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Majority Of Indian Travelers Seek Customized Services Over Privacy. Are You One Of Them?

Gone are the days when travelers used to hesitate to share their details while planning a trip. A recent study, titled as “Journey of Me Insights: What Asia Pacific Travellers Want”, and carried out by Amadeus – a famous technology solution provider for travel firms, has revealed an interesting fact about travelers in India.

Being a thorough study that was carried out in union with the YouGov, the report states that a total of 6,870 adults who have traveled to international destinations in last one year were surveyed across 14 main Asia Pacific markets. As a result, it has been observed that more than 70 percent (71 percent to be exact) of the Indian travelers seek customized services over privacy. This means that they are willing to share their personal details and information to be able to enjoy cost-effective, convenient, and customized services.

Travelers enjoy scuba diving

From Indian travelers plan their holidays to their need of staying connected to the social world, and from how often they travel to the new technologies they’re likely to be interested in while traveling, this report has it all. While the need for personalized services comes a good news to most of the travel organizations, respecting the traveler’s privacy and protecting their personal data 24×7 remains a constant concern even today.

Though abiding by the rules goes without saying, the service providers must identify what will it cost them to enable the travelers to share their personal information. And that valuable factor is, the word of mouth which has to be a positive one. While each traveler has a unique source of inspiration that opens the doors of the world unto them, originality, transparency, and conviction is what it takes to get the travelers out of their comfort zone.

Travelers inside a cave

Apart from that, the report also reveals that travelers of today are more inspired by other traveler’s first-hand experiences rather than falling for deceptive pictures and photoshopped brochures. While family, friends, and colleagues influence travelers with their positive word of mouth, most of the travel junkies get their ideas from recommendations on online booking sites and travel review websites for planning a trip.

From planning to execution, majority of the travelers in India seek travel recommendations from the time the idea of traveling is conceived in their mind. And below mentioned stats prove exactly why it is important for travel organizations to engage the traveler at the right time, right place, and with the right message.

  • Language has risen to be the key factor that influences the travelers. Against 73% of the Indian travelers and 47% of the Malaysian travelers who consider it as an important feature of travel for the local staff of a destination to speak and understand a common language, the number of travelers from Hong Kong is not even 4% who think on similar lines.
  • 33% of the Indian travelers sought recommendations that assured them of their personal safety.
  • On the contrary, only 19% sought tips related to trip itinerary.
  • 34% of travelers in India prefer all the travel-related communication over emails.
  • 9% of the Indian travelers seek updates and recommendations via a phone call.
  • In contrast to 66% Chinese travelers, only 55% Indian travelers book their trips on mobile.
  • In terms of availing economy service for accommodation on sharing basis, 70% of the Japanese travelers have never used such a service while ‘often’ and ‘very often’ were the responses recorded from more than fifty percent of Indian travelers.

Indian Travelers Seek Customized Services Over Privacy

On the whole, the common goal is to make the traveler the center of the travel industry so that he or she becomes the source of insights that further help the service providers in enhancing their travel experience.

From a common language that happens to be a global need to taking care of local wants like that of eating familiar food, there is a lot of scope for the travel players in India to grow and cater to global needs of all types of travelers by offering personalized services while keeping their privacy intact.

Got a different take on this? Voice out your opinions in the comments below!

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Honeymoon In Maldives: Witnessing The Magic Of Blue

Nisarg’s honeymoon trip to Maldives was so good it appeared as if it was made in heaven. With the azure skies and waters complimenting their love story, the couple got everything they imagined and more. He booked their Maldives honeymoon tour package from TravelTriangle and it included their hotel, transfers, meals, and flights – all for a cost of INR 1,51,800. Let’s witness their marvelous journey!

Our honeymoon in Maldives was a dream come true experience! It was my first foreign trip and a really special one too (for obvious reasons!) and it turned out to be more than perfect – all thanks to the beauty of Maldives and the activities it offered us.

Nisarg and his wife in Maldives having a great time

We had booked our package from TravelTriangle (found on the internet) and it was a breezy affair. The travel agents connected to us via TT understood our requirements and gave us the best possible quotes and itineraries as per our demands.

We were particularly excited about our beautiful island resort in Maldives – Sun Island Resort since we had heard a great deal about it and upon witnessing it, we surely knew why it was so famous.

Tip: When it comes to planning a honeymoon, it is always better to do a research about the kind of resort you would want to stay at because some of them might not offer the kind of privacy you would are looking for. Thankfully, our agent guided us well regarding the same and Sun Island Resort turned out to be perfect.

Day 1: Arrival and transfer to the incredible Sun Island Resort

Nisarg and his wife being transferred to the Sun Island Resort in Maldives

We reached Male around 9:30 am after a 6 hr journey with the Srilankan Airways. At the airport, we were greeted by a representative from our travel agent who guided us to a Maldives Domestic flight that would take us to the Maamigili Island from where our resort staff would come and pick us up.

This resort staff then transferred us to the Sun Island Resort And Spa via a speedboat at 11:30 am. Our welcome at the resort was a grand one and we were allotted the room and served welcome drinks.

The property was beautiful and our room was even better. After resting for a while, we relaxed and soaked in the goodness of nature that the resort had on offer. It felt magical and blissful. Maldives was love!

Tip: Maldives is one of those countries that offer Visa on arrival to Indians that is valid for 30 days. Thanks to this, we did not have to go through all the tedious formalities required to travel to other nations.

Maldives Honeymoon Packages On TravelTriangle

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Day 2: A day full of adventure – sightseeing, snorkeling, and more!

This morning, after a delicious breakfast, we booked a trip which included a BBQ lunch, visit to the local village, and snorkeling at the blue lagoon island (known for various kinds of fishes). This trip cost us 75$ per person and was totally worth its price since we had a blast doing sightseeing and indulging in water activities here. The underwater charm of the crystal clear waters will forever be etched on our minds.

Tip: Always choose your resort based on the activities it offers if you want to enjoy the maximum – and yes most of these activities are paid, so do carry enough funds if you want to enjoy them all.

Nisarg and his wife snorkeling in Maldvies

Nisarg and his wife on a beach in Maldives

Nisarg and his wife chilling on a beach in Maldives

Planning your honeymoon in Maldives but confused about what to do? These Maldives honeymoon stories help you find your best honeymoon trip ever!

Real honeymooners. Real stays. Real opinions to help you make the right choice.

Day 3: Exploring land & skies – cycling escapade and the parasailing experience

After we were done with the breakfast, we rented a cycle (4.5$ per cycle) and roamed around our own, exploring everything on our way. It was a lovely experience post which we went on to do parasailing (228$ for 2 persons). Parasailing was an out of the world adventure for us and we were thrilled by the beauty we saw from the above. The whole feeling of flying in the air was nothing short of magical and this was probably the best moment of our trip.

Nisarg and his wife cycling at the Sun Island Resort in Maldives

Nisarg and his wife cycling at their resort

Nisarg and his wife having a good time cycling at their resort in Maldives

Nisarg and his wife parasailing in Maldives

Day 4: Maldives we love you but it’s time to say goodbye!

Our last day at the Sun Island Resort and Spa was mostly spent in relaxing and soaking in the beauty of the island. We wanted to capture as much beauty in our memories before leaving and in the end, I think we did do justice to our endeavor. We left the resort at 2 pm for our flight back to India.

Nisarg and his wife pose for a picture in Maldives

Maldives turned out to be the perfect choice for our honeymoon. It was breathtakingly beautiful and offered us a lifetime of happy memories. Being there felt so surreal and we could almost feel as if love was in the air – all the time! Truly, a wonderful trip.

High Points of the trip:

  • Facilities and services of the resort were excellent!
  • Snorkeling and parasailing were two experiences that were out of the world
  • The island offers enough peace and privacy to keep the honeymooners comfortable.

Low points of the trip:

  • Complimentary half liter water bottle was given to each person for 24 hrs and the subsequent 1.5 ltr bottles cost us 5$ each.

Tips for travelers:

  • This trip was value for money and offered excellent services and experiences. We would definitely recommend it to all honeymooners!
  • When I started comparing online tour packages on all the traveling websites. I got quickest and cheapest quotations from TravelTriangle and I booked it in few days. My travel agent – Travelmate India (Sunanda ma’am) response was fabulous and was also in touch with us during the trip.

Maldives is a perfect destination for all couples who want to experience the best of luxury and nature. Pristine and breathtakingly beautiful, one can easily customize their Mauritius Honeymoon Package as per their needs and experience a trip of a lifetime. Book Now.

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Literary Man Hotel in Obidos Is A Dreamy Stop-off For Book Lovers

Portugal, with its ancient ports, rustic charm, spotless beaches, and imposing structures woos every traveler. Yet there are a few hidden gems that are way better than the usual popular attractions. These places have stood the test of time and make for an incredible experience for every traveler. Literary Man Hotel in Obidos town in Portugal is a perfect stay and a noteworthy attraction for all the bibliophiles out there! The hotel, which has almost 45,000 books stored in every nook and corner of the property is located in the 700-year-old ancient town of Obidos. The hotel intends to stretch the collection of books to 1,00,000 by the end of this year.

acj-1701-literary-man-hotel (2)

The hotel holds value to the travelers who love to be in the company of books after a long day of excursion in and around the Obidos town, something that makes the stay special. It was only the last year October when the Library man hotel was opened for public use. Since there aren’t too many places to reside in the walls of Obidos, the hotel is truly a wonderful place to be. The Literary Man Hotel is located right in front of the street and is perfect to explore the popular attractions around.

acj-1701-literary-man-hotel (4)

  • A cocktail lounge & restaurant. Here cocktails are named after literary legends and interiors are just too sophisticated to attract your attention
  • Recipe books, poetry round-ups, fictional tales, historic books, and books on destinations around the world are available for the readers
  • Also, there is a gin bar and a wonderful restaurant to make a perfect stay
  • You can also go to bibliotherapy and visit the 18th-century wine cellar that has some of the rarest stored Portuguese wines
  • Take the relaxing the 50-minute massage therapy and chocotherapy (for extra charge)
  • The place is ideal for solo travelers who can stay in the company of books all the time

acj-1701-literary-man-hotel (3)

If you are staying in Literary Man Obidos and looking forward to making the best of leisure time you can take a walk in the area around the ancient wall. You can also treat yourself to town’s drink of choice (ginjinha), and go shop at the local artisans’ stores. For information details about the hotel and bookings, visit the Literary Man Hotel’s website.

All the images have been taken from The Literary Man’s website

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15 Most Beautiful Streets In The World That Would Make You Want To Live There Forever

There is so much beauty around us, out there in the world, that it’s always difficult to keep calm and not head out. But what if we tell you that of all the innumerable places and neighborhoods on this earth, we came across 15 most beautiful streets in the world that would make you want to move there, and stay home all day long? Yes, we did. Believe us, these streets out par all, and are a clear winner when it comes to pleasing your eyes or melting your heart.

And even if do not get to live there, don’t be sad. You could still visit them during your holiday and click some wow-worthy pictures for your Instagram.

1. Mykonos town in Mykonos, Greece


Apart from being amongst the top romantic places for honeymooners, Mykonos is also home to a town street that has whitewashed houses along with blue railings and green foliage around them. The narrow lanes between the houses make the whole neighborhood look even classier than you can see in the picture right now.

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2. Agueda in Aveiro, Portugal

Agueda in Portugal

You might have already heard about Agueda’s Umbrella Sky Project that took over social media by storm once. If not, you’ve missed out on a gem. The narrow streets get enveloped in vibrant umbrellas as the temperature rises in the city to offer a respite from the heat to the pedestrians. The result? An impeccable colorful street, which is now famous as one of the most beautiful streets in the world.

3. Chefchaouen in Morocco

Chefchaouen, Morocco

Located in the Rif mountains in northwest Morocco, Chefchaouen has been long famed for its signature blue walls, handicrafts, and cannabis, but most importantly for its pretty artistic streets. Signifying spirituality, all the houses in the street have colored plant pots displayed next to the door, adding to the charm of the already gorgeous city.

4. Burano in Venice, Italy

Burano, Italy

Colorful painted houses with a canal in the middle is exactly what makes the street of Burano a dreamy place to live in. If you’ve had your fascination with the pictures of Venice for a long time, there are chances that most of them were clicked in Burano. Though the idea behind painting the houses there was not to make the street look vibrant, but to distinguish one’s home from another’s. But, if the result turned out to be this beautiful, who cares?

5. Cherry Blossom Avenue in Bonn, Germany

Cherry Blossom Avenue, Germany

There can be no list of the most beautiful streets in the world that would not have the Cherry Blossom Avenue of Bonn mentioned in it. Acting as a heavenly wrap around, this happy street gets more lit up during the annual Kirschblutenfest, which is known for its live music and lip-smacking local food stalls. If not fortunate to live there, make yourself lucky by clicking pictures and taking a long stroll with your loved one.

6. Lombard Street in San Francisco, USA

Lombard Street

Popular as one of the most visited sites in the city, Lombard Street is a fun-filled street that looks right out of a storybook. The hairpin turns, the steep hill, and the lush greenery around makes it outshine most of the places in the world. Though, the turns were made with an aim to ensure that drivers slow down their cars while driving around this area.

7. Jacaranda in Pretoria, South Africa

Jacaranda trees in Pretoria

Covered with blooming Jacaranda trees for most months of the year, this is certainly one of the most beautiful streets in the world that looks no less than a fairytale land. Be it driving through it or living in a house near it, you wouldn’t feel like leaving this purple paradise once you enter it.

Planning your holiday but confused about where to go? These travel stories help you find your best trip ever!

Real travel stories. Real stays. Handy tips to help you make the right choice.

8. Old street of Brienz, Switzerland

Brienz, Switzerland

The old town of Brienz in Switzerland has homes that are partly made of wood, and partly with brick. But what adds charm to their overall beauty are the colored foliages and flowers planted right on the outside of the homes, and at the edge of their balconies, which make them look like a picture from an old storybook.

9. La Boca in Buenos Aires, Argentina

La Boca in Buenos Aires

This is not completely a street, but a little neighborhood in Buenos Aires that reflects the lifestyle of the 19th century through its beauty. There are brightly painted houses built in the European architectural style, which makes the street as famous as it is today. Also, it has been named after a popular 1926 tango song, trying to keep the charm intact.

10. Alberobello in Italy

Alberobello, Italy

Known for its Trulli, whitewashed stone huts that have conical roofs, the streets of Alberobello reflect the Italian class and elegance at its best. The whole street looks so spectacular when put together in a composition that it would be difficult to take your eyes off. Another major highlight of this picturesque street is that you can witness sunset right behind it.

11. Hallstatt in Austria

Hallstatt, Austria

Situated on Lake Hallstatt’s western shore in Austria’s mountainous Salzkammergut region, the streets of this village look like a winter wonderland when the snow falls, and takes one back in time to 16th century when the sun shines over. The alpine houses set up right one after another are also what makes it count amongst the most beautiful streets in the world.

12. Colmar in France

Colmar, France

Also known as a fairytale village in Alsace, Colmar has a street, which is like a dream come true. The lush green foliage and flowers around the pastel colored houses situated across the canal look so pretty that you wouldn’t believe your eyes first. Apart from its beauty, the street also offers a never ending voyage kind of an experience that is enough to soothe your soul.

13. The Shambles in York, England

The shambles, York

One of the most picturesque streets in the world, and especially in England, The Shambles has 15th-century buildings, and narrow, cobblestone lanes. It isn’t only amongst the oldest streets, but also the one that well preserves the timber-framed architecture as a mini time capsule. The buildings would remind you of the old-school English movies and make you wish how great life would have been, had you lived there.

14. Golden Lane in Prague, Czech Republic

Golden Lane, Prague

The Golden Lane is a stunning example of a street that would leave anyone amazed who treads along it. Located in the heart of the Castle enclosure which overlooks Prague, you would have to bend your back slightly and lower your head to enter one of the typical and picturesque houses built on the street.

15. The Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto, Japan

The Philosopher's Path, Kyoto

Also known as Tetsugaku-no-Michi, this walkway does not house any homes, but after looking at it you would surely wish that it did. The pink and white cherry blossoms set along the Lake Biwa Canal in Kyoto, along with the tree-lined up on the 1.2 mile street make it a paradise in the city, which is perfect for enjoying some tranquil time with oneself.

So, which of these streets do you think have the magic of keeping you glued to it all day long? Do tell us in the comments below!

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These Mobile Miniature Homes Are Adding New Meaning To Glamping Goals

Vacationing with the family or your better half in an exotic location sure is fun, but staying over in a spacious suite is a passe. We say, the closer you stay together the better you bond as a family or as couples. So, it’s time you come out from the big picture and enter the miniature world. The resort named Escape Village in Wisconsin (USA) features intriguing yet cozy tiny homes each covering an area not more than 400 square feet.

In the mentioned area of the cabins, you also get full-sized kitchen, dwelling area and bathroom as well; the concept is said to be inspired by famous architecture Frank Lloyd Wright, who believed architecture should be harmony with humanity and its environment. And indeed it does in this case, you have a hundred acres of area covered in lush greenery.

Miniature homes interior

Since most of the tiny home has wheels, you can pick any location you please, lakefront would surely be a catch. Don’t worry about other tiny homes around as you have quite a lot of privacy for yourself. This is a glamping experience you’d never forget. Washer, dryer and water heaters are just some of the many amenities to look forward to when escaping to these miniature homes.

Currently, there are 10 model types and the tariff starts from 195 USD. Now since many people feel like extending their stay more and more, you can even buy one for yourself.

Tiny home

Surely, ditching conventional stays would totally be worth it now!

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Planning A European Holiday? Here’s How You Can Get Paid To Travel Across Europe!

For those who’ve been hunting for that one perfect job, and are tired of the grilling interviews, here’s a good news for you. A bus adventure company by the name of Busabout is on a hunt for hiring 4 people who love to travel, and possess basic skill sets of social media. And the best part is, applications from all parts of the world are being accepted.

Busabout is a travel company which has come up with this interesting job opening where they are planning to create an Ultimate travel squad. It will feature a team of four travelers who will be given a chance to explore the most famous, and also the hidden gems of this continent. Here’s a brief description about the key responsibility areas of the team which will include:

Hop on Hop off bus about

  • An Instagrammer: who shall possess the skill to take enticing instagramable travel posts with fascinating captions.
  • A YouTuber: whose job role would be recording awe-inspiring videos of the journey, and using the YouTube platform to present forward the journey via tantalizing video stories.
  • A Blogger: who can personify the journey through his/her charming words.
  • A Snapchat/Instagram Story Creator: whose role would be to capture the magical, and unforgettable moments of the trip in real-time.

This fascinating job would last for three months wherein you will get paid to travel across Europe. You will get an opportunity to go on a hop-on-hop-off tour across Europe which would include every beautiful aspect of the continent like exploring dream destinations such as Paris, Rome, Berlin, Venice, and Barcelona, and also the offbeat destinations of Europe. Apart from traveling, this job will also let you experience the thrill of innovative adventures like skiing in the Swiss Alps, or island hopping across the coastal cities of Europe.

Venice Europe tour travel job

All aspiring applicants are invited to apply for one of the four openings through a standard procedure. This procedure will require you to upload a public video on YouTube which should include a brief introduction about yourself, and compelling reasons as to why you’re a fit candidate for the position. Also, make sure to include the Busabout logo in the video’s thumbnail.

Another interesting part of this job is that you can submit a group application with friends or family but on one condition, i.e., each of you should be applying for a different position.

  • Applicant must be 18 years old or above to be eligible for this job.
  • Applicant must hold a valid passport or visa that will allow him/her to travel across Europe for at least 90 days.
  • Selected candidates should also be free to travel from late May through early September of 2018.

This tour would include cover charges for all transportations and accommodation costs, return airfare from the closest international airport to your homeland, and a daily allowance for each candidate for general expenses along with success fee at the end of the trip.

So, wait no more and apply for this dreamy job as the last date for accepting applications is April 17th 2018. Grab this opportunity to get paid for traveling across Europe, and make the most out of this amazing job opportunity or rather, a once-in-a-lifetime chance you’ve been waiting for.

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App To The Rescue: Croatia Getting A Handy Boat Service To Fix Its Commuting Problem!

There is no doubt that Croatia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world for any nature lover but more often than not, visiting its islands, which by the way are 1244 in total is a hassle. But not anymore for Uber is here to help with the commuting.

uberBOAT in Croatia

Scheduled to launch on 26 June, UberBOAT will cater to major traveler destinations of the country like Split, Hvar, and Dubrovnik and will also allow commuters to choose from different sized speedboats to shuttle them from one place to another.

While Croatia has boat services to serve its travelers, they aren’t very organized and tourists are often left to negotiate prices and timetable in a language other than English or what they speak.

uberboat ride in croatia

The service aims to provide reliability and a more convenient way to book a boat. The primary UberBOAT will allow 8 passengers in the boat from Divulje or Split (where the airport is) to the resort town of Hvar and vice versa for $395 or €352 (approx estimate, price varies by fuel and mileage).

The UberBOATxl on the other hand will also have an additional option to go on a half or full day cruise to the sea and its nearby island for about $1,100 or €980 (approx estimate, price varies by fuel and mileage).

And yes, both of the above speedboats will have the ‘split fare’ feature to help you ease the bill on your pocket.

uberboa ride app croatia

So there you go, the UberBOAT is finally here and all we need now are the flying taxis that it promised in 2020. PS – life jackets and water bottles are complementary!

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Smart Luggage Ban: Know About The New Guidelines Before You Board These Airlines

With mobile phones turning smarter with upgraded technology, the modern day world is breaking all barriers in terms of letting the travelers commute hassle-free. Post the upgradation of electronic goods, tech geeks had come up with the idea of ‘Smart Luggage’, which features travel bags that are equipped with batteries, and output ports to provide power backup for your electronic products on the go.

However, there is a bad news for the smart bags manufacturers, and people who have purchased such bags, or are planning to buy one. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) had published guidelines in 2017, pertaining to smart luggage ban. IATA had published these instructions to all the airlines that no products with lithium-ion batteries shall be allowed inside the cargo.

traveler using smart baggage

This is because of the fact that these lithium-ion batteries pose a serious threat of uncontrollable fire inside the aircraft hold. That is why there was a worldwide ban on putting laptops in the check-in luggage, and the same will be done with smart bags as well, as they also possess an inbuilt lithium-ion battery. While some airlines are waiting for an official confirmation from IATA over smart luggage ban, there are certain airlines that have already taken action towards implementation of these guidelines and have imposed a total ban on such bags. Here’s a list of those airlines:

  • Virgin Australia
  • Qantas
  • Delta Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Alaska Airlines
  • Jet Airways

traveler charging phone from smart luggage

But what about the perks that these bags provide? From charging devices, like cell phones or laptops, to GPS tracking, these bags are of great use to the travelers. So, IATA has provided leverage to an extent that only those smart bags that have removable Lithium-ion batteries can be allowed for cargo check-in.

So, if you have a flight scheduled in near future, make sure that you are not carrying a smart bag, and even if you are carrying one, make sure that it has a removable lithium-ion battery, else you might just land in trouble while checking in your luggage.

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Ketan’s Trip To Assam And Meghalaya: An Adventurous Escapade Into An Untouched Paradise

Traveling has always been an integral part of Ketan’s life, who prefers to explore the unexplored, pristine places in the world. A banker by profession, Ketan’s wanderer spirit has taken him to many offbeat locations in life, and this time, it landed him in the untouched paradise of Assam and Meghalaya. Tranquility, beauty, calm, and the purest form of nature – find below an account of what all he discovered in this piece of paradise!

Trip Type: A romantic escapade to the North East!
Trip Duration: 7 Nights 8 Days
Trip Cost: INR 57,100/-
Agent Name: Reify
Inclusions: Breakfast, Accommodation, Nameri Jungle Trek
Exclusions: Transfers, Entry Tickets

To me, travel means disconnecting from routine life and exploring the undiscovered parts of India. It means traveling with a reason to explore places which are not talked about often. Despite being a banker and having a hectic work schedule, I always ensure I travel more than twice every year to some or the other remote corner of this beautiful country.

This time, I wanted to explore the North East owing to its rich natural beauty and the fact that it hasn’t yet become a commercial tourist-choked destination. My online research brought me to Nameri, Kaziranga, Shillong, and Cherrapunji.

Eco park at Cherrapunji-001

But there was a problem staring us in our faces – we had merely 8 days at hand and no idea how we could cover all these places in such a less time. That was when TravelTriangle came to our rescue! When we came across the TT website, we decided to give it a go. Their agents responded within a few hours itself, and out of all of them Reify seemed to provide exactly what we sought.

Reify cooked us up a brilliant itinerary fitting in all these destinations and allowing enough leisure time for us to relax, all within our budget. They kept all the hefty adventure activities in the first few days of our trip, and reserved the last few ones only for leisure activities and relaxation.

After a smooth and swift planning and booking process, we were on our way to the pristine terrains of Assam and Meghalaya!

Here’s a day-wise encounter of our 8 days trip to Assam and Meghalaya:

DAY 1 | Nameri: A scenic drive to Nameri and night of music, wine, and bonfire

We landed at Guwahati airport at around 10 AM and left straight for Nameri. We reached Nameri within 5 hours and checked into our resort – Jia Bhorali Wild. The hotel is located near the Jia Bharali river and is the last resort in this location. At night we requested the hotel manager to arrange for the complimentary bonfire, but the request was turned down due to some issues.

Gazing at eco Park

Jia Bhorali river

So we simply headed to the Eco Park nearby which turned out to be an exquisite place for a bonfire night. There was guitar playing, dancing, wine, and laughter – just what we needed to make the night a special one!

Enroute Guwahati to Nameri

Eco park Cherrapunji

After a not-so-good dinner and overnight stay back at our hotel – Jia Bhorali – we went to our room and retired for the night.

Sikkim-Gangtok-Darjeeling Holiday Packages On TravelTriangle

Visit Sikkim and explore Yumthang valley, Tsomgo Lake, Gangtok, Nathula Pass, and Pelling. Experience peace and tranquility while exploring Buddhist monasteries, snow-capped mountains, and wildlife sanctuaries. Book packages inclusive of airport transfers, cab, resort, sightseeing, and meals.

DAY 2 | Nameri: Tasting ecstasy with jungle trekking and river rafting

Sharp at 6 AM, we began the first activity of our trip to Assam and Meghalaya – Jungle Trekking. The 16 km stretch of the mighty forest was totally worth the effort of rising early. Though we couldn’t spot any tigers, the peace, tranquility, and greenery made up for it. We noticed that this side of the world has zero pollution levels and this made us yearn we could stay there forever!

All set for 18kms rafting on jia Bhorali river

After the trek, we went to Eco Park again to enjoy a delicious, customised breakfast. Later, we proceeded for the Jia Bhoroli River Rafting expedition (25 km) from Eco Park itself. The rafting experience commenced at 12 noon and lasted for 2 hours. I don’t remember ever sailing amid pure nature’s bounty for this long a time. It was rather a boating experience where we would tumble down those steep stretches of white water every now and then, laughing with thrill and excitement. We enjoyed every single moment of it – the views, the adrenaline rush, the complete cut-off from the rest of the world, and the crystal clear river surrounding us!

Early morning Trek into a dense forest crossing a river in search of animals birds

Post having dinner at Eco Park, we enjoyed yet another night of bonfire and played cards with all the wonderful people from places like Kolkata, Guwahati, and Gujarat that we had met here.

DAY 3 | Kaziranga: Riding jeeps through the jungle and trying the traditional Assamese folk dance

Jeep safari to kaziranga

We started as early as 6:30 AM in the morning for Kaziranga since we wanted to make it in time for jeep safari and elephant ride. We reached the Kaziranga hotel at 9 AM – the Green Village resort – and received the warmest greeting by Mr. Abhijeet. We immediately left for Jeep Safari which again turned out be an utterly adventurous experience at Kaziranga National Park. The safari lasted for about 2:30 hours. We couldn’t spot any of the one-horned rhinoceros on this day, but we were sure we would be able to spot one during our elephant ride the next day.

posing with assamese dancer

Post the safari, we returned to the hotel and took some rest in our room, which happened to have a very welcoming ambience. In the evening, we decided to go to the Orchid Park which is a recently developed area to care for and showcase an innumerable range of flora and fauna. The entry charges for the same are INR 200/- per person, and it was worth every penny!

assamese dancer at orchid park

We stayed there throughout the evening to witness the Assamese cultural dance, which turned out to be a rather vivid and engaging show, so much so that my wife readily joined the dancers in the end and had a gala time! I couldn’t help notice that the dance was extremely energetic and probably more difficult to pull off than the average Gujarati Garba. It’s a must attend for all as it provides a deep insight into the vibrant Assam culture.

DAY 4 | Elephant ride at Kaziranga and shopping in Shillong

Elephant says good morning - elephant ride kaziranga

We left for the elephant ride at 5:30 AM in the morning and reached the location at 6:15. This day’s elephant ride had been arranged by our hotel staff and they had done a commendable job at that. The ride commenced at 7 AM and we finally got the chance to spot a one-horned rhinoceros as well as a hog deer.

Kaziranga's national animal

Perfect sunset at umium lake

Later, we had our breakfast at the resort itself, and the food was simply delicious. We left for Shillong at around 11:30 AM. We took a halt midway at the Umiam Lake, an artificial lake created due to the dam around Umiam river, acting as Shillong’s water supply. Here, we did boating and got our pictures clicked in the traditional Assamese attire.

perfect valentine celebration at umium lake

Traditional Bangaldeshi attire-001

Once we had reached Shillong, we checked into the Majestic Monsoon hotel and took some rest in our room, before venturing out to explore the local market of this crowded city. We bought ourselves some nice winter wear like jackets and shawls.

DAY 5 | Shillong: Touring the charming attractions of this beautiful city

Visit to Catholic Church - Shillong

We started at around 10 AM in the morning. The best part of Shillong was that it was cold and pleasant even during noon time. First, we visited the Lady Hydra Park – a typical park with few caged animals, before proceeding for the Don Bosco Museum – a must visit attraction giving visitors an in depth knowledge of the entire North East India in terms of culture, resources, history, etc. The amazing thing about the museum was that we could see the entire city from its top floor, and it looked completely mesmerizing!

Shillong night walk

North east of Khasi hills

Later, we went to the Ward’s Lake where we did boating while it rained and it was a
wonderfully romantic experience. We also visited a beautiful church on our way back to the hotel.

DAY 6 | Cherrapunji: Walking over the living root bridge and enjoying a bonfire night with whiskey

Beautiful shot at dwaki-001

Chilling at Dwaki lake

Post a hearty breakfast, we left for Cherrapunji at around 7 AM. We had wanted to visit the Air Force Museum but since we were short on time we had to give it a miss. First, we visited the Elephant Falls en route which owes its name to its shape resembling an elephant. Next, we visited the Dawki river which is a must visit attraction for it provides the clearest views of the water, apart from being an open border between India and Bangladesh. Imagine having one foot in India and the other in Bangladesh at the same time! Yup, you can do that here!

Beautiful clear water dwaki , India Bangladesh border

Walking on the living root bridge in Cherrapunji was an experience that can’t be put down in words. It is worth a trip to this beautiful city. We also visited the Mawlynnong village – the cleanest village of Asia. It was one hell of an experience to see how people stay here always stay happy and have maintained this city so well. We took great care to not even accidentally drop anything on the roads while here.

Mawlong village - great experience in cleanest village of Asia

Perfect location for tea - enroute Shillong - Cherrapunji

On the way to Cherrapunji, we had lunch at Jiva resort (only veg food is served here) and found that the restaurant was one of the cleanest we had ever seen. Later in the night, we reached the Kutmadan resort where we checked in and took rest. We could see the India-Bangladesh border from our room, owing to the resort’s beautiful location.

the Indo-Bangladesh border

We enjoyed the bonfire night with whiskey arranged for us here. This place has no mobile connectivity and you can’t see a single soul for at least 4 km in the distance, but you’ll definitely enjoy being disconnected from the world and your worries!

DAY 7 | Cherrapunji: Scenic waterfalls and enchanting caves

posing over the limeston caves

We visited the Eco Park, the Seven Sisters Waterfall, Nohkalikai Falls, each of which proved to be a stunning marvel of nature. The exciting part of this day was our visit to the limestone caves – Arwah and Mawsmai – where we could see the various species that had gotten buried under the stone millions of years ago.

Decathlon fall at Cherrapunji

I spotted an octopus inside a stone and it was absolutely thrilling. During the night we enjoyed yet another bonfire while we gorged on some delicious maggi and whiskey.

DAY 8: Departure from Guwahati

It was the last day of our trip and we couldn’t shake that feeling of emptiness in our heart at the prospect of leaving. Bidding goodbye to this surreal paradise and going back to our regular lives required one hell of an effort! Since our flight was from the Guwahati airport, we checked out from our hotel and proceed for Guwahati sharp at 8 AM. We reached the airport at 2:30 PM after visiting the famous Kamakhya temple en route. We boarded our flight well in time and bid farewell to this heaven with happy memories of our trip to Assam and Meghalaya.

Living on the living root-002

Our WOW Moments On The Trip: Nameri town | River rafting at Jia Bhoroli | Cultural dance show at Orchid Park | Boating in Dawki river | The visit to Mawlynnong village | Walking on the Living Root Bridge

Our Not-So-WOW Moments On The Trip: Our stay at Jia Bharoli resort and the callous attitude of manager there

Tips For Future Travelers:

  • Do not stay at the Jia Bharali resort in Nameri
  • You need a minimum of 15 days to explore the best of Assam and Meghalaya
  • You need to ask the hotel staff at Eco Park to arrange a session of river rafting for you. There are no direct vendors for the same
  • All tourist sites in Shillong close at around 6 PM. Make sure you start your sightseeing tour of Shillong early in the morning
  • You’re not allowed to throw anything in the dustbins in Mawlynnong. Either carry the waste back with you or bring minimum stuff in the first place
  • One must stay at the Jiva resort in Cherrapunji for enjoying unmatched 7-star services!
  • To catch your flight from Guwahati, leave from Shillong really early in the morning as you’ll be met with horrendous traffic enroute

Intrigued already? We bet you too are dreaming of a trip to Assam and Meghalaya! Stop dreaming and get to work. Book your Assam trip with TravelTriangle right away and enjoy the pristine fruits of nature on your offbeat escapade to the North East.

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Delhi, Hyderabad & Mumbai Airports Ranked As World’s Best & We’re So Proud

According to a survey conducted by Airports Council International (ACI), Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport is the best airport, in the 40 million passengers/ annum category. Not just that, Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad ranked first in the world, in 5-15 million passengers/annum.

Delhi airport

After hosting 63.5 million passengers in 2017 Indira Gandhi International Airport joined the 60-million club; leaving behind airports like Bangkok, Changi (Singapore) and Incheon (South Korea) with its rapid passenger growth. Today, this is Asia’s seventh busiest airport and one among world’s top 20 busiest airports.The given data was released by GMR in a press statement.

Hyderabad airport

Talking of Hyderabad airport, this is its fourth recognition in a decade in the category. “This is a recognition of the collaborative work of all stakeholders at Hyderabad Airport. We are embarking on the expansion of Hyderabad Airport, which will not just provide necessary infrastructure boost to facilitate high air traffic and passenger growth, but also a delightful passenger experience with right fusion of technology and human touch,” said Srinivas Bommidala (GMR Chairman – Airports), as quoted by India Today.

Mumbai airport

To top it all, GVK-run Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai was rated as the best in the world in terms of customer experience. The founder and chairman of GVK said “In 2007, when we had taken over the complete operations of the airport, the ASQ score was 3.53 and in 10 years we have got it to around 4.99 out of a maximum 5. It is a testimony to the quality service provided during 2017 to over forty six million travellers by the thirty thousand odd airport community members.” The ASQ (Airport Service Quality) award is given post analysis of various features such as size, restrooms, passenger ratings, check in and security screenings.

The award ceremony for ASQ (Airport Service Quality) award is expected to be organized between 10-13 September 2018. The event is to be hosted by Halifax International Airport Authority, in Nova Scotia, Canada.