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The Museum Of Selfies In Los Angeles Will Change The Way You Look At Selfies Forever

Smartphone, front camera, a picture of self, and social media sharing! That’s how that the priority of the Gen X, Y, Z can be summed up. “Friends have arrived, food is already here, but wait, let me take a selfie first.” No wonder why selfie has grown into an indispensable part of our everyday life, and this contagious manifestation of self-obsession is here to stay. Taking this form of self-love to a whole new level, Los Angeles has opened the Museum of Selfies and it comprises of everything related to “science, art, and culture of self-representation”.

acj-1902-museum-of-selfies (4)

Located 8 miles from the Downtown LA in Glendale suburb this museum is going to be an interactive museum that examines the history and cultural phenomenon of the selfie. And its roots date back to 40,000 years. The museum which will become operational from April 1, 2018, aptly represents everything related to self-love. While the Museum promises to explore the expanse of history related to this social phenomenon, your perception about selfie would evolve for sure.

Everything about the Museum of Selfies in Los Angeles

acj-1902-museum-of-selfies (9)

  • The museum encompasses an overall area of 8,000 square feet in Glendale in Downtown LA
  • Tommy Honton and Tair Mamedov are the masterminds behind the museum who have approved every piece going to be showcased in the museum
  • The museum will explore variety of themes that devise “educational yet playful approach”
  • Prime focus will be on much-loathed food selfie and bathroom mirror selfie

acj-1902-museum-of-selfies (10)

  • Visitors will get an access to fake skyscraper which they can climb & click a fear-inducing virtual rooftop selfie
  • There also will be a series of original works by renowned artists that would depict the “provocative and creative vision of the selfie phenomenon”
  • Selfie-stick throne – a chair made of selfie sticks, and a reported secret work to be unveiled at the museum’s opening
  • Selfie-sticks would be encouraged, leave alone carrying it inside the museum

acj-1902-museum-of-selfies (3)

The Museum of Selfies rather has a message and aims to deal with the growing concern of narcissism. The whole phenomenon has infused so deeper into our lives that it must be dealt with sooner and an ordeal has to be made to stop the deaths and other mishaps occurring because of selfies. Apparently, Museum of Selfies LA isn’t the first place to explore selfies art. The Saatchi Gallery organized a “From Selfie to Self-Expression” exhibition last year which had remarkable self-portraits, by Vincent van Gogh, Tracey Emin, and Rembrandt.

acj-1902-museum-of-selfies (5)

The relationship between people and art has changed,” Tair Mamedov told in the press release.

Now people don’t want to just be a silent consumer, they want to be a part of the art. There are many more selfies with the Mona Lisa than actual Mona Lisas.

Ticket price: £18, free for children under 3

Find more details about the Museum of Selfies Los Angeles here. Bookings info & available slots can be enquired here. Here’s the Facebook page of the Museum Of Selfies

How selfie came into inception?

acj-1902-museum-of-selfies (1)

Selfie is a rage today but the oldest know self-portrait dates back to 1839 when Robert Cornelius – an American lamp manufacturer, clicked an image of himself using the daguerreotype process, the first ever publicly available photographing process. To get this image right Cornelius had to stand still for 10 to 15 minutes. The word selfie is believed to have been used for the first time way back in 2002 on an Australian online forum.

acj-1902-museum-of-selfies (6)

The caption read “Um, drunk at a mates 21st, I tripped ofer [sic] and landed lip first (with front teeth coming a very close second) on a set of steps. I had a hole about 1cm long right through my bottom lip. And sorry about the focus, it was a selfie.” The word became popular later in 2012 where people started using it widely on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and MySpace. Later Oxford English Dictionary added it terming the word as the ‘Word of the Year’ in 2013.

Selfie is undoubtedly the biggest trend of the 21st century and it is here to stay. The Museum Of Selfies in Los Angeles only honors it in true spirit and is certainly going to be worth a visit.

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India Is Set To Become A 48-Billion Dollar Travel Market By 2020, And The Credit Goes To YOU!

As much as it looks like domestic travel has inspired and evoked the never-ending wanderlust in Indian travelers, a recent study carried out by Google India and Boston Consulting Group (BCG) reveals that India is set to become a 48-billion dollar travel market by 2020. According to the report called Demystifying The Indian Online Traveler, the domestic travel market in India is expected to grow at a rate of 11 to 11.5 percent within a span of next three years.

The report not just maps the decision making process by Indians throughout the planning of a trip, but also opens up umpteen opportunities for the growth of travel industry as a whole. From the frequently visited touch points to the highest contributor to the travel industry, here are some of the key findings of the report that are informative, interesting, and intriguing at the same time.

Rajasthan, India

  • The domestic travel market in India is predicted to grow at the rate of 11 to 11.5 percent to about $48 billion by the year of 2020.
  • The biggest contributors of domestic Indian travel market will be the air travel and the hotel industry.
  • While air travel is projected to grow at a rate of 15 percent to $30 billion, the hotel industry is predicted to grow at a rate of 13 percent to $13 billion within three years.
  • With an increase in the penetration of smartphones and usage of digital wallets, the presence of travelers on online platforms is expected to increase as well.
  • The network of railways is predicted to slug through at a current pace of $5 billion.
  • With a penetration of 31 percent, the online hotel market in India is expected to grow at an annual rate of 25 percent (CAGR) to $4 billion.
  • The penetration of online hotel market will increase to an extent that within a period of three years from now, one in three bookings for hotel accommodation will be done online.
  • Of all the existing touch points, Online Travel Agencies or OTA (64 percent), search engines (33 percent), and maps (26 percent) are the top three touch points that have maximum reach among the travelers.
  • When it comes to a planning a vacation which includes research, planning, and bookings, an Indian traveler spends about 49 minutes over a period of 46 days and browses through a maximum of 17 varied touch points on an average.
  • The duration of each online session which sums upto a total of 49 minutes, is observed to be below 3 minutes which is primarily due to the ubiquity of smartphones.
  • As far as research is concerned, 57 percent of the travelers have it in their opinion that they find better deals and discounts on online platforms against 12 percent of the travelers who still prefer offline sources.
  • Of the 57 percent travelers that research online, 41 percent of them find it comfortable and convenient to book their trips online.
  • Of all the factors, 76 percent of the travelers get inspired to travel via the positive word of mouth that is spread by their friends, family, and colleagues.
  • Also, ratings and reviews given by other travelers and consumers act as the prime factor for influencing the traveler’s choice of a booking channel.

Kerala In Monsoon

According to Vikas Agnihotri – the Industry Director, Google India, “India’s domestic travel market is on an acceleration path. One of the key findings of the report is that by 2020, one in three hotel rooms will be booked online – a clear indicator of the growing importance of digital in travel research, planning and booking. There are several actionable insights for domestic online travel players including the role of mobile and the level of curation and personalization that Indian travellers are looking for.”

On the other hand, Abheek Singhi, Senior Partner and Asia Pacific Head of Consumer Practice, BCG said, “Travel is a high investment – both monetary and emotional – category. Technology has led to democratization of travel through better information and price discovery – and shall lead to 11-11.5% growth in years ahead. The question is ” how to address the 17 different touch points of three minutes each over 49 days!”

Himalayas In India

While it was also observed that Indians travelers seek customized services over privacy in a recent report by Amadeus, this study by Google India and BCG only comes in as an added advantage for the travel businesses especially those who have their presence, online.

As much as it’s clear that a vacation for majority of Indian travelers is a serious business, the evolution of domestic Indian travel market will be an interesting turn of events in the near future. However, it all boils down to how the leading online travel portals capture the needs of the travelers right at the planning stage of a vacation, which is not just a trip, but a well-thought and well-planned call of action by the travelers of India.

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A Stay At This Shipwreck Lodge In Namibia Will Take You Back To The Happier Times Of Titanic!

Set on the popular Skeleton Coast and spread across a deserted region of about 146,600 hectares, this African paradise offers a Shipwreck Lodge in Namibia in which, one wouldn’t mind sinking at all. In middle of all the skulls and bones that reside on the coast, an offbeat accommodation awaits in the northwestern region of Namibia that lets you relish the taste of luxury amidst African wilderness like none other.

Shipwreck lodge in Namibia

  • Inside Skeleton Coast Park
  • At the heart of Skeleton Coast Central Concession
  • On the banks of the Hoarusib River Mouth
  • Between the rivers of Hoarusib and Hoanib
  • Perched between the massive dunes
  • Overlooking Atlantic Ocean
  • At a distance of just 68 kilometers to the north of Möwe Bay

Cannot give shape to your imagination yet? Well that’s how mesmerizing your stay would feel like at these luxurious cabins built in the shape of an actual shipwreck. While the whole lodge comprises of eight twin-sharing rooms and two family tents, each of the wrecks or the rooms will offer:

  • Fully-furnished rooms
  • A lamp and a wood-burning stoves
  • Huge windows
  • A private swimming pool
  • A shower, toilet, a washbasin, and other facilities that run on solar power
  • A writing desk
  • A coffee or tea station

Shipwreck lodge

While staying at Skeleton Coast National Park’s first ever lodge is an experience in itself, you will also be taken through the mind-blowing relics of the Karimona shipwreck, the Ventura Bomber, the Suiderkus Shipwreck, the deserted diamond mines of the Westies, and the remains of Flamingo pools’ reeds.

Other Experiences That Are Not To Be Missed At All!

  • Excursion to the seal colony on Mowe Bay
  • Dune bashing on the Namibian desert
  • Go for a sundowner drive
  • Say hello to hyenas at the Clay Castles on a 4×4 drive
  • Go on a full-day excursion on River Hoarusib
  • Enjoy a scrumptious lunch on the beach (subjected to feasible weather conditions)

Shipwreck lodge Skeleton Coast

Please Note: While the work is still in progress, the hotel will be open for bookings from June 2018 onwards.

Details Of Shipwreck Lodge In Namibia

Location: Shipwreck Lodge – Skeleton Coast, Namibia
Website | Phone: 0026-461-228-104
Price: (based on double-sharing per person)

  • Introductory Rate: 8685 NAD / 47530 INR / 730 USD (1st June 2018 to 31st July 2018)
  • Peak Season: 12220 NAD / 66875 INR / 1028 USD (1st August to 15th November 2018 and 20th December 2018 to 6th January 2019)
  • Low Season: 10200 NAD / 55818 INR / 858 USD (16th November to 19th December 2018 and 7th January to 30th June 2019)

Don’t know about shipwreck-diving, but we are all in to indulge in this stunning Shipwreck Lodge in Namibia. So, how many of you are eager to stay here? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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Why Going On A Honeymoon In Maldives & Staying At Sun Island Resort Was A Perfect Idea!

My honeymoon in Maldives was the most special trip of our life and now it is my most special memory. The lush greenery, luxuries of the resort, and the precious moments spent with my wife are forever ingrained in my heart and would be so till the end of times.

Choosing our honeymoon destination was tricky for we wanted a honeymoon where we could chill and enjoy each others company. For this, there were many amazing options on board like Thailand, Bali, and Mauritius but we ultimately went with Maldives for we loved the idea of staying at an island resort and doing nothing but relaxing.

I searched for a lot of packages on internet, till I stumbled upon TravelTriangle – a marketplace for travelers and travel agents where one could get a tailor made package as per their own preference and budget.

beaches in maldives

So I raised a request for Maldives honeymoon package and was soon contacted by a representative from TravelTriangle. He understood my needs and further connected me to three of their best agents for customized packages. After receiving the quotes from multiple agents, I chose the best one that would guide our honeymoon since he provided us with best quotes and customizations.

Later, after a few discussions and some changes, everything was planned as per my choice and we were ready for our trip to begin.

My wife and I were very excited for our first ‘official’ holiday together and were now more than looking forward to a spectacular vacation. Thankfully though, it exceeded our expectations.

Trip Details Of Our Honeymoon In Maldives

  • Duration: 4 Nights 5 Days
  • Cost: INR 196000 (for two)
  • Inclusions: Flights, Meals (all), Transfers, and Hotel
  • Exclusions: Money spend on restaurants not part of the package and personal expenses

Day 1: A warm and sunny welcome into the tropical paradise

sun island resort in maldives

airport in male

We took our flight from Delhi and it was a connecting one. From Delhi we reached Trivandrum and from there we proceeded to Male, where we took another flight to our resort in Maldives, The Sun Island Resort.

india to male flight

nihal and his wife in maldives

This was a beautiful property on a private island and we were astounded by how large it was. We were given welcome drinks upon our arrival and post a quick check into the Beach Bungalow, we settled in. We were quite happy that our room was well decorated and that it also had a complimentary cake and a fruit basket for us.

lobby of sun island resort

maldives sun island resort

Next up was exploring the resort and we immediately began that after we rested for a while. It is worth noting that this resort is huge and has so many beaches and yes, we did get an option to to rent a cycle but we chose not to since we wanted to walk and stop wherever we wanted to.

sun island resort at night

The restaurant for lunch was 5-7 minutes away from our bungalow and since we had opted for a full-board package, all of our meals were included. Later, after chilling at the beach (this time a different one), we had our dinner and called it a night. So far, everything was pretty amazing and I had a feeling, it was only going to get better (and I was correct!).

Maldives Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Romance on paradise island of Maldives. Go on a snorkeling trip, visit the coral islands, go fishing, or explore the sandy beaches. Honeymoon packages at best rates. Get customized honeymoon deals from expert agents on TravelTriangle. Book Now!

Day 2: Relaxation Mode – ON

nihal and his wife at sun island resort

beach bungalow sun

garden in sun island resort

nature sun island resort

sun island resort food

sun island resort beach bungalow

nihal with his wife at sun island resort

beach of sun island resort

We were truly settled into our resort now and quite frankly loving each moment since there was nothing to do but to enjoy each other’s sweet company. Today, we explored some more beaches, chilled even more and spoke to many people, including a family of Europeans who had come with their families and had been staying here for more than 15-20 days. The Indians on the other hand were mostly honeymooners just like us – spending precious moments with each other and soaking in some tropical love.

Planning your honeymoon in Maldives but confused about what to do? These Maldives honeymoon stories help you find your best honeymoon trip ever!

Real honeymooners. Real stays. Real opinions to help you make the right choice.

Day 3: The Water Villa experience

beaches in sun island resort

beaches of sun island resort

things to eat at sun island resort

Today, in the afternoon, we were shifted to the water villa and quite frankly, it was the best place to stay. Our villa was over water and had access to go directly into the water from the room to swim and snorkel. It was raining in the afternoon and soon my wife and I went for a romantic walk in the rain and it was one of the best experiences ever.

outdoor eating at sun island resort

water villa transfer sun island resort

sun island resort chill

This was followed by an amazing spa session, discount vouchers of which were already included our package and if there was one word to describe it, I would choose heavenly.

Later in the night, there was a candle light romantic dinner arranged for us on the beach and we couldn’t have asked for more. It was one of those experiences that we would always cherish and let’s just leave it to that.

Day 4: Another day in paradise

water villa at sun island resort

water villa at sun island resort

nihal and his wife at the water villa at sun island

water villas in line at sun island

maggie noodles in maldives

honeymoon at sun island resort maldives

nihal and his wife at the sun island resort maldives

water villa entry maldives

Today, since it was mostly raining and also because we were tanned a lot, my wife and I decided to stay in our water villa only. And yes, in the evening when we did venture out, we were amazinfe by the Christmas and New Year festive spirit all around. Everything was beautifully decorated and we truly loved the vibe and excitement in the resort today.

Day 5: Till we meet again, Maldives!

water villa maldives

nihals wife in front of the water villa

This was the last day of our honeymoon in Maldives and to be honest, we did not want to leave at all but it was time for us to go so we couldn’t help it. Finally, after one last breakfast, we checked out of the resort and headed back to the airport for our flight back to India.

maldives water villas

Our 5 day honeymoon in Maldives was a heavenly experience. It was the most relaxing holiday we had ever had and if time permits, we would definitely want to return to this paradisaical country for another romantic vacation. It was the best of rejuvenation, romance, and luxury, and we couldn’t have asked for more.

sun island resort honeymoon maldives

  • High Points:
    Sun Island Resort is an excellent property and we loved the hospitality and experience that it offered
    Experiences at the Beach Bungalow, Water Villa, and the Spa
  • Low Points: None
  • Tip for travelers:
    If you’re traveling during a busy or a festive season, it is always better to book at least a month or two in advance for it would help you save a lot of money.
    Always go for a full board all inclusive package for it is much more value for money and includes almost everything apart from special paid activities and restaurants not part of the deal

Looking To Book An International Honeymoon?

Book memorable honeymoon on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations.

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Here’s The Perfect 4N/5D Honeymoon Trip To Maldives

At a slow pace and at a picturesque land, they enjoyed the fruits of a blissful 4 nights/5 days honeymoon trip to Maldives.

Read on as Hemant describes about his relaxinghoneymoon trip at a lavish island resort in Maldives –  in the middle of the calm blue waters of the Indian Ocean.

Trip Duration: 4 nights/5 days
Trip Cost: INR 1,22,000
Agent Name: Kesia Holidays
Month of Travel: February 2017
Inclusions: Transfers, accommodation, breakfast, snorkeling sessions, and sightseeing
Exclusions: Flights, and meals

One of my friends used TravelTriangle and had a good experience with them, so he recommended us to do the same. The location (Maldives) was more or less decided because of the timing of our honeymoon. Generally, during Jan and Feb most of the possible destinations are in their winter season. So, out of Maldives and Sri Lanka, we decided to go with the former.

hemant's wife posing in maldives

There was plenty of curiosity and anxiety inside me before heading on our honeymoon trip to Maldives. Before I could ponder on too many what ifs, my wife completely lightened up my mood which kind of set the tone for the upcoming 4 days that we would enjoy together.

Maldives Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Romance on paradise island of Maldives. Go on a snorkeling trip, visit the coral islands, go fishing, or explore the sandy beaches. Honeymoon packages at best rates. Get customized honeymoon deals from expert agents on TravelTriangle. Book Now!

Day 1: Checking into our private paradise

holiday inn resort maldives

view from the balcony in maldives

We took a flight from New Delhi at 5 am and arrived in Maldives in the afternoon, tired and exhausted. We were driven to the port and then transferred by boat to a private island. Upon our arrival at the Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma, the staff gave us a nice and warm welcome. Our honeymoon trip to Maldives had begun on a positive note.

enjoying the cool evening breeze in maldives

We thought of taking a quick snooze and just like all naps, we couldn’t figure out when 15 mins became two hours, as we woke up to a light and cool evening breeze. Since, this was the perfect time to explore our island, we decided to take a casual walk on the beach. Afterwards, we ended our day with a sweet and romantic dinner at the hotel.

Day 2: Beautiful evening walks on the beach

a beautiful postcard from maldives

boat tour in maldives

The next morning began with a healthy breakfast. Post that, we grabbed our water equipment and went for snorkeling lessons (which were included in the package). We were in the water for around four hours. It was an exciting and enjoyable day in the crystal clear waters of Maldives.

Since, it got pretty hot in the day, we returned back to the resort in the afternoon to relax. Our priorities were clear- relax as much as possible on this honeymoon trip to Maldives. After a few hours, we again wandered out to visit the rest of the island.

picturesque landscape at kandooma

taking a walk at night in maldives

I must say, I really enjoyed those evenings in Maldives exploring a pristine island with my wife. Taking long walks where we’d talk about all the things we’re looking forward to in the next chapter of our lives together – and what got us here to this beautiful point in our lives.

Day 3: Snorkeling and sunbathing in magical Maldives

snorkeling in maldives

The next day, after breakfast, we put on our snorkeling equipment and proceeded towards the deep blue sea to try our luck. Although, it was scary at first, I soon started enjoying the whole experience, and boy, it was the best feeling ever!

water activities in maldives

After that we took lunch, and repeated the same old routine of taking an afternoon nap at the  hotel.  I liked the location of our room which was at an elevated point. Later, as we climbed down the stairs in front of our villa, we could sun bathe and relax on our personal benches. Initially, our plan was for scuba diving, but we didn’t go due to shortage of time. Instead, we spent our evening at a part of the island called the sunset beach.

Day 4: An unforgettable day in a water villa

Maldives accommodation

On our final day, we shifted to a water villa. The scenic view and luxuries at that villa were unbelievable. We spent the rest of our morning in the pool and relaxed in our villa balcony in the afternoon.

In the evening, we took a sunset view tour organized by the resort. A two-hour boat trip in the sea to watch the sun go down from an incredibly beautiful vantage point. They dropped down a net into the water on which you can sit, float, and enjoy the sunset. They topped off the incredible experience with complimentary wine and cheese.

sunset tour organized by holiday inn

sunset viewing net in maldives boat tour

The final dinner of our honeymoon trip to Maldives was at the water villa. An exclusive table arranged for us at the villa with a private cook and waiters made the night all the more special for us.

Planning your honeymoon in Maldives but confused about what to do? These Maldives honeymoon stories help you find your best honeymoon trip ever!

Real honeymooners. Real stays. Real opinions to help you make the right choice.

Day 5: Final breakfast and a fond farewell

a picture perfect moment at holiday inn resort

The next morning, we packed up our things and checked out of the resort in Maldives. We were transferred to the airport in Male for our return flight to Bengaluru.

Our amazing five-day experience on a honeymoon trip to Maldives gave us a new definition of luxury. What felt best on this entire vacation was that, we got what exactly what we were looking for in Maldives. A serene tropical destination to spend time with each other, which won’t be too crowded, and would comforted by good hospitality during our stay.

villa side view in maldives

hemant's wife enjoying the positive maldives vibe

High points:

  • The dinner on Day 4 at the water villa, coupled with great service by the resort staff was incredible.
  • We will take back with us the unbelievable sunset experience on Day 4.
  • The sky was very beautiful on Day 1, as we relaxed on beach benches and enjoyed a private island resort that made it all the more special.
  • The local Maldivian carnival on the third day was really entertaining. It was a nice effort from the resort to introduce Maldivian food, songs, and dances to the tourists.

Low points:

  • We missed out on scuba diving as we were running short of time.

Tips to travelers:

  • Maldives is the perfect destination to unwind and relax.
  • Best time to visit is during November – January, as the weather is ideal during these months.

It’s a paradise for those in love! Book your Maldives honeymoon package and experience romantic luxury travel!

Looking To Book An International Honeymoon?

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2017’s Best Drone Photos Are Out & We Are Loving Each One Of Them! Is Yours Listed?

Are you one of those people who gets blown over by Drone Photography? Then we have a treat for your eyes right here!

With thousands of bird’s-eye pictures being uploaded over the Internet each day, it’s not surprising how popular this genre of photography has become. Dronestagram is bringing together people from different parts of the world, people who are loving how this technique gives their photos a different angle so that they can take creative pictures of otherwise sober looking landscapes.

Every year, Dronestagram picks 20 best pictures of the year from its Annual International Drone Photography Contest and puts it out for the world to see. It recently announced the winning entries for 2017 and the results have left us speechless! Take a look.






Best Drone Photos of 2017: CONCRETE JUNGLE
































Best Drone Photos of 2017: CRACKED MUD BOATING



Stupefying, aren’t they? Which ones are your favourite? Tell us in the comments below.

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Honeymoon In Maldives: Witnessing The Magic Of Blue

Nisarg’s honeymoon trip to Maldives was so good it appeared as if it was made in heaven. With the azure skies and waters complimenting their love story, the couple got everything they imagined and more. He booked their Maldives honeymoon tour package from TravelTriangle and it included their hotel, transfers, meals, and flights – all for a cost of INR 1,51,800. Let’s witness their marvelous journey!

Our honeymoon in Maldives was a dream come true experience! It was my first foreign trip and a really special one too (for obvious reasons!) and it turned out to be more than perfect – all thanks to the beauty of Maldives and the activities it offered us.

Nisarg and his wife in Maldives having a great time

We had booked our package from TravelTriangle (found on the internet) and it was a breezy affair. The travel agents connected to us via TT understood our requirements and gave us the best possible quotes and itineraries as per our demands.

We were particularly excited about our beautiful island resort in Maldives – Sun Island Resort since we had heard a great deal about it and upon witnessing it, we surely knew why it was so famous.

Tip: When it comes to planning a honeymoon, it is always better to do a research about the kind of resort you would want to stay at because some of them might not offer the kind of privacy you would are looking for. Thankfully, our agent guided us well regarding the same and Sun Island Resort turned out to be perfect.

Day 1: Arrival and transfer to the incredible Sun Island Resort

Nisarg and his wife being transferred to the Sun Island Resort in Maldives

We reached Male around 9:30 am after a 6 hr journey with the Srilankan Airways. At the airport, we were greeted by a representative from our travel agent who guided us to a Maldives Domestic flight that would take us to the Maamigili Island from where our resort staff would come and pick us up.

This resort staff then transferred us to the Sun Island Resort And Spa via a speedboat at 11:30 am. Our welcome at the resort was a grand one and we were allotted the room and served welcome drinks.

The property was beautiful and our room was even better. After resting for a while, we relaxed and soaked in the goodness of nature that the resort had on offer. It felt magical and blissful. Maldives was love!

Tip: Maldives is one of those countries that offer Visa on arrival to Indians that is valid for 30 days. Thanks to this, we did not have to go through all the tedious formalities required to travel to other nations.

Maldives Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

Romance on paradise island of Maldives. Go on a snorkeling trip, visit the coral islands, go fishing, or explore the sandy beaches. Honeymoon packages at best rates. Get customized honeymoon deals from expert agents on TravelTriangle. Book Now!

Day 2: A day full of adventure – sightseeing, snorkeling, and more!

This morning, after a delicious breakfast, we booked a trip which included a BBQ lunch, visit to the local village, and snorkeling at the blue lagoon island (known for various kinds of fishes). This trip cost us 75$ per person and was totally worth its price since we had a blast doing sightseeing and indulging in water activities here. The underwater charm of the crystal clear waters will forever be etched on our minds.

Tip: Always choose your resort based on the activities it offers if you want to enjoy the maximum – and yes most of these activities are paid, so do carry enough funds if you want to enjoy them all.

Nisarg and his wife snorkeling in Maldvies

Nisarg and his wife on a beach in Maldives

Nisarg and his wife chilling on a beach in Maldives

Planning your honeymoon in Maldives but confused about what to do? These Maldives honeymoon stories help you find your best honeymoon trip ever!

Real honeymooners. Real stays. Real opinions to help you make the right choice.

Day 3: Exploring land & skies – cycling escapade and the parasailing experience

After we were done with the breakfast, we rented a cycle (4.5$ per cycle) and roamed around our own, exploring everything on our way. It was a lovely experience post which we went on to do parasailing (228$ for 2 persons). Parasailing was an out of the world adventure for us and we were thrilled by the beauty we saw from the above. The whole feeling of flying in the air was nothing short of magical and this was probably the best moment of our trip.

Nisarg and his wife cycling at the Sun Island Resort in Maldives

Nisarg and his wife cycling at their resort

Nisarg and his wife having a good time cycling at their resort in Maldives

Nisarg and his wife parasailing in Maldives

Day 4: Maldives we love you but it’s time to say goodbye!

Our last day at the Sun Island Resort and Spa was mostly spent in relaxing and soaking in the beauty of the island. We wanted to capture as much beauty in our memories before leaving and in the end, I think we did do justice to our endeavor. We left the resort at 2 pm for our flight back to India.

Nisarg and his wife pose for a picture in Maldives

Maldives turned out to be the perfect choice for our honeymoon. It was breathtakingly beautiful and offered us a lifetime of happy memories. Being there felt so surreal and we could almost feel as if love was in the air – all the time! Truly, a wonderful trip.

High Points of the trip:

  • Facilities and services of the resort were excellent!
  • Snorkeling and parasailing were two experiences that were out of the world
  • The island offers enough peace and privacy to keep the honeymooners comfortable.

Low points of the trip:

  • Complimentary half liter water bottle was given to each person for 24 hrs and the subsequent 1.5 ltr bottles cost us 5$ each.

Tips for travelers:

  • This trip was value for money and offered excellent services and experiences. We would definitely recommend it to all honeymooners!
  • When I started comparing online tour packages on all the traveling websites. I got quickest and cheapest quotations from TravelTriangle and I booked it in few days. My travel agent – Travelmate India (Sunanda ma’am) response was fabulous and was also in touch with us during the trip.

Maldives is a perfect destination for all couples who want to experience the best of luxury and nature. Pristine and breathtakingly beautiful, one can easily customize their Mauritius Honeymoon Package as per their needs and experience a trip of a lifetime. Book Now.

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Indian Travelers Are Increasingly Holidaying At These 4 Gorgeous Beach Destinations

Indian travelers are increasingly opting to visit these gorgeous beach destinations in search of the perfect dose of ‘Sun, Sea, Surf, and Sand’ in the present holiday season. There has been a tremendous rise in the number of bookings for destinations like Mauritius, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.

Sri Lanka: favourite destinations of Indian travelers

“Travellers are looking at newer options for short-haul destinations,” said Ankit Rastogi, the Vice President for Hotels at Cleartrip.

He added that Malaysia and Phuket have received more than a 20% increase in booking rates, where “Destinations like Kuala Lumpur and Kathmandu are also showing about 7-10% increase in share on the chart of top destinations.”

A Submarine ride is one of the most fun things to do in Maldives

Sri Lanka and Mauritius, however, seem to be stealing the thunder. Queries for these two destinations out of others has been more than a whopping 30% over last month.

Granite rocks at beautiful beach on tropical island La Digue in Seychelles

All four of these destinations offer travelers breathtaking beauty and unparalleled fun and adventure, both above land and below water! While Seychelles wins trippers over by its unique landscapes, beaches straight out of fantasy, and a peppy culture, Mauritius bowls them over with its range of unique watersports.

While Malaysia serves vacationers a platter of unspoiled nature and serene beaches, Sri Lanka lets them get a taste of its ancient heritage, historical sites, and modern metros all in one.

best malaysia islands

From trying unique watersports in Mauritius (Safari Submarine, Underwater Sea Walk, Underwater Scooter, cave sea kayaking), to scaling the Instagrammable pink sand beaches and bizarre landscapes of Seychelles, Indian beach bums and honeymooners are hell-bent on finding their perfect piece of Heaven!

So, which of these tropical beauties are you heading to? Let us know in the comments below.

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Here Are The Best Flight Deals From Major Cities For The Upcoming Easter Weekend

The long weekend is around the corner and we have been eagerly awaiting this for a while! Those who have been endowed with terrific planning skills would be waiting for the Thursday night to arrive ASAP but if you are the last minute person then things might get difficult for you. While running the extensive errand we found out that Easter Long Weekend isn’t the right time to book the tickets to the premier tourist destinations. The prices are soaring all-time high and Goa looks more distant than ever at INR 15966 from Mumbai.

On the contrary, booking the last minute ticket to international destinations like Maldives and Dubai could be wise move. Apparently, the aforementioned destinations look comparatively cost effective than the likes of Dehradun in North India. So, you might consider ditching India’s most popular beach destination and flying to Dubai instead. While Kochi is a steal deal at INR 5840 that might excite you. If you are planning an escape from Bengaluru to Goa then you might be interested in flying to Colombo as well which comes at the same price. Delhi peeps need not rush to the Himalayas every time there is a long weekend. Flights to Bagdogra looks cheap but Bangkok and Maldives are quite affordable as well!


Let’s take you through the comprehensive fare check for the most popular destinations as the Easter long weekend is quite near already. The fact that break is only 3-day long and nobody likes to spend too much of time while traveling has prompted us to consider just non-stop flights wherever possible! Pick the best flight deals from major cities for the upcoming Easter weekend and make your holidays more special.

Mumbai to:

Goa: INR 15,900 onwards
Bagdogra: INR 27,100 onwards

Dehradun: INR 30,500 onwards
Kochi: INR 9,900 onwards

Bangkok: INR 22,700 (departs on 29 March) onwards
Singapore: INR 25,700 (departs on 29 March) onwards

Dubai: INR 13,700 onwards
Colombo: INR 22,800 (departs on 29 March) onwards

Bengaluru to:

Goa: INR 9,100 onwards
Bagdogra: INR 20,700 onwards

Dehradun: INR 17,900 onwards
Kochi: INR 5,800 onwards

Bangkok: INR 24,500 onwards
Singapore: INR 14,100 (departs on 29 March) onwards

Dubai: INR 24,500 onwards
Colombo: INR 10,200 onwards

acj-2103-cheap-flights-for-extended-weekend (1)

Delhi to:

Goa: INR 13,000 onwards
Bagdogra: INR 13,200 onwards

Dehradun: INR 12,100 onwards
Kochi: INR 15,500 onwards

Bangkok: INR 35,700 onwards
Singapore: INR 27,500 onwards

Dubai: INR 18,000 onwards
Colombo: INR 23,800 onwards

The price listed above is a combination of multiple airlines like Jet Airways, Go Air, Spice Jet, Air India, and Indigo. Be informed that all the rates mentioned were taken on 20 March 2018 at 1830 hours!

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App To The Rescue: Croatia Getting A Handy Boat Service To Fix Its Commuting Problem!

There is no doubt that Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world for any nature lover but more often than not, visiting its islands, which by the way are 1244 in total is a hassle. But not anymore for Uber is here to help with the commuting.

uberBOAT in Croatia

Scheduled to launch on 26 June, UberBOAT will cater to major traveler destinations of the country like Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik and will also allow commuters to choose from different sized speedboats to shuttle them from one place to another.

While Croatia has boat services to serve its travelers, they aren’t very organized and tourists are often left to negotiate prices and timetable in a language other than English or what they speak.

uberboat ride in croatia

The service aims to provide reliability and a more convenient way to book a boat. The primary UberBOAT will allow 8 passengers in the boat from Divulje or Split (where the airport is) to the resort town of Hvar and vice versa for $395 or €352 (approx estimate, price varies by fuel and mileage).

The UberBOATxl on the other hand will also have an additional option to go on a half or full day cruise to the sea and its nearby island for about $1,100 or €980 (approx estimate, price varies by fuel and mileage).

And yes, both of the above speedboats will have the ‘split fare’ feature to help you ease the bill on your pocket.

uberboa ride app croatia

So there you go, the UberBOAT is finally here and all we need now are the flying taxis that it promised in 2020. PS – life jackets and water bottles are complementary!