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BrewDog To Come Up With World’s First Beer Hotel With Brewery Pouring In Every Room

Happiness can overwhelm you in many ways, and this time it comes brewing and pouring right next to your bedside. Good news for travelers. BrewDog, a leading multinational brewery, and pub chain based in Elon, Scotland has announced the world’s first beer hotel. Dedicated to craft beer this hotel with a brewery opening up in every room will be available for booking from the first half of 2019.

All the 26 well-appointed rooms in the Doghouse spread over a 3.25-acre site will have in-room beer taps. The rooms will also be equipped with built-in shower beer fridge which would make a perfect retreat for an exhausted traveler. The brewery will be headquartered in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

acj-2602-worlds-first-brewry (2)

BrewDog co-founder James Watt said, “The DogHouse is our gift to passionate craft beer fans making the pilgrimage to our brewery in Aberdeenshire. The idea of opening a beer hotel has always been high on our agenda, and now we are finally able to realize that dream, right here at our HQ. This will be the ultimate destination for craft beer fans seeking hops with their holidays. This is a beer Nirvana.

Here are the some of the interesting facts and information about the World’s First Beer Hotel

acj-2602-worlds-first-brewry (3)

  • Along with the hotel, BrewDog is also planning to expand the canning and packaging hall.
  • This hotel will succeed BrewDog’s sour beer brewing facility, which came into operation in the last month.
  • Expected to be completed by the year’s end, the beer hotel will become operational in the first half of next year.
  • The rooms overlook the brewery facility. It is from here that guests would be able to watch the men at work, thus accounting for a holistic experience.
  • The property will come up right next to BrewDog’s current 1 million hl brewery.
  • BrewDog will raise funds from Equity for Punks crowdfunding initiative, which has raised over 53 million euros since 2009. Thanks to the 73,000 craft beer fans.
  • Priority would be given to “Equity Punk” investors at the time of booking.
  • Also, the makers of BrewDog are planning a new property in Ohio in late 2019, and if rumors are to be believed then it will have beer filled hot tubs!


More details about BrewDog can be found here

Whoa! Now, this is some good news and we are, for sure, going to drink to that.

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Singapore & Dubai Amongst The 5 Most Popular Destinations For Indian Leisure Travelers

Indians love to holiday, and there is no doubt about that. And while we all know the major places around the world that are worth holidaying at, a recent report revealed the five most popular destinations for Indian leisure travelers. It discovered that more than half of the country’s leisure seekers prefer heading to Dubai, Thailand, France, Singapore, and Malaysia for soul-stirring experiences, with the largest markets being Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, US, and Thailand in terms of overall outbound travel from India.

These findings are a result of a combined report of Expedia Group, the world’s largest online travel company, and CAPA India, the leading aviation advisory, which was titled as ‘The Inflection Point For India Outbound Travel’ on the Indian outbound market. As per its results for the largest markets, it was also found out that the traffic to the US is primarily for business, with only 18% leisure trips, and France is the leading long-haul leisure destinations followed by the US and Switzerland.

marina bay sands in singapore

According to this joint report, India contributes only 48 lakhs leisure outbound trips with the top 10 destinations being only five to six hour flight away from the country. The departure share of the country, which is 30% is comparatively lower than the global average, which is 53%. However, it also mentions the estimated 1.4 crores leisure departures, 1.9 crores Indian visitor arrivals overseas, and a CAGR of 12.2% that is expected to be seen by 2025 as the traffic from tier-II cities will contribute to the next phase of growth in outbound travel.

Apart from the five most popular destinations for Indian leisure travelers, the other amongst the top 10 include Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Indonesia (mostly Bali), the US, and Switzerland. Owing to this highly concentrated arrivals at these 10 places, India also turned out the be the largest source market for Dubai and Sri Lanka, and the fourth for Singapore, as mentioned in the report.

As far as the spendings are concerned, the report also revealed that for an average short haul outbound leisure holiday, Indians spend around $857 per trip per person, whereas for an long haul leisure holiday, they spend roughly $1,687 per trip per person. It also listed the several areas that are the emerging travel segments such as special interest travel, destination weddings, and resort travel.

view of dubai

Keeping the result of the report in mind, Simon Fiquet, the GM of Expedia (Southeast Asia and India) said, “India has a huge latent market for leisure travel owing to the burgeoning middle class, rising disposable incomes, higher need and awareness around travel being pushed by millennials. The report suggests that India has a promising potential, as only 30% of the total departures from India account for leisure travelling, which stands too small as compared to a global average of 53%. Some measures like introduction of more non-stop connecting flights, delivering value for money and simplifying the visa registration processes are a few key steps which can encourage the outbound leisure market to reach its true potential in India. By 2025, we expect 13.9 million leisure departures, leading to 19.4 million Indian visitor arrivals overseas, with a major contribution from Tier II and III cities.”

And staying in sync with it, Binit Somaia, the director of CAPA (South Asia) said, “Our research indicates that there is significant and rapidly rising interest in overseas holidays from India. And that the market is far more diverse – and includes sophisticated segments with an ability and willingness to spend – than most destinations realize. Similarly, there will be large numbers of first time travellers entering the international holiday market every year. India comprises multiple and varied markets. This points to the need for airlines, tourism boards and travel companies to invest much more in understanding the Indian travel landscape, and to pursue a more segmented approach to product development and marketing in order to grow volumes.”

It’s a great news that the Indian outbound travel is on a rise, and is contributing its share to the overall global growth by letting travelers explore destinations like Singapore, Dubai, France, and more, which indeed offer impeccable experiences.

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11 International Road Trips You Can Take With Your Indian Driving Licence

Maybe the 9 to 5 is deteriorating your peace of mind. Maybe you shouldn’t over think about your pensions at 25. Maybe you should find yourself on the roads, slip your hands a little out of the window and talk a little with the wind.

As the saying goes “People don’t take trips, trips take people”, let the road take you everywhere from famous wonders to unexplored locales. Maybe, you should hit the roads in the overseas.

Take a break from monotony, grab your passport and your driving licence to literally take the road less taken, as this list will tell you about the countries you can drive in with your Indian driving licence.

Live your road trip dreams on the roads of New Zealand

This island country is already stealing the hearts with its fantabulous beaches, iconic cityscape, lush national parks and Lord of the Rings locations. The roads of New Zealand are pretty much a road-tripper’s paradise, as it passes through many scenic wonders like sapphire seas, colorful gardens, mighty mountains and almost everything that’s picture-perfect.

Drives on: Left
Recommended route for driving: Thames to Coromandel Road
Age limit: 21 years
Validity of Indian driving licence: 1 year
Indian driving licence language: English (or you can get it translated from any govt. Recognized translator or New Zealand Transport Agency)

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Take the famed Route 66 and explore the gems of USA

The whole world knows USA flaunts some of the best driving roads of the world. From highways to byways, you might not want to pull over for even a brief second when you’re driving on USA’s roads.

Drives on: Right side
Recommended route for driving: Route 66 (From Chicago to Santa Monica)
Validity of Indian driving licence: 1 year
Indian driving licence language: English (If your licence is not in English you’ll need International Driving Permit. Another important doc is Form I-94, which shows your arrival date in US)

Drive through the scenic wonders of Germany when on Autobahn route

German cars and German roads both spark a burning desire to grab all of it. When in Germany, there are many beautiful sights to not be deprived of, but when you are driving in Germany the sights get even more overwhelming.

Drives on: Right
Recommended route for driving: The Autobahn highway (With NO speed limit in most areas!)
Validity of Indian driving licence: 6 months
Indian driving licence language: German (You can get your licence translated to German from German diplomatic mission. If not this, you can carry International Driving Permit)

France road

France is pretty much like a poetry, and you don’t simply skim through a poem at haste. To feel the poetry that’s France, you need to ease up, drive through its scenic route at your own pace and absorb its charm.

Drives on: Right
Recommended route for driving: Hilly roads of Corsica
Validity of Indian driving licence: 1 year
Indian driving licence language: French (along with original driving licence)

Britain road

As your hair flutter with the wind, your ride swiftly passes through the roads of the Great Britain, don’t forget to turn the volume of our favorite jam up, up and loud. Because, this is it! Your dream road trip, up and alive.

Drives on: Left
Recommended route for driving: Black Mountain Road, Powys (Wales) and Stirling to Inverness (Scotland)
Validity of Indian driving licence: 1 year

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The Swiss Alps and emerald lakes of Switzerland have created a buzz around the world, and what could be the best way to make the most of your visit to Switzerland? Yes! Driving through the stupendous roads with those you love dearly, or maybe solo? You decide.

Drives on: Right
Recommended route for driving: St Gotthard Pass
Validity of Indian driving licence: 1 year
Indian driving licence language: English

The Land of the Midnight Sun, Norway’s roads carry the ability of filling every road-tripper’s heart with ecstasy. Wear your most comfy short, tee and flip flops and keep hitting the road of Norway.

Drives on: Right
Recommended route for driving: Atlantic Ocean Road
Validity of Indian driving licence: 3 months
Indian driving licence language: English

Hit the roads of U.A.E

From glistening skyscrapers to rugged beige deserts U.A.E has it all for the explorers. It’s time to make the best use of your GTA tracks and get your hands on the steering wheel.

Drives on: Right
Recommended route for driving: Dubai to Liwa
Indian driving licence language: English (also carry along International Driving Permit)

The Great Ocean Road of Australia is popular around the world

This Oceania country is full of surprises and impeccable routes to fill your road trips with sheer bliss. You can drive through Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Australian Capital Territory. Driving with Indian licence in Northern Territory is possible too, but there are a few more regulations that need to be followed.

Drives on: Right
Recommended route for driving: Great Ocean Road
Validity of Indian driving licence: 3 months
Indian driving licence language: English (Also needed to carry International Driving Permit)

Mauritius' roads will overwhelm you

This island country is actually acclaimed for a million reasons, one of the most prominent being its white sandy seashores kissing the azure waves of the Indian Ocean.

Drives on: Left
Recommended route for driving: Plaine Champagne Road
Validity of Indian driving licence: 4 weeks
Indian driving licence language: English (Also carry International Driving Permit)

The Garden Route is downright incredible, dotted with gardens, vineyards and embraced with blue ocean

The last one but not the least on this list of countries you can drive with your Indian licence, is South Africa. This country’s diverse range of flora and fauna, magnificent seashores and mighty cliffs will inspire you through and through.

Drives on: Left
Recommended route for driving: The Garden Route! *Don’t miss out on THIS!
Indian driving licence language: English, with photograph and signature (Carry IDP for easy renting of cars)



Good to Know:

  • Carry your original and valid Indian driving licence and passport
  • Do opt for International Driving Permit! It can be obtained from local RTO by presenting the required documents
  • Valid visa, of course, is a must too!
  • Research well before opting for any car rental company
  • Usually the cars in these countries have automatic gears. So, make sure you are renting the one you are best comfortable with
  • Also make sure that the car has a GPS. It’s good to lose yourself, but not in the jungles of totally new country
  • Mostly you will be able to hire the type vehicle you have permission to drive as per your Indian driving licence

Excited already? Brush up your driving skills and prepare for the ultimate road trip you have been dreaming of since a while!

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Their Experience On An Utterly Romantic Bali Honeymoon Is What Every Couple Dreams Of!

Seeking a change from their monotonous life, wishing to spend some quality time with each other, and with an aim to have fun unlimited, Isha and her husband Himanshu went on a romantic Bali honeymoon with TravelTriangle. Having married her best friend, the occasion was even more special for them and here’s what Isha wrote about her new beginnings.

While we were browsing through many options on the web for a suitable honeymoon package, we stumbled upon TravelTriangle. Since we had already decided on our honeymoon destination, we just put in our request, accepted the best quote, finalized our bookings, and that’s how Bali happened for us.

Trip Duration: 7 days and 6 nights
Trip Cost: INR 1,13,000
Agent: Travel Toogle
Inclusions: Airfare, Accommodation at Swiss-Belhotel Tuba in Kuta, Ubud Raya Resort, and The Widyas Luxury Villas in Seminyak, breakfast, airport transfer, local transfer, sightseeing, watersports, Balinese massage, candle light dinner, and taxes
Exclusions: Personal expenses, lunch and dinner, travel insurance, and anything not mentioned in itinerary

Day 1: Hello Bali!

We reached Bali on the afternoon of 26th December 2017 and on arrival, the driver greeted us with a warm welcome and transferred us to the prebooked Swiss Belhotel Tuban. It was a smooth journey from the airport to the hotel and post check-in, we went on to rest for a while in our room.

honeymoon in Bali

Bali honeymoon

Since it was the first day on the island, we wanted to take it a bit easy. Later in the evening, we freshened up and went to enjoy high tea which was included in our package. After exploring the property for a while, we were totally excited for our romantic candle light dinner. With everything being so romantic, it was a perfect start to our new beginning.

Bali Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

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Day 2: A Day Dedicated To Watersports

On the second day, we finished our breakfast and looked forward to a day full of thrilling watersports. Our driver picked us up and took us to the Benoa beach which is pretty famous for watersports. Being a hub for adrenaline junkies, we could not have come back without trying thrilling activities like that of banana boat ride, jet skiing, and couple parasailing.

couple parasailing

Not only was it a thrilling experience, but was more fun to be able to enjoy it together. We enjoyed ourselves to the core. It was quite an eventful day and later in the evening, we returned to the hotel. We relaxed a bit by the pool and spent the rest of the time at leisure.

Day 3: Welcome To Ubud

This was our last day in Kuta. Before we could check out from the Swiss Belhotel Tuban, we went to experience the charm of a traditional Balinese massage for couples post enjoying a scrumptious breakfast. Our romantic Bali honeymoon wouldn’t have been complete without this experience. Not only our stay, but the whole experience at the Swiss Belhotel Tuban was totally comfortable and convenient.

couple with locals in Bali

Balinese traditional massage

Later the driver was waiting to transfer us to our next stop which was the Ubud Raya Resort. The best part about the resort was its location which impeccably beautiful. Post finishing the checking-in process, we decided to spend the rest of the day at leisure and relaxed by the pool before calling it a night.

Day 4: Sightseeing Around Kintamani Volcano

On the fourth day, we were all excited to go on a sightseeing tour to famous attractions in and around Kintamani Volcano. Much famed amidst the trekkers, it is one of the most popular highlands which made our whole experience, a mesmerizing one.

Couple on Bali honeymoon

Couple at a resort in Bali

Couple near Mount Kintamani

Traditional dance in Bali

Sightseeing in Bali

Couple near waterfall in Bali

From witnessing the charm of Balinese traditional dance to the stunning landscape of Kintamani volcano, the day was done just right with an amazing sightseeing tour. Later in the evening, we went back to the resort and relished a delicious dinner at a local restaurant before calling it a night.

Day 5: An Adventurous Cycling Tour

We started our fifth day a bit early in the morning. Since this was the last day in Ubud, we went on a guided cycling tour to explore the refreshing surroundings of Ubud. The hotel arranged for a local guide who took us through many places like that of rice fields, and so on. It indeed was the best experience in Bali.

Cycling tour in Bali

Cycling tour in Bali

Cycling tour in Bali

Later in the evening we made sure we get enough rest as we had to gear up for the New Year celebrations on the next day. In the morning, we finished our breakfast and soon were on our way to our final resort which was Widyas Luxury Villa.

Day 6 & 7: Bidding Bali, A Heartbreaking Goodbye

As soon as we reached Widyas Luxury Villa, we checked-in, placed our luggage in our room, and went on to explored Bali all by ourselves. We took a scooty on rent and visited various beaches in Bali. Later in the evening we had an awesome New Year celebration at one of the beach resort which served as a great way to end our romantic Bali honeymoon.

Couple exploring Bali

Couple exploring beaches in Bali

Couple on a romantic Bali honeymoon

Couple enjoying at a New Year

Next day, we had to check-out and gear up for the airport. Post finishing the checking-out process, we were soon on our way to the airport with some beautiful memories to take away with us. Overall, it was a great experience in Bali.

  • The early morning cycling experience at Ubud Raya Resort
  • New Year celebration
  • Water sports
  • Balinese Massage

Low Points

  • On the last day while checking out of Widyas Luxury Villa, we didn’t have any information regarding which driver will drop us to the airport. Post that, the driver was 2 hours late than the scheduled time and this indeed was one of the low points of our trip.
  • Though we covered everything in our itinerary, we still missed out on a lot of places in Bali. We hope to explore much more next time.

Romantic Bali Honeymoon

Our overall experience with TravelTriangle was very nice and comfortable. Everything was managed according to the plan. The properties where we stayed were also comfortable, clean, and cozy. We are extremely happy with everything and kudos to TravelTriangle for making Bali happen for us!

  • If you are travelling to Bali, then take some dollars along with you rather than any other foreign currency.
  • Never exchange the currency at the airport as the currency is costly there. There are number of money exchangers which you will get everywhere.
  • If you are a pure vegetarian, then take some ready to eat food with you as it is a bit difficult to find vegetarian food around Bali.

Are you also looking forward to make your honeymoon, more special than the occasion already is? Then get going to customize alluring Bali honeymoon packages with TravelTriangle, let us do the planning, and go tripping in your way!

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You Could Soon Travel From Mumbai To Pune & Delhi To Amritsar In Just 60 Minutes!

Traveling from one city to another within minutes will not be a far-fetched dream anymore, thanks to the upcoming bullet trains in India. After the ongoing work for the Mumbai to Ahmedabad bullet train, the central government is now considering to have a shorter high-speed rail corridor between Mumbai to Pune, and Delhi to Amritsar, as it seems more feasible.

Both the trains and rail corridors will be a part of a 4,500 km high-speed rail network, which, if executed, will make India the third country to have the largest high-speed rail network in the world. The decision comes after the authorities studied the high-speed rail networks in China, spread across 27,000 km, which revealed that most of the commuters tend to prefer taking flights over long distance train journeys.

japanese bullet train

A senior officer from the National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited also told Hindustan Times that, “The fares of long-distance, high-speed bullet trains would be nearly the same as flights, though the travelling time will be longer than an air journey. This makes long-distance corridors unfeasible, and that’s why long-distance bullet trains have failed in China too.” According to him, a bullet train could cut the three-hour commute between Mumbai and Pune down to 60-90 minutes, and might also also be linked to the upcoming metro lines, Central, and Western railway services.

The day this comes true, we will be able to commute via train between cities faster than ever, and spend the same day at two places easily. Wouldn’t that be cool? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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The Retreat At Blue Lagoon Iceland Has A Perfect Escape Plan For Summers & We’re Packing Already!

If you have been pondering since long about the perfect retreat for summer 2018, here’s the destination of the season, whose attractions and landscapes would definitely lure you to plan a vacation. The island nation of Iceland has given you a brand new reason to escape to a paradise this summer, and we bet you can’t say no.

Iceland boasts of numerous attractions, of which, the most popular is that of the Blue Lagoon. It is a geothermal spa situated in an ultramarine man-made lagoon which oozes out mineral-rich water flowing from the nearby geothermal plants. And the beauty of this turquoise lagoon is now adorned by a newly opened luxury resort, The Retreat.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland is a spa resort set amidst the volcanic frontiers of Iceland, and blanketed by the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon. This hotel is said to be built atop an 800-year-old lava rock. Here are certain highlights of the hotel that have grabbed the attention of numerous travelers, and have helped Iceland become one of the top destinations for the summer of 2018:

  • 5-star accommodation featuring 62 lavish suites that overlook the lava lagoon, with the certain suites being facilitated with direct lagoon access.
  • A relaxing spa that will bring you closer to the eternal beauty of nature where you can avail the health benefits of the medically rich geothermal water.
  • A fine dining restaurant run by professional chefs who guarantee to plate the authentic flavors of Icelandic cuisine for a heavenly culinary experience.

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland will officially be welcoming its guests from the 1st of April 2018. And, just for your information, this is not an April fools prank. From this date onwards you can plan your trip to Iceland to witness the spellbinding beauty of nature, and experience hospitality at its best.

room at The Retreat blue lagoon iceland

Location: Nordurljos Vegur 11, 240 Grindavik, Iceland
Contact: +354 420 8800

So, what are you waiting for? With summers around the corner, Iceland has given you a perfect plan to beat the heat in one of the most exciting ways ever. Pack your bags, and take off to the “Land of Fire and Ice”.