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These Pictures Of Freezing Amsterdam Canals Will Make You Fall For European Winters!

From the first ever snowfall in Saudi to inches of snow in the Russian region, our planet has witnessed roaring changes in climatic conditions, this winter season. The European continent has primarily witnessed various ups and downs in the climatic conditions which have led to extreme snowfall in some countries. But these climatic changes have not stopped the people from enjoying the winter chill.

Our happy planet did not fail to extract the positives out of the harsh winters, and the cheerful pictures from different corners of the world, taking rounds on the internet, are the proof of that.

amsterdam winters

The latest news has come from the Dutch land, Amsterdam, where the temperatures have dropped to such lows that the canals running across the city have frozen. This event of Amsterdam canals freezing has occurred for the first time in the past six years. Such adverse weather conditions did not stop the Dutch people from celebrating, and enjoying the winters as the canals have frozen to such an extent that they have become a playground for adventure activities.

The common public, and numerous ice skaters have come out in large numbers to skate over the frozen canals. Here are some surreal pictures of the city and its incredible scenery that has recently been adorned by the winter season:

frozen Amsterdam Canals

Temperature Drops In Amsterdam

Amsterdam Canals Frozen

Winters in Amsterdam

freezing amsterdam canals

And if images weren’t enough to dazzle your eyes with joy, here’s a video of the absolue fun that the Dutch are currently enjoying:

Stunning, isn’t it? With the Amsterdam canals freezing, here’s an opportunity for you to plan a European vacation to cherish the winter vibes. So, pack your bags and take off for the Dutch land to witness this charming sight till it lasts.

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Job Alert: This Hotel In Bahamas Is Hiring CFOs To Look After Flamingos!

Fond of birds? Then you’d love this exciting news for sure. Your love for birds could earn you a handsome salary, and a luxurious stay, as the Baha Mar hotel in Bahamas is offering an exciting job for bird lovers.

This luxurious hotel is in an urgent requirement of a new CFO. But hold on! The post of CFO here, does not demand a finance, or an accounts veteran. It rather requires professional and experienced zoologists because CFO, here, stands for ‘Chief FLAMINGO Officer’.

Flamingos in Baha Mar Bahamas

Yes, you read that right. Baha Mar, a luxury hotel in Bahamas is hiring CFOs to look after flamingos living in their property. And what you must know is:

  • The applicants must hold a Zoology degree, or experience in a relevant field, and at least 5 years of work experience with birds.
  • Applications will be accepted from all parts of the world
  • The responsibility of the CFO will be to supervise all the Flamingo areas, and create a beach sanctuary, and a sustainable environment for the species to thrive.

Other key responsibility areas of the CFO would include maintenance of the artificial habitat of the flamingos, luring the guests to this unique attraction of the hotel, and manage their interactions with flamingos.

Even if you do not wish to work with the flamingos, there’s an opportunity for you to not only relish a stay at their luxurious property but also witness this beckoning attraction of Baha Mar during your visit to the exotic city of Bahamas.

Baha Mar Hotel Bahamas night view

Baha Mar is a luxury hotel and resort chain in Bahamas with two full-fledged hotels-Grand Hyatt, and SLS- running successfully. Baha Mar resort is their newly opened venture which is regarded as one of the most luxurious properties in Bahamas, which boasts of plush rooms, 9 pools, a peppy casino, and fine dining restaurants.

Location: Baha Mar Blvd, Nassau, The Bahamas
Contact Number: +1 242-677-9000
Website | Reviews

Enticing enough? So, hurry up, and apply for the job right away as the applications will be accepted until late February only. Try your luck, and see if this could be a life-changing decision for you.

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Indians Take More Trips Than Their Global Peers Annually, A Visa Survey Reveals

All of us love to travel and there is no doubt about it. But, according to a new survey it has been revealed that Indians take more trips annually on an average as compared to their global peers. This finding is a result of the Global Travel Intention Survey Report by Visa, which was conducted in collaboration with the research and business intelligence firm ORC International.

The survey collected data with the help of 12,400 interviews taken in 27 markets, and found out that Indians have taken more trips annually, i.e. 5.6 trips on an average in the last two years, which is significantly more than the global average of 4.2 trips. It also said that Indians are good spenders with an average of USD 2,334 against APAC’s (Asia Pacific) USD 1,677 when it comes to traveling.

family in santorini

The Visa survey also revealed that these trips taken by Indians majorly constituted of travel related to business, wherein the number stood at 2.6 trips against the 1.6 trips for APAC and 1.4 trips for global. The major reason or motivator behind these trips turned out to be the family bonding, whereas the culture, heritage, availability of time, and scenic beauty were found out to be the key drivers for choosing holiday destinations. Japan, the U.S., and Australia are the most visited countries by Indian travelers as compared to their peers from APAC region and the world, as per the survey.

Some of the other things that it revealed were that Indians plan to increase their travel spending by 21% in the next two years, about 45% of travelers pick their holiday destinations after considering their personal safety, and that most of the Indians love to travel in groups and are less concerned about budget.

The report also added that India is expected to lead in the all the travel categories like leisure, business, and more in the coming two years. All in all, it sounds like now nobody can beat India when in comes to travel, right?

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A Sweet Honeymoon Trip About Must Do Things In Mauritius

“Our honeymoon trip to Mauritius was a fine blend of leisure & fun. The tropical vibes of the country were surreal and by the time the trip was over, we were completely enchanted by its beauty.”

Trip Type: 6 Nights 7 Days Mauritius honeymoon
Cost: INR 1,51,525
Inclusions: Hotel (Radisson Blu Lafayette) with breakfast & dinner, flights, airport transfers, sightseeing, and Ile aux Cerfs island visit.
Exclusions: Flic-en-Flac visit, paid water activities at Ile aux Cerfs, and lunch.
Weather in Mauritius: 23 – 25 degrees (May to December)

Why Mauritius for a honeymoon?
We wanted to go to some place different from the usual. Countries like Singapore, Thailand, and Bali were being visited by all in our vicinity and so to break the monotony, we chose Mauritius. Also, it was the only destination that offered sightseeing, water sports, luxury, and a modern experience.

How I booked a perfect Mauritius honeymoon package?
As an army major working with United Nations, I have had a lot of opportunities to visit foreign countries. During these occasions, I used to manage my bookings myself and was fairly good at it, however, this time, I wanted everything perfect. So I chose to go for a Mauritius honeymoon tour package that would give me perfect arrangements and a hassle free experience. Thankfully TravelTriangle came to my rescue. Every now and then, as I used to log into my Facebook, I used to notice one of friends ‘liking’ the TravelTriangle page and that is how I ended up contacting them for a quote.

Upon raising a request (filling basic details), I soon received a call from their representative asking for my requirements. After telling him so, I was connected to various travel agents who sent me different quotes and itineraries as per my needs. I finalized “Degenerates” travel agent for their itinerary and quotes were the best and also because of their representative, Monica, was an amazing agent who guided us excellently on our destination. Minute details about services and things to do were given to us and we were very happy with the whole trip booking process.

Tip: When in doubt, it is always better to bring in a travel expert since you can’t afford anything to go wrong on your honeymoon.

Blue Bay in Mauritius

Our Mauritius honeymoon tour itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival and check in at the resort
Day 2: Leisure day – visited supermarket in Flac to grab all the essentials like water bottles – also visited the botanical garden
Day 3: South island tour of Mauritius – visited Shiva temple – Trou aux Cerfs – ship building factory
Day 4: North island tour – did sightseeing in and around Port Louis
Day 5: Leisure day spent at the resort – did activities like aqua gym, glass bottom boat
Day 6: Leisure day at the resort – chilled on the beach – indulged in water activities at the hotel
Day 7: Departure

And so our Mauritius honeymoon trip began

We boarded our flight from Mumbai at 6:45 am and reached Mauritius at 11:45 am. It was a smooth flight and upon our arrival at the airport, we were greeted by a representative from the travel agent’s side. Mauritius was bright and sunny and gave us a happy positive vibe. We were subsequently transferred to our resort – Radisson Blu Lafayette. This was a beautiful property filled with modern amenities and top of the class luxury services. It was blissful. Our rest of the day was spent relaxing at the resort.

Tip: Radisson Blu was an excellent choice and was booked on my demand, benefits of a customized trip, I guess!

A visit to the botanical gardens and some shopping on our free day!

A leisure day for us, we decided to make the most of it by getting essential supplies like water bottles and snacking tidbits from a supermarket in Flac. We also visited the famous Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Garden in Pamplemousses. This was a refreshing experience which also showed us the natural side and goodness of Mauritius.

Tip: The botanical garden is one attraction in Mauritius that most people don’t opt for but I would suggest everyone to do so since its one of the best in the country.

Witnessing the marvels of nature and culture on the Mauritius south island tour

We went for our south island tour today. In the morning after breakfast, we were picked by our cab driver and taken to the south of Mauritius for the tour. We visited the Shiva Temple here and it was followed by the dormant volcano site of Trou aux Cerfs, Chamarel waterfall and the ship building factory in the city of Curepipe. All of these experiences were nice and overall, the day was great if not super! Dinner was at the resort as usual.

Tip: South Island tour is a little boring if you’re not into religious and local sightseeing. One can opt for an underwater submarine ride or a trip to the Casela Nature Park instead!

Sightseeing in Port Louis

As per our Mauritius tour itinerary, we did the North island tour today and it mostly comprised of sightseeing in and around Port Louis. Our sites included Citadel fort, Le Caudan Waterfront, Umbrella market, and souvenir shops. We returned back to our hotel in the evening before 5. This day was too an interesting one, mainly because of the sightseeing attractions.

Tip: The shops at Le Caudan Waterfront are great for souvenir purchasing.

Indulging in the Ile aux Cerfs activities

This was the best day of our trip for we visited the beautiful island of Ile aux Cerfs and did water activities over here. The island was beautiful and the beaches were clean and nice. It was amazing to spend time here with my wife. In the end, we reluctant to leave this beautiful paradise and go back to our hotel, but we had to.

Tip: Ile aux Cerfs is a wonderful experience for all couples and deserves extra time. One can get it included in their leisure day also so as to spend more time here. Also, the activities here are paid and one must also carry swimsuit and towels otherwise you would have to rent it.

A leisure day in Mauritius that was well spent at the hotel

My wife and I had a great time spending this leisure day in the luxuries of our hotel. We relaxed, ate delicious food, and in the afternoon went on to do water activities like boat ride on our own. During our time at the hotel, we also indulged in a unique aqua gym and also enjoyed our meals at the various restaurants of the hotel including the Aqua.

Farewell Mauritius, we will always remember you

This was the last day of Mauritius honeymoon and with a heavy heart, we bid farewell to this beautiful island nation. In the morning, after breakfast, we checked out of our hotel, enjoyed some time with each other at the lobby and then departed for the airport for our flight back to India.

Things to do on a mauritius honeymoon trip

Our honeymoon in Mauritius was full of tropical goodness. The weather was excellent, the food was sumptuous, and our hotel was super luxurious. The memories we made here will forever be cherished and given a chance, we would love to come back to this beautiful nation and indulge ourselves in the Mauritian delights once more. Till then Sayonara, you will be missed Mauritius!

Things I loved on the trip:

  • Our hotel – Radisson Blu Lafayette, it was an excellent choice and really elevated our whole trip experience.
  • Time spent at the Ile aux Cerfs. Spending precious moments with your partner at this island is totally worth its enchanting beauty totally compliments your romance.

Things that could have been better:

  • Every day by 5 pm, we were supposed to return to our hotel due to transport and local restrictions. We wish we could have given a little extra time at places like Ile aux Cerfs because wrapping up everything so quickly leaves little time for enjoyment.
  • Also, we could have been given more options to spend our leisure days.

Tips for travelers:

  • Mauritius is a great destination for honeymooners. One should always plan their vacation properly especially the leisure days so that there is always something to do and look forward to.
  • Keep two days for Ile aux Cerfs in your 6 Nights 7 Days Mauritius tour itinerary – it will be worth it.
  • Mauritius offers Visa on arrival for Indians with a validity of 60 days, given you have a return ticket and sufficient funds to manage your stay if you’re not booked anywhere. It’s hassle free.

Mauritius is a dream destination for all those want a paradisaical experience on their honeymoon. Everything from the beaches to nature to the activities is a magical affair and you too can experience the same with your partner. Simply book a Mauritius honeymoon package here.

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This Country Is Offering Visa On Arrival To Citizens Of 28 Countries & India Is One Of Them

Hola travelers! Up for an adventurous safari vacation? We have some good news for you. Your favourite safari destination, Zimbabwe has announced visa on arrival for citizens of various countries throughout the globe, and the best part is that India is one of them.

In a bid to boost their tourism industry, and open gates for various investors throughout the world, Zimbabwe has rolled out various changes in their Visa policy. The revised visa regime features several important changes that will not only help in promoting the country’s tourism but will also provide an ease of traveling to the global tourists. Some of the important changes include:

  • Tourists from 28 different countries will now be getting visa on arrival and the list features countries like India, Mexico, Ethiopia, Panama, Romania, Armenia, and more.
  • Launching of Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) scheme which aims at providing a continent-wide visa-free regime, and issuance of visas at the entry ports for all Africans.
  • Shifting more and more countries from category C (visa obtained before travelling) to category B (visa issued on arrival)

visa on arrival for Zimbabwe

As more and more countries are offering visa on arrival to tourists from different parts of the world, the life of travelers is surely going to be easier than ever, in coming future. Now, almost all countries are quitting the age-old, and troublesome process of obtaining visas from the respective embassies, and are rather moving towards the generation of hassle-free visa policies.

Some of the major countries that offer visa on arrival to Indian citizens include Thailand, Maldives, Cambodia, Indonesia, Jordan, Mauritius, Seychelles, Fiji, Jamaica, Kenya, Haiti, and many more.

With Zimbabwe offering visa on arrival to Indians, your vacation plan to this African wonderland would only require a flight ticket, and a few necessary travel documents. So, wait no more! Just plan, and take-off for an adventurous sojourn.

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This 4-Year Old’s Adorable ‘Trip To The Moon’ Proves That Wishes Do Come True!

He may be tiny, but he has successfully completed a ‘mission to the moon‘, something that we spend our lives only dreaming about! All within the confines of the Adelaide Airport in Australia, 4-year old Dwayne Frankie has been granted his lifelong wish of going to the moon!

dwayne space suit

Frankie has epilepsy and has spent most of his young life in hospital, battling uncontrollable seizures almost every day. But that had never diminished his yearning of going into outer-space. And just a day ago, the collaborative efforts of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and Qantas allowed the little adventurer to complete his intrepid voyage to ‘space’, bringing the toddler boundless joy!

dwayne frankie gets wish to travel to moon - Copy

Flanked by Star Wars Stormtroopers and accompanied by Batman, Spiderman, and some aliens, a space-suit clad Dwayne hopped through the airport to his first destination – Mission Control at the Qantas Club – as cameras and family members tailed behind him.

At the ‘Mission Control’, a crew of Qantas ‘astronauts‘ awaited him. They invited him into a hangar that had been transformed into an intergalactic wonderland, complete with moon rocks.

dwayne plants flag on moon

An ecstatic Frankie completed his mission by planting on the moon’s surface a cute hand-painted flag that said ‘Dwayne On The Moon‘.

It was a dream come true for the little guy (and his parents) who had forever longed for an adventure outside hospital walls. “You see his worst…to see him with a smile is awesome. You can’t describe it, it’s just great,” said his father, Philip.

dwayne with space team

Describing their son’s special day as “phenomenal“, his mother said that her boy had the time of his life on his mission to the moon.

Dwayne is absolutely elated after the experience. He looked at the moon early this morning and said ‘I went there last night!’,” she told the Press later. “It has been the most wonderful experience and our family will be forever grateful to Make-A-Wish and Qantas for making our little boy’s dream come true.”

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Virgin Hyperloop One From Pune To Mumbai Will Cover 140-Km Distance In 25 Minutes!!

Virgin Hyperloop One has chosen India as the grand platform to unveil the revolutionary Hyperloop One and we couldn’t be any happier. In a remarkable development, the Maharashtra Government and Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson signed a MoU which marks the inception of project Hyperloop from Mumbai to Pune. The transportation system would bring down the travel time between the two cities to 25-minutes only! The Hyperloop is all set to benefit 26 million commuters who would be covered under its proposed route – Pune City Central, Navi Mumbai Airport, Mumbai City.

The historic deal between Hyperloop One and Maharashtra Government took place in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis. Furthermore, the event was also attended by Virgin Hyperloop One board members and prime investors Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem – CEO and Group Chairman of DP World, and Ziyavudin Magomedov – Chairman of Summa Group.

Virgin Hyperloop One from Pune To Mumbai

I believe Virgin Hyperloop One could have the same impact upon India in the 21st century as trains did in the 20th century. The Pune–Mumbai route is an ideal first corridor as part of a national hyperloop network that could dramatically reduce travel times between India’smajor cities to as little as two hours,” said Sir Richard Branson. “Virgin Hyperloop One can help India become a global transportation pioneer and forge a new world-changing industry.

Key features of the Virgin Hyperloop One from Pune to Mumbai

acj-1902-virgin-hyperloop-one (1)

  • It will drastically bring down the Mumbai to Pune travel time from 2 hours 43 minutes to just 25 minutes
  • The Hyperloop will complete 150 million passenger trips annually and end up saving in excess of 90 million hours of travel time
  • Greater opportunities will be generated and social and economic mobility will be intensified
  • Movement by Hyperloop will speed up the movement of goods and cargo, thus resulting in quick delivery
  • If operated for 30 years, the Hyperloop would account for socio-economic benefits worth INR 350,000 crores. It will include time savings, emissions, accident reduction, and operational cost savings

Virgin Hyperloop One inauguration function

  • The Hyperloop system is 100% electricity efficient
  • Expressway congestion will get eased & this could end up reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 150,000 tons annually
  • The Pune–Mumbai hyperloop construction route would be carried out in two phases
  • It will take 2-3 years for the demonstration track to be built and it will serve as a platform for all sorts of testing, certifying, and regulating
  • The second phase is estimated to be completed within five to seven years, which will include the construction of the full Pune–Mumbai route. Additionally, the route is also touted to link central Pune with the New Pune International Airport and Jawaharlal Nehru Port in Mumbai with Pune’s industrial economic zones.

What is a Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is a revolutionary train service that aims to reduce the daily commuting, spanning over a longer distance, drastically. The technology enables efficient catering of passenger and cargo into a pod that works exclusively on electricity. The pod accelerates as a result of electric repulsion through a low-pressure tube. Soon the pod starts to levitate and shoots above the track because of magnetic levitation. Pretty soon the Hyperloop gains a speed equivalent to an airplane’s. This insane speed, which is a result of ultra-low aerodynamic drag, is mostly 2-3 times than the high-speed rail. With the Hyperloop, it is quite efficient to cover a large distance in the shortest time span.

The Hyperloop is yet in its initial stages of commercialization after successfully completing the test. India is the very first market for Virgin Hyperloop One, which is way ahead of the Middle East, Northern Europe, and the US. The Hyperloop is eyeing the world, however, India is at the helm.

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Move Over Globetrotting, We’re Set To Fly Around The Moon Now!

It’s time to set new goals globetrotters! Virginia-based space and aeronautics company called Space Adventures is coming up with circumlunar mission, something that’s never been done before. The venture will let travelers fly around the moon, within 60 miles to its surface; the company claims this is the closest anyone has ever been to the moon, since 1972.

With a capacity of two passengers and one professional cosmonaut, the space travel will commence with a rocket ride to the International Space Station (ISS), spending ten days for acclimatization. Post this, they’ll board yet another rocket, taking them to the “illuminated far-side of the moon”, allowing them to behold the view of Earth, before making their way back home.

view from international space station

View from International Space Station

As per the expectations of Space Adventure, the first circumlunar voyage will take place in the early 2020. Needless to say, this exploration is meant for the wealthier souls, as it is not another thing you can do on a shoestring, or even on a splurging budget. However, the cost would be affected by different factors such as choice of vehicle, timing and precise mission profile.

Since we know people are paying as much as 250,000 USD to Virgin Galactic’s space tour (consisting of six minutes of weightlessness as well as being able to witness the Earth’s curvature from space), it would be safe to say, this one is going to cost lot more than that.

Please note: Images are for representation purpose only

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Russia Plans To Open A Luxury Hotel In Space By 2022 Since Earth Is Too Mainstream!

While most of us are still working on our bucket list for 2018, Russia has already established some major travel goals in the outer space. A space agency in Russia plans to open a luxury hotel in space by 2022 and you are welcome to board the spacecraft if you are willing to pay an amount of JUST $40 million! You read that right!

Russia Plans To Open A Luxury Hotel In Space

According to the leading tech magazine Popular Mechanics, Russia plans to make a comeback in the space tourism business with the launch of this luxury hotel at the International Space Station (ISS). Letting the travelers relish the taste of orbital adventures, each module weighing 20-ton and measuring 15.5 meter-long is expected to offer:

  • Five-star services
  • A luxurious orbital suite park
  • 4 Private cabins measuring 2 cubic meters each
  • A 16-inch window in the lounge for glaring at the space
  • Two Personal hygiene cabins measuring 2 cubic meters each
  • Exercise equipment
  • 4 portholes with a diameter of 9 inches
  • Pressurized space of 92 cubic meters

Interiors of a luxury hotel in space

Last but not the least, one will also have an access to full-fledged Wi-Fi services (much needed yes?) at the luxury hotel in space. In addition to all this, you not only get to admire how tiny our planet Earth looks from a distance of about 250 miles into the space but also get a chance to experience the thrills of a guided space walking tour with a professional cosmonaut.

Coming to the real deal, the whole trip will be for a duration of about one to two weeks and a round trip would cost each traveler just about $40 million. Also, if the ones born with a silver spoon (diamond spoon actually) would like to extend their stay to about a month, it will cost them an additional amount of just $20 million.

Russia Plans To Open A Luxury Hotel In Space

Initially, RKK Energia – the main space station contractor of Russia plans to send two travelers on every Soyuz flight wherein the travelers will be accompanied by a professional cosmonaut. And with so much to do in space by 2022, you might as well start your planning now!

Fancy a trip anyone?

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Surreal Things To Do On A Friends Trip To Sri Lanka

Both my friends and I are crazy, fun-loving, and adventurous people who love to travel places. Having explored a couple of cities already in the country, and being a mix of entrepreneurs and homemakers, we were wishing to take an international trip this time that would give us a refreshing break from our routine. And our holiday in Sri Lanka offered just that, whilst proving to be a delight.

We finalized the destination, keeping its close proximity to India and our budget in mind, and everything worked perfectly in our favor. After closing the location, we wanted someone to plan and organize everything for us, and since my travel agent was out of station, I was looking for someone else.

posing in nuwara eliya

It was while browsing Facebook that I finally came across TravelTriangle, and the customized packages’ feature really appealed to me. I downloaded the app right away on my phone, and filled up our trip query. Within minutes I got a reply with different quotes, after which we customized our itinerary as we needed some adventure. Soon after, I received a final quote, and Ms. Dimple our travel consultant very supportingly took care of everything, while motivating us for the all girls trip.

Trip Type: 5 Days 4 Nights friends trip
Cost: INR 3,78,660
Inclusions: All the accommodation, breakfast and dinner, transfers from and to the airport, local sightseeing and experiences, an English speaking driver with a private cab, and GST
Exclusions:Lunch, Airfare and Visa, Entry fee charges, Personal expenses, and anything not mentioned in the inclusions

Day 1: Climbing the Sigiriya rock & visiting Dambulla Cave Temple

trekking to sigiriya

posing in front of sigiriya

Our trip kick-started on an adventurous note soon after reaching the Sri Lankan land, as our trip representative Mr. Dilshan took us to Dambulla and Sigiriya. Witnessing these heritage sites, especially the century old cave temple, the paintings, and climbing the citadel of the famous Sigiriya rock are definitely the best things to do on a friends trip to Sri Lanka, and we were proud that we did it.

dambulla caves

dambulla daves temple

having fun in sigiriya

Climbing through the rocks, frescoes, and sitting at the top made us feel so much at peace, that any amount of words would be less to describe that feeling. Later, we headed back to our hotel in Dambulla and called it a day.

Day 2: Visiting Kandy

sightseeing in kandy

This day, we were all energized and excited as our Sri Lanka trip itinerary had sightseeing and shopping in store for us. After a hearty breakfast, we began with a tour to Kandy where we visited the Kandy Murugan Temple, the Tooth Relic Temple, and did some shopping. All of us wished to wear a saree like Sinhalese ladies, and Mr. Dilshan did his best by taking us to a great store from where we bought really beautiful sarees.

sightseeing tour of kandy

Later in the evening, we reached Nuwara Eliya where we had our stay planned for the night.

Day 3: Exploring Nuwara Eliya & rafting in Kitulgala

sightseeing in nuwara eliya

We wanted our holiday to have the top adventurous things to do on a friends trip to Sri Lanka, for which, we chose to visit Kitulgala for white water rafting. But before tasting the thrill, we began our day with a visit to the Hanuman and Seeta Devi Temples and other historic places mentioned in the Ramayana. It truly made our experience enriching and gave us a glimpse of a beautiful side of the Sri Lankan land.

river rafting in kitulgala

Later in the evening, we finally reached Kitulgala where the world famous adventure awaited us. White water rafting in River Kelani turned out to be an unforgettably exciting experience, and all of us loved every bit of it. With proper safety gears and the live camera around, we felt both safe and motivated to indulge in the adventure sport. For anyone who is heading to Sri Lanka, has to do this activity at least once in their life.

Day 4: Sightseeing in Colombo

shopping in colombo

sightseeing in colombo

The second last day of our friends trip to Sri Lanka was all about exploring the wonders of Colombo. Soon after having our breakfast, we left for the capital city and reached there by noon. Our sightseeing tour included The President’s House located at the Fort, the Galle area, the Pettah area, and a few temples. Colombo surely seemed like one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka and exploring it gave us immense joy.

rhythm and blues in colombo

Day 5: Shopping in Colombo

lunch in colombo

Since this was the last day of our trip in Sri Lanka, we wanted to make the most of it. So, we did what we loved the most, i.e. shopping, and a lot of shopping. Most of us bought gifts and souvenirs for our families and friends before finally bidding adieu to this city. Later, Mr. Dilshan dropped us at the airport for our flight back home, and we flew with sweet memories in our hearts and smiles on our faces.

This was no doubt one of the best and safest trips that we have had, and we cannot thank TravelTriangle and our agent Direct Link enough for that. Everything from our hotels to our experience was top-notch!

  • Climbing the Sigiriya rock
  • White water rafting in Kitulgala
  • Shopping
  • While there weren’t any low point in our trip, the one thing that made us really upset was the food in Kitulgala. It wasn’t good and some of us even ended up with a stomach ache. At that time, we really wished that we had known a better place to eat in the city.
  • When you visit the Sigiriya rock, make sure you climb to the top since the view from there is absolutely worth it.
  • Sri Lanka has some of the finest sarees, so if you’re a Shopaholic, don’t forget to visit the best store in the city and buy a couple of them for yourself.
  • Even if you’re not an adventure lover, do indulge in rafting in Kitulgala as it’s an adventure of a lifetime and it will make your trip more memorable.
  • Do research a bit about the best places to eat before your trip begins.

Our overall experience was so incredible that if I had to rate it, I would give a 5/5 and definitely recommend my friends & family to plan a Sri Lanka trip with TravelTriangle. It was a perfect pocket-friendly trip in comparison to the other online agents, and our trip coordinators were very cooperative and friendly, which made everything super convenient. In short, we loved it!