trip which included a BBQ lunch, visit to the local village, and snorkeling at the blue lagoon island (known for various kinds of fishes). This trip cost us 75$ per person and was totally worth its price since we had a blast doing sightseeing and indulging in water activities here. The underwater charm of the crystal clear waters will forever be etched on our minds.

Tip: Always choose your resort based on the activities it offers if you want to enjoy the maximum – and yes most of these activities are paid, so do carry enough funds if you want to enjoy them all.

Nisarg and his wife snorkeling in Maldvies

Nisarg and his wife on a beach in Maldives

Nisarg and his wife chilling on a beach in Maldives

Planning your honeymoon in Maldives but confused about what to do? These Maldives honeymoon stories help you find your best honeymoon trip ever!

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Day 3: Exploring land & skies – cycling escapade and the parasailing experience

After we were done with the breakfast, we rented a cycle (4.5$ per cycle) and roamed around our own, exploring everything on our way. It was a lovely experience post which we went on to do parasailing (228$ for 2 persons). Parasailing was an out of the world adventure for us and we were thrilled by the beauty we saw from the above. The whole feeling of flying in the air was nothing short of magical and this was probably the best moment of our trip.

Nisarg and his wife cycling at the Sun Island Resort in Maldives

Nisarg and his wife cycling at their resort

Nisarg and his wife having a good time cycling at their resort in Maldives

Nisarg and his wife parasailing in Maldives

Day 4: Maldives we love you but it’s time to say goodbye!

Our last day at the Sun Island Resort and Spa was mostly spent in relaxing and soaking in the beauty of the island. We wanted to capture as much beauty in our memories before leaving and in the end, I think we did do justice to our endeavor. We left the resort at 2 pm for our flight back to India.

Nisarg and his wife pose for a picture in Maldives

Maldives turned out to be the perfect choice for our honeymoon. It was breathtakingly beautiful and offered us a lifetime of happy memories. Being there felt so surreal and we could almost feel as if love was in the air – all the time! Truly, a wonderful trip.

High Points of the trip:

  • Facilities and services of the resort were excellent!
  • Snorkeling and parasailing were two experiences that were out of the world
  • The island offers enough peace and privacy to keep the honeymooners comfortable.

Low points of the trip:

  • Complimentary half liter water bottle was given to each person for 24 hrs and the subsequent 1.5 ltr bottles cost us 5$ each.

Tips for travelers:

  • This trip was value for money and offered excellent services and experiences. We would definitely recommend it to all honeymooners!
  • When I started comparing online tour packages on all the traveling websites. I got quickest and cheapest quotations from TravelTriangle and I booked it in few days. My travel agent – Travelmate India (Sunanda ma’am) response was fabulous and was also in touch with us during the trip.

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A Pilot & Her Daughter’s Flying Expedition To Empower Women & Create History

Sharing success stories of women in different fields is as important as celebrating their success. One such story is of Audrey and her daughter Amy, who are all set to fly around the world in a microlight aircraft called “Mahi”.

The mother-daughter due from Karnataka will be flying up to 50,000 km around the world in about 80 days, and their journey has already begun in February 2018. Audrey and Amy are going to be the first Indian women to take up the micro flight voyage attempting a world record.

an aircraft of the mother and daughter

Their women empowerment journey, which is called ‘WE’ (Women Empower), is supported by the Union Ministry of Women and Child Development. Their expedition is a way to crowdfund a scholarship named ‘We Udaan Scholarship’. The generated fund will help underprivileged girls who want to become pilots.

In our nation, women empowerment is the need of the hour, and this journey of the duo is one of the ways to spread awareness about it. Audrey said, “This initiative, Women empower, will give wings to more girls who aspire to take on the skies.

Audrey and Amy started their journey from India, heading to South-East Asian Countries, Japan, Russia, Alaska, North America, Greenland, Iceland, Europe, Arabian Countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan and finally back to India.

We wish Audrey and Amy the best for their flying expedition!