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A Pune Woman Skydives Wearing A Saree And You’re Worried About Your Makeup?

Another first for the adventurous skydiver Shital Mahajan, as this daredevil Pune woman skydives wearing a saree from 13000 feet. A pioneer for women in thrilling adventure sports, Shital talks about her journey, profession, inspiration, and life goals.

With a penchant for breaking records both in India and abroad, Shital Mahajan has just added yet another first to her list of world records. Her daring attitude and ability to push the envelope for women in adventure sports took her to Thailand, where she did a skydive from 13,000 feet wearing a traditional Marathi Nauvari saree.


For someone who grew up with a passion of leaving an indelible mark on the society, Shital has come a long way from being just another face in the crowd to someone who has six world records and 17 national records to her name.

As a trendsetter who has truly conquered the sky by becoming the first woman to parachute jump over both the North and South poles, Shital continues to find unique ways to etch her name into history.

The inspiration behind this idea

Professional Skydiver

The 35-year old high flyer wanted to dedicate a record to his traditional Maharashtrian roots, and just then she got an idea of doing a skydive in Thailand in a Nauvari saree.

In an interview with Pune Mirror, Shital said:

“I have dedicated all my earlier records to India as I say I am India’s daughter, so this time I wanted to do something for the Marathi community, being a Marathi mulgi, I wanted to do something different for Pune and our community. Recently, we also had Marathi week celebration in January first week, ever since then I was wondering no one has ever done this stunt wearing a saree so I got the idea that I can do it wearing nauvari saree which is tucked both in front and back.”

A fearless feat achieved by yet another woman showing that with her will and determination to a leave a mark, she can make a real impact on the society. We would encourage you to share such inspirational stories of women who’ve pushed themselves to the limit and made a beautiful contribution to the society.

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Wine Tourism In India: Top 5 Vineyards To Get Tipsy In

Wine makes the world shine! Sipping on and clinking that sparkling glass of wine as you watch the golden sunset kissing acres of vineyard – This is something wine-lovers cannot help but picture. Thanks to booming wine tourism in India, you don’t have to plan a full-fledged international tour everytime you need a wine-dedicated holiday. This blog post features 5 best places in India for wine tasting, so you have the best, just the best. Some of these vineyards also have resort for a envy-sparking staycation.

Sula Beyond

Probably the most famous name when it comes to wine tourism in India. Sula Vineyard was established in 1997, and today it is the producer of top wines in India and abroad. Adding onto its fame is the yearly Sula Fest, which is often termed to be the Mecca of Wines. The festival is organized in February with exquisite cuisine, delectable wine and a lot to shop for. The highlight surely is an exciting artist lineup.

If you’re not visiting during the fest, Sula Vineyard anyway stays open for visitors, offering wine tours, and India’s first wine resort called Beyond Vineyard Resort. The charge for Sula vineyards tour is INR 250 per person, while the entry to this winery in Nashik is free.

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Four Seasons Vineyard

Located 25 km away from Pune city, Four Seasons Vineyard is your own little heaven. This is a resort cum vineyard inspired by the Great Gatsby. This splendid property features 14 grand rooms, swimming pool, spa and a party hall which can accommodate upto 1000 people. Wine lovers don’t seem to have enough of the wine trails, tasting room and the merchandise store.

Even though everything sounds so fancy, the package pricing is quite decent. For just INR 3,500 you get food, 1 night stay and drink for one person. Sounds great for a staycation!

chateau d'ory

A dome-shaped winery watered by three artificial lake Chateau D’Ori is located in Dindori District, Madhya Pradesh. The well-arrayed vineyard is located in the middle of a vast network of routes serving different purposes, right from guided tour to maintenance. The property was built in 2007, and houses the largest merlot plantation in India. Chateau D’Ori is considered among premium wine brands, you can taste the best of it in the intimate tasting room in the property. Wine tourism in India would be a little empty without this one around.

Grover Zampa

One of India’s oldest wine producers, Grover Vineyards was established in 1988. However, in 2012, Grover Vineyards tied up with Vallée de Vin (producer of Zumpa Wine), to become an even stronger brand and compete with Sula. The vineyard spans over an area of 410 acres, which means the wine tour is indeed quite extensive, lasting for as much as 3.5 hours. The tour concludes with lunch and one may also visit the barrel room if they like.

If you want to go for shorter wine trail, you can opt for the Maharashtra vineyard by Grover. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chenin Blanc, sparkling Rose and Brut are among the classiest wine varieties to look forward to, during your wine tour.

York Winery

This is yet another popular name that’s taken when talking about the best vineyards in Nashik! York Winery is located near Sula Vineyards, looking over the magnificent Gangapur Dam and rolling hillocks. This is an award-winning winery applauded for both red and white wines it produces. York Sparkling Brut is one of its most-loved sparkling wine made entirely from Chenin Blanc grapes.

The wine tasting room in York Winery stays open everyday between 12 pm and 10 pm, and tours are offered from 12:30 pm till 6 pm.

Surely, Nashik is winning the game with many vineyards for the wine lovers! So, make sure this weekend getaway from Mumbai is up in your list if you’re up for witnessing the best of wine tourism in India.

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The Longest Zip Line In The World Is Here, Going Up To Speeds As Fast As 150 Kmph!

Adventure travelers around the world have just been handed another reason to visit the UAE as they unveiled the longest zipline in the world. The thrilling activity located in Ras Al Khaimah sends travelers gliding down like a bird from the tallest peak in UAE.

Adding yet another world record to their already impressive man-made feats, UAE has opened the longest zip line in the world for travelers. The 2.8km zipline was officially recognized yesterday by the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest zip line in the world.

Zip Line In UAE

This zip line comes in an already long list of world records that UAE has achieved to attract tourists to the barren desert land for tourism. This time, the zip line wasn’t set up in the tourist hub of Dubai, rather it was established in the mountains of Ras Al Khaimah- located in northern UAE.

Interesting facts about the longest zipline in the world

Located at the top of the Jebel Jais mountain, the zip line can handle 1,00,000 people a year and there are no age restrictions.

  • The zipline has a length of 2.8 km.
  • Zipliners will travel at a speed of up to 150 km/hr from the highest mountain peak in UAE.
  • The riders should have a minimum height of 1.22 meters and not weigh more than 150 kg.

Some other world records UAE tourism can boast about

Emirates World Zipline Record

After adding the longest zipline in the world, UAE tourism can boast about yet another world record in their already-impressive CV of records. Travelers looking to visit UAE can visit the world’s fastest rollercoaster, world’s tallest building, world’s tallest hotel, world’s biggest carpet, largest synchronized car dance, and world’s longest water slide.

With every passing month, UAE becomes an even more attractive destination for adventure junkies looking for an ultimate thrill ride. Book a Dubai Tour Package with TravelTriangle to enjoy all the world’s finest luxuries and adventures in UAE.

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See How This Delhi Couple Is Exploring India With Their Dogs

Delhi based couple, Divya Dugar and her husband are no ordinary travelers. They believe everything nice in this world should be shared with their most faithful companions – their pet dogs, Tigress and Marcopolo, and that means just like them, the pets get to travel A LOT too!

Tigress and Pondi were Divya’s office dogs but once the office shut down, they were on road and Divya just couldn’t see that. She adopted both the pups and decided to take care of them in the best possible manner. Unfortunately, Pondi passed away last year leaving her pup Marcopolo behind and that is when Divya and her husband decided to travel across India with their two faithful friends. The couple wanted to see how it feels like traveling with a family and also wanted to raise awareness about rescuing and adopting Indian dogs.


A post shared by Divya (@dugardd) on

Based on their experiences, Divya believes India is not one of the most pet friendly countries in the world, however, that didn’t deter them from taking their dogs wherever they wanted. Yes, there were many challenges on the way but sometimes things also went way more smoothly than expected.

There were people who laughed at us and refused a cab ride when they didn’t want dog hair on their car seats but there were also a lot more people who were friendly and came forward to help us with smiles on their faces.

She also thanks Indian railways who proved to be a great help when it came to a train journey with her dogs. Their trip from Delhi to Madgaon of 32 hours was a huge success and the dogs loved spending their time looking out of the moving train while enjoying their treats. They did, however, prepare well before traveling on the train and took all the necessary meals, medicines and even made a list of stops for toilet breaks.


A post shared by Divya (@dugardd) on

According to the couple, Goa is one of the best places for traveling with your pets for it has a variety of accommodation options as per your budget and a lot more pet friendly places to chill at.

Currently working on a travel guide for hotels and best experiences for pet parents, this Delhi couple exploring India with their dogs no longer believes in following a particular recommendation or a list but instead feels it is all about perspective and charting your way through the country with your best buddies. Oh and yes, their Instagram account is LIT with their pet travel pictures! Go check them out.

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This Airline Is Giving Free Flights To Passengers Who Write Love Poems On Their Sick Bags

When was the last time you wrote a poem? Well, it’s time to brush up your creative poetry skills, because they can get you free flight tickets on one of the best British airlines.

According to The Metro, EasyJet officials claim that passengers often leave poems on barf bags for other day-dreamers and lovers onboard. So, EasyJet has come up with a special promotional offer for all their hopeless romantic travelers on their flights, asking them to write poems on the back of its barf bags.

EasyJet Is Giving Away Free Flights love letter

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, all you need to do is grab your sick bag (preferably unused!) on an EasyJet flight, let your creative horses run wild, and write a smashing poem on the back of it. Once you’re done, you’ll need to share an image of it on Twitter or Instagram tagging @easyJet and using the tag #LoveSickSonnets. This will give you a chance to win a pair of tickets to any destination within the airline’s network.

EasyJet Is Giving Away Free Flights sick note

The winner of the contest will be decided by Daisy Goodwin, an author and a poet who wrote the script for the PBS show ‘Victoria’. “Who hasn’t felt sick with anticipation traveling to see the one you love? It may be a short flight but emotionally it’s a long haul – poetry is the perfect way to claim that turmoil, and arrive with a heart full of such loving words,” she said when asked about her take on this initiative.

This trend was started by a French passenger who wrote a kind note on a barf bag for the next passenger to be seated there. All thanks to this genius, numerous couples now stand at a chance to win free flights for their mini-honeymoon this V-Day!

EasyJet Is Giving Away Free Flights plane

Challenge your inner Byron, Keats, and Wordsworth and pen some romantic lines on the back of EasyJet’s passenger sick bags to win the most memorable holiday of your lives, or at least just to flaunt your creativity before the world! The campaign will run until the end of February 2018. So don’t wait and get going right away!

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Indians Take More Trips Than Their Global Peers Annually, A Visa Survey Reveals

All of us love to travel and there is no doubt about it. But, according to a new survey it has been revealed that Indians take more trips annually on an average as compared to their global peers. This finding is a result of the Global Travel Intention Survey Report by Visa, which was conducted in collaboration with the research and business intelligence firm ORC International.

The survey collected data with the help of 12,400 interviews taken in 27 markets, and found out that Indians have taken more trips annually, i.e. 5.6 trips on an average in the last two years, which is significantly more than the global average of 4.2 trips. It also said that Indians are good spenders with an average of USD 2,334 against APAC’s (Asia Pacific) USD 1,677 when it comes to traveling.

family in santorini

The Visa survey also revealed that these trips taken by Indians majorly constituted of travel related to business, wherein the number stood at 2.6 trips against the 1.6 trips for APAC and 1.4 trips for global. The major reason or motivator behind these trips turned out to be the family bonding, whereas the culture, heritage, availability of time, and scenic beauty were found out to be the key drivers for choosing holiday destinations. Japan, the U.S., and Australia are the most visited countries by Indian travelers as compared to their peers from APAC region and the world, as per the survey.

Some of the other things that it revealed were that Indians plan to increase their travel spending by 21% in the next two years, about 45% of travelers pick their holiday destinations after considering their personal safety, and that most of the Indians love to travel in groups and are less concerned about budget.

The report also added that India is expected to lead in the all the travel categories like leisure, business, and more in the coming two years. All in all, it sounds like now nobody can beat India when in comes to travel, right?

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A Sweet Honeymoon Trip About Must Do Things In Mauritius

“Our honeymoon trip to Mauritius was a fine blend of leisure & fun. The tropical vibes of the country were surreal and by the time the trip was over, we were completely enchanted by its beauty.”

Trip Type: 6 Nights 7 Days Mauritius honeymoon
Cost: INR 1,51,525
Inclusions: Hotel (Radisson Blu Lafayette) with breakfast & dinner, flights, airport transfers, sightseeing, and Ile aux Cerfs island visit.
Exclusions: Flic-en-Flac visit, paid water activities at Ile aux Cerfs, and lunch.
Weather in Mauritius: 23 – 25 degrees (May to December)

Why Mauritius for a honeymoon?
We wanted to go to some place different from the usual. Countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Bali were being visited by all in our vicinity and so to break the monotony, we chose Mauritius. Also, it was the only destination that offered sightseeing, water sports, luxury, and a modern experience.

How I booked a perfect Mauritius honeymoon package?
As an army major working with United Nations, I have had a lot of opportunities to visit foreign countries. During these occasions, I used to manage my bookings myself and was fairly good at it, however, this time, I wanted everything perfect. So I chose to go for a Mauritius honeymoon tour package that would give me perfect arrangements and a hassle free experience. Thankfully TravelTriangle came to my rescue. Every now and then, as I used to log into my Facebook, I used to notice one of friends ‘liking’ the TravelTriangle page and that is how I ended up contacting them for a quote.

Upon raising a request (filling basic details), I soon received a call from their representative asking for my requirements. After telling him so, I was connected to various travel agents who sent me different quotes and itineraries as per my needs. I finalized “Degenerates” travel agent for their itinerary and quotes were the best and also because of their representative, Monica, was an amazing agent who guided us excellently on our destination. Minute details about services and things to do were given to us and we were very happy with the whole trip booking process.

Tip: When in doubt, it is always better to bring in a travel expert since you can’t afford anything to go wrong on your honeymoon.

Blue Bay in Mauritius

Our Mauritius honeymoon tour itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival and check in at the resort
Day 2: Leisure day – visited supermarket in Flac to grab all the essentials like water bottles – also visited the botanical garden
Day 3: South island tour of Mauritius – visited Shiva temple – Trou aux Cerfs – ship building factory
Day 4: North island tour – did sightseeing in and around Port Louis
Day 5: Leisure day spent at the resort – did activities like aqua gym, glass bottom boat
Day 6: Leisure day at the resort – chilled on the beach – indulged in water activities at the hotel
Day 7: Departure

And so our Mauritius honeymoon trip began

We boarded our flight from Mumbai at 6:45 am and reached Mauritius at 11:45 am. It was a smooth flight and upon our arrival at the airport, we were greeted by a representative from the travel agent’s side. Mauritius was bright and sunny and gave us a happy positive vibe. We were subsequently transferred to our resort – Radisson Blu Lafayette. This was a beautiful property filled with modern amenities and top of the class luxury services. It was blissful. Our rest of the day was spent relaxing at the resort.

Tip: Radisson Blu was an excellent choice and was booked on my demand, benefits of a customized trip, I guess!

A visit to the botanical gardens and some shopping on our free day!

A leisure day for us, we decided to make the most of it by getting essential supplies like water bottles and snacking tidbits from a supermarket in Flac. We also visited the famous Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden in Pamplemousses. This was a refreshing experience which also showed us the natural side and goodness of Mauritius.

Tip: The botanical garden is one attraction in Mauritius that most people don’t opt for but I would suggest everyone to do so since its one of the best in the country.

Witnessing the marvels of nature and culture on the Mauritius south island tour

We went for our south island tour today. In the morning after breakfast, we were picked by our cab driver and taken to the south of Mauritius for the tour. We visited the Shiva Temple here and it was followed by the dormant volcano site of Trou aux Cerfs, Chamarel waterfall and the ship building factory in the city of Curepipe. All of these experiences were nice and overall, the day was great if not super! Dinner was at the resort as usual.

Tip: South Island tour is a little boring if you’re not into religious and local sightseeing. One can opt for an underwater submarine ride or a trip to the Casela Nature Park instead!

Sightseeing in Port Louis

As per our Mauritius tour itinerary, we did the North island tour today and it mostly comprised of sightseeing in and around Port Louis. Our sites included Citadel fort, Le Caudan Waterfront, Umbrella market, and souvenir shops. We returned back to our hotel in the evening before 5. This day was too an interesting one, mainly because of the sightseeing attractions.

Tip: The shops at Le Caudan Waterfront are great for souvenir purchasing.

Indulging in the Ile aux Cerfs activities

This was the best day of our trip for we visited the beautiful island of Ile aux Cerfs and did water activities over here. The island was beautiful and the beaches were clean and nice. It was amazing to spend time here with my wife. In the end, we reluctant to leave this beautiful paradise and go back to our hotel, but we had to.

Tip: Ile aux Cerfs is a wonderful experience for all couples and deserves extra time. One can get it included in their leisure day also so as to spend more time here. Also, the activities here are paid and one must also carry swimsuit and towels otherwise you would have to rent it.

A leisure day in Mauritius that was well spent at the hotel

My wife and I had a great time spending this leisure day in the luxuries of our hotel. We relaxed, ate delicious food, and in the afternoon went on to do water activities like boat ride on our own. During our time at the hotel, we also indulged in a unique aqua gym and also enjoyed our meals at the various restaurants of the hotel including the Aqua.

Farewell Mauritius, we will always remember you

This was the last day of Mauritius honeymoon and with a heavy heart, we bid farewell to this beautiful island nation. In the morning, after breakfast, we checked out of our hotel, enjoyed some time with each other at the lobby and then departed for the airport for our flight back to India.

Things to do on a mauritius honeymoon trip

Our honeymoon in Mauritius was full of tropical goodness. The weather was excellent, the food was sumptuous, and our hotel was super luxurious. The memories we made here will forever be cherished and given a chance, we would love to come back to this beautiful nation and indulge ourselves in the Mauritian delights once more. Till then Sayonara, you will be missed Mauritius!

Things I loved on the trip:

  • Our hotel – Radisson Blu Lafayette, it was an excellent choice and really elevated our whole trip experience.
  • Time spent at the Ile aux Cerfs. Spending precious moments with your partner at this island is totally worth its enchanting beauty totally compliments your romance.

Things that could have been better:

  • Every day by 5 pm, we were supposed to return to our hotel due to transport and local restrictions. We wish we could have given a little extra time at places like Ile aux Cerfs because wrapping up everything so quickly leaves little time for enjoyment.
  • Also, we could have been given more options to spend our leisure days.

Tips for travelers:

  • Mauritius is a great destination for honeymooners. One should always plan their vacation properly especially the leisure days so that there is always something to do and look forward to.
  • Keep two days for Ile aux Cerfs in your 6 Nights 7 Days Mauritius tour itinerary – it will be worth it.
  • Mauritius offers Visa on arrival for Indians with a validity of 60 days, given you have a return ticket and sufficient funds to manage your stay if you’re not booked anywhere. It’s hassle free.

Mauritius is a dream destination for all those want a paradisaical experience on their honeymoon. Everything from the beaches to nature to the activities is a magical affair and you too can experience the same with your partner. Simply book a Mauritius honeymoon package here.

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Surreal Things To Do On A Friends Trip To Sri Lanka

Both my friends and I are crazy, fun-loving, and adventurous people who love to travel places. Having explored a couple of cities already in the country, and being a mix of entrepreneurs and homemakers, we were wishing to take an international trip this time that would give us a refreshing break from our routine. And our holiday in Sri Lanka offered just that, whilst proving to be a delight.

We finalized the destination, keeping its close proximity to India and our budget in mind, and everything worked perfectly in our favor. After closing the location, we wanted someone to plan and organize everything for us, and since my travel agent was out of station, I was looking for someone else.

posing in nuwara eliya

It was while browsing Facebook that I finally came across TravelTriangle, and the customized packages’ feature really appealed to me. I downloaded the app right away on my phone, and filled up our trip query. Within minutes I got a reply with different quotes, after which we customized our itinerary as we needed some adventure. Soon after, I received a final quote, and Ms. Dimple our travel consultant very supportingly took care of everything, while motivating us for the all girls trip.

Trip Type: 5 Days 4 Nights friends trip
Cost: INR 3,78,660
Inclusions: All the accommodation, breakfast and dinner, transfers from and to the airport, local sightseeing and experiences, an English speaking driver with a private cab, and GST
Exclusions:Lunch, Airfare and Visa, Entry fee charges, Personal expenses, and anything not mentioned in the inclusions

Day 1: Climbing the Sigiriya rock & visiting Dambulla Cave Temple

trekking to sigiriya

posing in front of sigiriya

Our trip kick-started on an adventurous note soon after reaching the Sri Lankan land, as our trip representative Mr. Dilshan took us to Dambulla and Sigiriya. Witnessing these heritage sites, especially the century old cave temple, the paintings, and climbing the citadel of the famous Sigiriya rock are definitely the best things to do on a friends trip to Sri Lanka, and we were proud that we did it.

dambulla caves

dambulla daves temple

having fun in sigiriya

Climbing through the rocks, frescoes, and sitting at the top made us feel so much at peace, that any amount of words would be less to describe that feeling. Later, we headed back to our hotel in Dambulla and called it a day.

Day 2: Visiting Kandy

sightseeing in kandy

This day, we were all energized and excited as our Sri Lanka trip itinerary had sightseeing and shopping in store for us. After a hearty breakfast, we began with a tour to Kandy where we visited the Kandy Murugan Temple, the Tooth Relic Temple, and did some shopping. All of us wished to wear a saree like Sinhalese ladies, and Mr. Dilshan did his best by taking us to a great store from where we bought really beautiful sarees.

sightseeing tour of kandy

Later in the evening, we reached Nuwara Eliya where we had our stay planned for the night.

Day 3: Exploring Nuwara Eliya & rafting in Kitulgala

sightseeing in nuwara eliya

We wanted our holiday to have the top adventurous things to do on a friends trip to Sri Lanka, for which, we chose to visit Kitulgala for white water rafting. But before tasting the thrill, we began our day with a visit to the Hanuman and Seeta Devi Temples and other historic places mentioned in the Ramayana. It truly made our experience enriching and gave us a glimpse of a beautiful side of the Sri Lankan land.

river rafting in kitulgala

Later in the evening, we finally reached Kitulgala where the world famous adventure awaited us. White water rafting in River Kelani turned out to be an unforgettably exciting experience, and all of us loved every bit of it. With proper safety gears and the live camera around, we felt both safe and motivated to indulge in the adventure sport. For anyone who is heading to Sri Lanka, has to do this activity at least once in their life.

Day 4: Sightseeing in Colombo

shopping in colombo

sightseeing in colombo

The second last day of our friends trip to Sri Lanka was all about exploring the wonders of Colombo. Soon after having our breakfast, we left for the capital city and reached there by noon. Our sightseeing tour included The President’s House located at the Fort, the Galle area, the Pettah area, and a few temples. Colombo surely seemed like one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka and exploring it gave us immense joy.

rhythm and blues in colombo

Day 5: Shopping in Colombo

lunch in colombo

Since this was the last day of our trip in Sri Lanka, we wanted to make the most of it. So, we did what we loved the most, i.e. shopping, and a lot of shopping. Most of us bought gifts and souvenirs for our families and friends before finally bidding adieu to this city. Later, Mr. Dilshan dropped us at the airport for our flight back home, and we flew with sweet memories in our hearts and smiles on our faces.

This was no doubt one of the best and safest trips that we have had, and we cannot thank TravelTriangle and our agent Direct Link enough for that. Everything from our hotels to our experience was top-notch!

  • Climbing the Sigiriya rock
  • White water rafting in Kitulgala
  • Shopping
  • While there weren’t any low point in our trip, the one thing that made us really upset was the food in Kitulgala. It wasn’t good and some of us even ended up with a stomach ache. At that time, we really wished that we had known a better place to eat in the city.
  • When you visit the Sigiriya rock, make sure you climb to the top since the view from there is absolutely worth it.
  • Sri Lanka has some of the finest sarees, so if you’re a Shopaholic, don’t forget to visit the best store in the city and buy a couple of them for yourself.
  • Even if you’re not an adventure lover, do indulge in rafting in Kitulgala as it’s an adventure of a lifetime and it will make your trip more memorable.
  • Do research a bit about the best places to eat before your trip begins.

Our overall experience was so incredible that if I had to rate it, I would give a 5/5 and definitely recommend my friends & family to plan a Sri Lanka trip with TravelTriangle. It was a perfect pocket-friendly trip in comparison to the other online agents, and our trip coordinators were very cooperative and friendly, which made everything super convenient. In short, we loved it!

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Disneyland Got Covered In Snow And Gave A New Meaning To The Word, Magical!

Treating people to what magical looks in real life, it was an overwhelming day for the Disney fans as Disneyland got covered in snow and made everyone’s dreams come true. Transforming the whole theme park into a winter marvel, visitors were overjoyed to experience a day at the park in a snowy environment. And we mean real snow!

Forming a thick layer over some of the major attractions in Paris, the Disneyland in Tokyo received a great response from the visitors despite the fact that the city was hit by a storm. From the breathtaking Big Thunder Mountain Railroad to the mesmerizing Sleeping Beauty Castle, a look at these snowy pictures is sure to blow your mind away.

And just so that you don’t start getting those FOMO feels, snowfall is expected at Disneyland in the next few days too. Just saying!

Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse Chilling Out, Literally

Walt Disney & Mickey Mouse

Tinkerbell Amidst The Magical White Dust

Tinkerbell in Disneyland Paris

Haunted Mansion Not So Haunted Anymore

Haunted Mansion Disneyland

Simba – The King In The North

Simba in Disneyland

Sleeping Beauty Castle Decked In Snow

Sleeping Beauty Castle Disneyland

The Castle In All Its Winter Glory

Disneyland got covered in snow

While there’s a lot more to the snowy Disneyland than what meets the eye, wouldn’t it be great to have a Disneyland in India? And if you’re thinking the same, let us know in the comments below as to which destination would be the perfect choice to relish the best of sun and snow in India!